We're all older than Gabe now!

Can you believe it's really been three years since this place found its feet? Whether you've been here that entire time, most of that time, or just joined us last week, we are overjoyed to have you all here with us. We couldn't do it without this community or the characters it has produced! Your dedication and enthusiasm has made What Lies We Breathe into what it is now--something we have all grown to love. Keep doing what you're doing--posts, votes, and endless chatter--and know we're grateful for all of it.

As per tradition, we have a Yearbook for you! This is Year 3, and we hope it's all you dreamed of. We have superlatives, dead people, and conversations taken entirely out of context to make you say... wait, was that really me? But yeah, that was really you.

Oh what was that? You wanted a gift, did you? Well, since you've all been so kind, so patient, and generally so fantastic as of late, the least we can do is make the work you do for your characters a little easier. Everyone gets a free Wildcard! If you've just joined us recently and have no idea what that is, or if you've been here three years and just forget what they do, don't worry! We will be supplying a Wildcards 101 thread very soon!

As always... keep on being awesome, Liars!