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backdated sometime a bit earlier in october

The past year had seen a bit of growth. A few changes at the lodge to make it more profitable. More professional patience with things that personally annoyed him. A little less careless with communication--including texts! And a lot more realization that maybe, for the first time ever in his life, he really did feel truly settled and at peace with what he had. Which had probably helped the former things quite a lot. And while trivial in the grand scheme of life, it was worth noting that Levka had finally begun to understand the majority of the local holidays to one degree or another. Including--

do you decorate

Okay, maybe still working on the clarity of communication a little, but it was progress.

 It would have taken approximately nothing to be kind to him - except maybe the fun out of the conversation. Time and experience had her well versed in his brand of dialogue, but that didn't mean she couldn't play dumb with the best of them.

Most people do to some extent or another, yes.


That wasn't what he meant and he felt like she knew it, but at the same time he wasn't sure.

do you


Sometimes, a little. Maybe a wreath or a couple of pumpkins. I don't make a habit of going all out, really.

It was a curious question for certain, one that she was almost positive came with a story or a more personal inquiry squeaking along just behind.



[picture of two different (1, 2) skulls, one notably larger than the other, clearly on his couch at the lodge]
you need this

He had nowhere to put them, himself!


She pressed send without thinking further on it, pulled up the picture and zoomed in on the skulls with a chuckle.

Did you decorate otherwise? Show me.


Him! Decorate! It made him chuckle, the idea. But obviously something had gotten his mind here, on the subject of Halloween and festivities. If he was being honest he was a little put out that no one ever came up to the Lodge--his part of the lodge, where he lived, which was the important part--which left him with no reason to say... put these animal skulls on his mantle or something.

But what he did have was...

no me but can show you this

There was about a minute's pause while he went downstairs and got:

[several pictures of the first floor lobby, decorated in tasteful black and gold and mostly bats]


It wasn't a question birthed from unease or a lack of confidence, but rather plain old logic.

Well then who did it, Levka?

It was very tasteful as far as Halloween decorations went, nice enough - but that wasn't the point at all.

He oversaw everything that went on here, more or less. He delegated to various people he trusted for all he wasn't invested in them as people (humans, specifically), and he made his opinions known openly so they could work within those confines without bothering him over the little things.

Little things like...

i literaly donot know

...bats and halloween ribbons, apparently.

Ah. It must have been festive ghosts then.


He could have taken some guesses as to who among the staff had spearheaded such a project, but really, this was much more fun.

[Image: giphy.gif]
you need this ghosts i will sent it to you


Speaking of, do you believe in that sort of thing? Ghosts and the like?

He didn't seem the type for it, but that wasn't to say he hadn't surprised her in the past.

That'd be exceptionally old world of you ...


Old world! Him!

Truth be told, he didn't think about it too much.

never did see one

Which was probably reason enough for him to have zero faith in their reality whatsoever.

You should go night exploring at Carson's Hill, all the young and easily spooked do it.
Regretably, it was built before the time of elevators.

It was good fortune that he could not see the grin that spread across her face as she pressed send.


It wasn't his fault that he knew they were death traps!

you come wit or yiou scared too ?


I will if you'd like, but I've been a few times. Twice now I've found a vampire lurking around - presumably trying to make a meal of a frightened teenager.
I suppose that's something that could be exciting if we should be so lucky.


Yana always, always had way more dealings with vampires than he did. He equated it to North Glenn's nature and general vastness. Not really a place for a vampire to be getting snacks. He was both grateful for this and jealous--ridiculous.

take me

This was the appropriate time of year for an abandoned mansion, right? Was he understanding Halloween now?

Are you inviting yourself on a date?


yes !

Literally no reason to pretend otherwise.

Okay. When are you free? I'd suggest avoiding the weekends. It's almost Halloween and it's a siren song for the young and easily spooked.

In reality, it sounded absurd - at worst he'd get a nail in his shoe or fall through a floorboard, at best ... nothing, most like.

He thought about his schedule, as if there was anything in his life he wouldn't drop for plans with her. Nothing serious.

wed thurs any next two weeks

If she wasn't available at least one of those he was going to kidnap her and emancipate her from her responsibilities.

Fine, this Thursday after dark should be fine.

The perceived enthusiasm seemed a little odd for the situation at hand, but she supposed it was flattering all the same.

Do you want me to just meet you there?


It was a singularly pointless outing, but he'd never felt like their time together needed to be especially well contrived.

Typically he would have offered to pick her up, it would likely be on his way, but... Sometimes it was just simpler to agree to what she was thinking.

yes cna do that

Wouldn't hurt either of them.

What time are you thinking? I will not be going out at three am for an authentic experience, before you even consider the suggestion.


ok what if 9


Nine is fine with me. You're the one who's going to have to make that hellscape of a drive there and back.


small prices

It would keep him up past bedtime, but sometimes that just had to be a reality.

Making the sacrifices for the whole, bold. I'll see you then. x



They could call it a patrol and it'd be very responsible of Yana!

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