It was an interesting sight. Mayor Rochat, clad in her form-fitting pencil skirt and purple silk quarter-sleeve blouse, palming a tumbler of top-shelf Lagavulin scotch (On the rocks—Which, in itself, was sure to raise an eyebrow among any true whiskey aficionados who might be seated within the lounge area of the self-proclaimed "book bar" of Mountainside). To hell with them if they were. She'd never been one to bend completely to the will of societal norms in the first place, and she would be damned to start now over something as simple as a drinking preference.

In any case, there were much more important matters at hand. The full moon was a mere three days away, and the new moon would be arriving within the next two weeks, give or take. The citizens of Cordova needed to make preparations for the upcoming changes in nature posthaste. Which was the very reason why Delia scheduled this meeting to begin with; the very first of many to be orchestrated within the next forty-eight hours, with every public official she could physically get her hands on.

Upon seeing the arrival of her respective counterpart, Delia took a hearty pull from her chilled whiskey before placing her tumbler glass back down onto the tabletop. The extra kick of liquid courage tempted her legs to straighten themselves out, prompting her to stand with a polite smile and an extended hand in greeting. "Thank you for agreeing to meet with me tonight. I understand that it was unexpected, and I apologize for the late notice." A mental note followed—either give her secretary a firm kick in the ass tomorrow morning, or two weeks to clear out her desk.