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It was a day or two after he'd set things up with the band, and he thought that if he avoided it long enough the idea would wriggle out, freeing him from his sense of obligation.

Instead, the sense got stronger. This was her day. Her party. And he was her boyfriend. It would make her happy (allegedly) to have him there, celebrating her and her accomplishments.

Sipping black coffee from his good boy mug, he swallowed his pride and residual resentment and shot off the text.

Hey Dante, we're throwing a housewarming/birthday party for Alex this Saturday. You're welcome to come. I'm sure she'd like it if you were there.


Dante knew that Alex had found her happy place - quite literally, in the form of a new place - and that she intended to move in soon. It was still pretty surprising to see a text message from hot dog boy, inviting him to a party for this matter. Why was he doing it, and not Alex? Still, this was... suspiciously nice of him.

Cool. Thanks for the invite. Is it a surprise party?

Guard up, but friendly enough.

Yeah. We got the food and decorations covered but if you want to bring anything feel free.


Got it.

This would be interesting.

See you there.
Because what kind of shitty boyfriend wouldn’t show up to his girlfriend’s party?

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