Lavender Heights 
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 Greta had made short order of Uber and Uber Eats alike. Technology was so fantastic. They would arrive to her home moments before Evelina's food order did, and Greta would escort her inside so that she might sit down and eat. "I will return shortly. Let me find you clean clothing." They would not be an exact fit, but surely it would be better than her grungy, blood-stained little dress.

 She'd rummage through her vast wardrobe and produce a luxurious set of pajamas, some combination of silky and velvety materials, white and lilac pin-striping. These, along with a fresh set of towels, would be set on the counter in the guest bathroom before she moved to join the girl where she ate her dinner. Greta would remain silent until spoken to, letting her take her time.

Evelina would remain relatively quite on the ride home, speaking only when spoken to. It wasnt that she felt particularly upset or anything, just that it was a lot to come to terms with. She was dead, while not being dead. She would survive stricly on blood come the new moon and the sunlight would be an enemy. She knew this from what she had learned in both books and from Osvald.

The other lore was all a mystery to her. Was garlic bad? Would stake through the heart kill her as well? Could she still look in mirrors, and did she need an invitation to enter houses? So much stuff, and so little she understood. She was grateful that Greta had stuck around, sticking with her as Evelina struggled with these thoughts.

She would look up as Greta returned, swallowing down the noodles shed been chewing on. "How long have you been a vampire?"

 How long? Greta sighed a needless breath, and closed her eyes a moment. How long. She had to think about it. "Since... sixteen sixty-nine." Her eyes opened, her ghost of a smile in place, eyes warm as she looked to Evelina. "Three hundred and fifty years." Give or take - she was uncertain of the math. "And you will meet others who make that seem so very young."

Evelina could hardly believe what she was hearing, a gasp sounding at the absurdly high number. Greta claimed there were vampires even older, but Evelina couldnt even fathom the idea of that.

"That is a very long time." She breathed, shaking her head. "Do you regret ever becoming a vampire?"

 Greta chuckled quietly. It was a long time - far longer than twenty something. Greta realized she was unsure of Evelina’s age - but what was it besides a number, in this respect. She could live to be a thousand years old.

 "Never." Greta was confident of that much. She had asked for it, quite literally, and Osvald had been the best sire she could have asked for. She looked forward to the two of them meeting. "That is not to say that it doesn’t take some getting used to. Many things will change very dramatically."

How relieving it was to hear that a three hundred year old being never regretted their new life. Things were different, but not so different that she came to hate what she had become, giving Evelina confidence that she might feel the same. It was hard to truly now how you'd handle being undead when you weren't quite there.

"I know sunlight is dangerous." She began. "But are there many other things I will have to avoid?" Best get it out of the way now, so that she could find ways to avoid the dangers.

 Good questions, Evalina. Greta liked to think that she had picked someone of healthy intelligence to be her fledgling. "Yes. Holy water, and most religious symbols. They will glow in your new presence. Belladonna. Fire." She looked pointedly to Evelina then, meaning to catch her gaze, speaking with all the firmness she might have used to warn the children from her womb. "You must use your power with extreme care and prejudice. And you must never use it against another vampire without my permission."

 No magic found her words. She could only hope that she could expect such loyalty from the girl.


Evelina nodded in understanding as Greta listed off the dangers, although she wasnt quite sure what Belladonna was, and fire had her stiffening. She could not ans would not give up her most loved flames, and she was grateful that Greta did not try to make her. Safety was something that Evelina had learned to practice after the school incident, and she would continue to use such precautions.

The next line had Evelinas brows furrowing, hand clenching her fork as her anxiety sparked. "Would I have any reason to use it against another vampire?" Did Greta have enemies she didnt know about that were willing to hurt her as well? "Should I be wary of someone?"

My, Greta. He could hear the heartbeat from outside, and smell the rich sweetness of psychic blood as well.

He did not know that this was the girl that he had wanted to on again, off again dote on for a time, not yet, but Osvald would get a few moments of mystery as he approached the door and gave it a courtesy knock. Of course, he had his own keys, but — better to not startle, you know.

 Greta reached to touch the girl on the arm, meaning to calm her nerves. "No one specific at this time. Vampires are as individualistic as human beings - however, within the clutch, the ranks are trustworthy." Mostly. It was a concern Evelina need not worry about just yet.

 She was suddenly aware of Osvald’s presence, and the sound of him knocking. How kind of him. "Come in," she called to him.

The words were soothing, Evelinas hold on the fork loosened, new questions forming. She had never heard of a Clutch before now, and the sort of ranks it had were totally unknown. She opened her mouth to produce a question, stopping short when a knock sounded at the door.

Straightening, Evelina would look first to Greta then towards the door, waiting for whoever stood outside to make their way in.

There was his invitation, and he smiled and opened the door.

