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In the last month, progress had not been made on Frank's Prowl. The other cats continued to keep their distance. Abraham had reached out to confirm her sinking feeling that there would be no shifting together this month.

Asha had friends of other species who she connected with. She was not "alone," not in the traditional sense. She had people she could spend time with. Good, nice, sweet people.

But the cat was alone for all of that, and that fact left her with a growing, nagging sense of unfulfillment. The cat longed and ached, and now with a better sense of why they were "alone," the cat seemed to like her less as well, grumbling and unhappy and pushing with some sense of "fix this." There was really nothing like sharing a brain with a disgruntled animal. And everyone else was fine and better at it than she was, and she really didn't get why she wasn't on their level of shrugging through loneliness, but there it was.

She had built deep into her psyche an intensely metaphysical urge to gather the jaguars herself, if she could. The looming fullness of the moon pressed the idea into her thoughts more. But she was not allowed to; not the ones currently in Mountainside, anyway. She wasn't even really allowed to feel close to them, and that was certainly her fault and she knew it and accepted their need for space.

It didn't mean she wasn't withering in the process. It just meant she had to keep it to herself. Grind her teeth and cheerily try to distract her brain.

Hey, are you busy this weekend?

So that was what she was doing.


Amber was in the middle of painting her toes, eyes squinting as she went for the challenge of the tiny pinky. Her tongue poked out in concentration, hand shaking ever so slightly as the brush covered in a glop of electric blue journeyed to her toe.

A buzz and light in her peripheral had Amber missing the mark and painting a bright streak across her pinky knuckle. Rats! Carefully, she screwed the applicator back into the bottle, she did not want to make the same mistake and end up with streaky sheets. Hmmm, perhaps she should not be doing this on the bed.

She tapped the screen and read the massage, a happy noise was made after identifying the sender. Of course she would be free. Especially for Asha.

9_symbol_star Yes! 9_symbol_star
I mean NO! Not busy!!
Yes to doing something with you! 1_face_heart_eyes
If youre offering


Gosh, Amber. She almost felt loved, and then reminded herself that Amber was one of those friends who probably loved easily.

It wasn't a bad thing to see someone be excited to be around her.

So Wonderland is doing like a knock off version of Frightfest this month and I've never been there? Would you like to go maybe Saturday?


Amber just remembered that she really liked spooky, scary stuff.

So hell yeah she was interested.

Sure! I'd love to go.


okay cool, let's do it! See you at 7 9_symbol_heart_swirl don't forget to come in a costume!

Hopefully she had one??

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