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He was just a little shaken. Mostly because he'd left the vampire with too much information and to some degree he felt like maybe she would follow him all the way home. Though for all he knew, she had abandoned him ages ago and just left him to fret and behave under the mere implication. Not that he thought she had but... that was the point, wasn't it?

Either way, he didn't text or try and contact anyone until he was over the border, into streets more familiar as he mentally autopiloted himself home. This gave him the chance to pull up a contact and throw her onto speaker phone so he could try and focus on driving--praying the Tempo would keep her act together--but also let someone know.

[Incoming Call]



Charlie's call would reach her in the middle of cooking one of those... blue apron meal things. Chicken curry, to be exact. Could he smell it cooking from where he was? :3



Oh this felt bad already! But it wasn't like he could just... not tell her.

Hey! Babe! So don't freak out but the Tempo totally decided to overheat while I was passing through Lavender Heights.

There was more to say but he was tense and he had paused naturally for breath, as one does.

"Don't freak out" was always enough to cause some tension, Charlie. The spatula caught on the edge of the pan and somersaulted out of her hand, clattering to the floor. He wouldn't be calling about it if it was incident-free, now would he?

What happened.

Not that she could fucking do anything about it, of course :)

He heard the clatter and grimaced guiltily.

I'm not there now, I actually just crossed into Larkspur so I'm okay but there was literally... uhm, gosh, sorry, driving. But some vampire turned up to... I don't know, make sure I didn't do anything?

Coming to terms with that was fun. Realizing that had actually happened and that somehow... just his mere existence was perceived as something like a threat.

He didn't seem to be harmed, at least. Isolde bent to pick up the spatula and take it to the sink for a quick wash as Charlie spoke. Some vampire turned up to check in on him. To supervise his car troubles.

Fuck them! Did they threaten you? You should stay away from there.

All things she couldn't say. Harmful.


With the phone between shoulder and ear, the spatula broke in her hands under the furious scrub of the sponge. Sigh. What else could she even say.

He knew her well enough to know that her silence was unnatural. Vampires always left her like this. It almost made him frown worse than the reality of what had just happened to him.

She basically suggested I don't come back. And... Well, that's it. But she got my name. So. I don't know, nothing to be done but I felt like I should call you, I'm sorry, this isn't very helpful.

Better than not mentioning it ever, but dang did he feel powerless.

Isolde abandoned the spatula, haphazardly rinsing soap off her hands as she struggled to find the boundaries of what she could say. The vampire in question had warned him away from the area, and she had his name. She hated that, to such a point that she was not even close to being able to soothe herself about it rationally. They had so much power. Nothing to be done about it. Her jaw clenched so hard that her teeth groaned in her head.

Don't have to be sorry.

It was the best thing she could offer right now. She was glad he'd called, even if it sparked some sort of neatly-packaged breakdown. On autopilot, she would fish out a new spatula to finish the meal she was almost without appetite for now. The beast in her head paced, picking up on the bottled fury, the concern for its dear companion.

I'm making dinner. You're welcome to come eat if you'd like.

It would certainly compound his drive for the evening, and maybe she didn't trust that fucking Tempo as far as she could throw it. But, perhaps selfishly, she'd feel better for having him.

Could he make it? Honestly? He wasn't sure he could, but he was going to try. They'd both feel better.

Yeah, okay, definitely, I'll head your way. If I overheat again I'll just call you--didn't take more than ten or fifteen to cool down the last time... Should be okay.

He was out of vampire territory, that was all that mattered. The drive to Belle Vista wasn't so much further than getting home, really. Maybe just... ten minutes longer. Okay. Maybe more like twenty. But worth it. The fact that she asked at all told him he wasn't the only one unsettled.

Okay. Let me know if you need me to come get you.

She recalled what had happened when she'd been met by a vampire with a broken vehicle. How Yana had told her to get rid of that fucking Jeep. She wondered if she could convince Charlie of a similar solution.

Otherwise, until then, she had some time to get it together and finish cooking.


He was counting on it not coming to that, he already felt stupid enough for one night.

Love you, I'll see you soon.


Mkay. Love you, too.

Hang in there, Tempo.

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