Only, as he stepped in, what surprise he had when he laid eyes on the psychic Greta had found! And what on Earth had happened regarding her clothing? He looked to the girl huddled in Greta's jacket and gave a concerned furrow of his brows.

"Oh my. Good evening; I hope I am not interrupting?"

 Greta offered Osvald her warm half smile. "Evelina, this is Osvald. He is my sire." She gestured gently toward their redheaded guest. "I’ve turned Evelina just tonight. She was stabbed." A short and sweet explanation, right?

The man who walked in was far from expected, Evelina dropping the fork completely as her mouth fell open. She had met this vampire before, more than once actually, and even let him feed from her. He had claimed that he was alone, and new, but now she was learning that he had lied?

There was hurt there, given she had trusted him, but more so confusion. "Osvald? Why did you lie?" It wasnt the most important question, but it was the one she found most concerning.

Much happened. First, an explanation that saddened him with its reveal, and then an accusation that confused him.

"Lie, dear?" he asked, but then he recalled. "Ah. Yes. I apologize. I'm afraid the life of a vampire is full of dishonesties. There are none among us who function without at least one, or none I've met."

He stood where he was, not knowing if she might be moved to anger for his answer.

At the very least, she could not incinerate him, and he was very glad for the success of that suggestion.

 Oh. Tricky, tricky. They knew one another, and what a mess she had thrown them into. At least they would get it over with quickly.

 "It’s true, Evelina. Such is how we remained undiscovered by the world at large for so long." That would be the length of her aid in explanation for now. She couldn’t yet know what sort of information had been exchanged between them.

She could understand keeping some if not all of their lives unknown, but she couldnt help but feel a bit upset. Osvald had played off of her emotions after all, making her pity him and sad for the state he had found himself in. Biting at the inside of her cheek, Evelina would give a hard nod. "I see." She sighed, slumping back towards the table. "There are many things I have to learn then..." She didnt quite like the idea of becoming a liar, but if that was the way of vampires, she supposed she had very little choice. She had a secret to keep now, after all.

He gave a kindly smile, grateful that she did not make a bigger scene. Whether that was her own natural disposition or Greta's influence or perhaps even suggestion, it was for the best if she did not hold a grudge.

"I know it can't undo the damage done, but I can tell you that there will be no further lies needed now that you will become one of us. Greta will be a wonderful teacher, and I am always here to help as well."

That said, Osvald would be mindful to give her space until she was amenable to his presence. He looked to Greta, thankful for her backup, and moved to sit in his preferred reading chair.

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 It was not so hard to sense that Evelina was a bit put out by her sudden discovery. She pitied her, in that it would be a tumultuous road for her, for a little while. But it was the path she had chosen. She nodded her head gently, a silent agreement with Osvald's words, and would retreat her hand back into her lap.

 "It will be no easy task," she said, her tone gentle still. "But you are a bright young woman, and you will be supported as you adapt." She smiled then, just so, a little coy. "Would you like to see a trick?"

There was a promise of no more lies and help in the future that helped sooth some of Evelinas hurt, thankful that she would have multiple resources on this journey. "Thank you." She called, her gaze returning to Greta as she spoke, face burning with embarrassment at the compliments given.

She wasnt quite sure that she was the bright girl that Greta believed her to be, but she would certainly try to be. She did not doubt that Greta would offer plenty of support, along with Osvald for despite his lies he had never been anything but kind. At Gretas next statement, Evelinas eyes would widen in interest body instinctively turning to fully face the woman.

"Oh yes, what is it?"

 Evelina was interested - of course she was. She seemed to have a deep appreciation for magic. It was something she might have noticed upon their first meeting in that bookstore. Greta smiled just so, and would rise from her seat - and then, in an instant, where the woman had just been, there would now be a massive bird, nearly four feet tall from where she stood upon the ground.

 "As you find harmony with yourself in this new life, you may also find yourself capable of changing into some sort of animal." She extended her massive wings, only partially, unable to spread them completely without bumping something nearby. "I was this way when I spotted you this evening. It should be noted, however, that this being my second time to take this form this evening will mean I will die until the next sunset when I change back again." Her massive head tilted just so. "Or perhaps "sleep" is a better term for it."

There would be no little surprise at the shift, blinking as her mind struggled to comprehend what had just happened. Sitting before her was a large bird of prey, although what species was entirely unknown to her. She was taken aback to hear the bird speak, Gretas voice sounding just the same as when she had been human. She could not imagine turning into a large bird herself, but that was probably because she was still having trouble imagining herself as a vampire. There was absolutely no harmony within her yet, as Greta had put it.

"How long are you able to hold this form?" She still had questions, and she did not want to loose Greta so soon, even when her own body screamed from exhaustion. "Will you be forced to sleep soon?"

 Birds could not very well smile, but Greta liked to think her tone carried some semblance of one as she responded. "Oh, no, dear. I can stay this way until about... ten o'clock in the morning, roughly. This is currently the only way I can see a sunrise. But too long, and I'd be reduced to ash." She considered climbing up on the chair again, or even requesting a perch on Evelina's person, but opted against it. She was still eating, and Greta's talons might bite into her skin.

They still had plenty of then, thank goodness.

"I will not become ash while I am in this in between state, correct?" If she could still eat normal food, she supposed that fire, holy water and sunlight didn't quite effect her yet. "I apologize for the many questions, there just seems to be many gaps between what is in the books and what is in real life."

 "Correct." She adjusted her wings, closing feathers against one another. Her next statement garnered a chuckle. "No need to apologize. It may be a very long time before books manage to successfully profile us all." Such truths could be destroyed, their authors as well. Secrecy was a thick layer of safety for their kind. "Garlic is a myth. Stake through the heart, a myth. We can see our reflections, and we show up in photographs." She clicked her massive beak, prepared for any sort of questions Evelina might have.

Evelina could have guess the garlic, thanks to the spaghetti she was eating. Greta did not seem like she was in any sort of pain from the smell after all. it was also nice to know that she would still be able to do her hair easily in the morning with the use of a mirror and that she need not fear wood being driven through her heart.

"I am glad to hear that." She answered, picking at her bread in thought. "There is something that I have not heard before that you have mentioned a few times now." Her gaze would shift back up to Greta. "This Clutch thing, what is it?"

 "Ah, yes." She adjusted her weight, lowering her great body a bit to rest on her legs. "A Clutch is an official group of vampires, with a political and power-based hierarchy. We have our Dominus, who you will meet sooner than later, and his Second in command. There is also a guardian for the leader, and various other roles. Soldiers - which is what I am - as well as mentors, and medics. Osvald is one such doctor in our little family." She nodded her beak towards the man over in his chair. "We have a stake in Lavender Heights - our territory - and a building that serves as our headquarters, the planetarium. That is our refuge. If you need a place to stay, and you are uncomfortable staying here or in your own home, you may spend your days sleeping there."

Greta handled it all very beautifully, and he was fond as ever of her very fierce form. It made a joke of his, but he supposed there was no reason to complain.

She went on to answer questions, and as she was more versed in the specifics of clutch life than he was, he did not step on the conversation at all. He did smile at the mention, however.

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That was a lot. Evelina certainly tried to take it all in, but she doubted that she could remember all of the positions that had just been listed off. It made sense to her that Greta would have the role of Soldier, especially with the amount of power she seemed to have a vampire, and all three hundred years of experience. She could not quite say if Osvald fit the role of medic, but she could not quite see him as a soldier either, perhaps because of the feeble persona he had played with her.

It made sense now, why Evelina had met Osvald at the planetarium, and why he had seemed to comfortable feeding from her there as well. It was just as much his home as this house seemed to be. "Will I be apart of this Clutch as well?" She found that she rather hoped she could be, not liking the idea of being separated from her sire. "And will I need to take one of these roles as well?"

 "If you so choose, yes. You will be. It is also a matter of discretion from our dominus, but I think that will be no issue." She ruffled her feathers again, claws clicking at the hardwood beneath her. "Taking a role is not required. It is encouraged, and will help you form better bonds with your fellow clutch members. But your first priority should just be learning how to live your new life safely."

The fact that it was not entirely up to her was nerve wracking, but Greta seemed sure that there would be no issue with this Dominus person. Evelina could only hope that her faith was put in the right place. No role was required, learning being the top priority for the red head in the moment, which took a great amount of stress off of her shoulders. It gave her time, and a chance to fully understand this new life, without having to take on a duty for this new group she'd soon find herself apart of.

"Do you know when I will meet this Dominus?" She was pretty sure Greta would be the one doing the introduction, but she wasn't quite sure if she would need to wait until she was fully turned first or not.

 "I cannot say with certainty, but I will reach out to him tomorrow evening and let him know that you are in transition, and that you would like to come into the fold. From there, I will let him decide what time is most convenient for his schedule, and then I will take you to him." She watched Evelina with her sharp gaze, certain that much of this shared information would require a repeating or two. They had all the time in the world, though, didn't they.

Evelina would nod, her gaze returning to the spaghetti that sat before her. There were still questions she had of course, but her mind was already racing with all the knew knowledge she had gained tonight, and she was beginning to feel quite exhausted. It had been a very very busy day after all, from a dead body to a stabbing and then dying only to come back as a half sort of vampire. She could hardly believe that her eyes were even staying open currently, and as if on cue they would begin to droop.

"I do not recall if I have said this." She yawned, gaze roaming over the feathers of the bird, before meeting her gaze. "But thank you for saving me, and all of the help you are offering now." Despite the dramatic lifestyle change that was to come, Evelina still could not see death as being the better option.

 Evelina's gratitude warmed her. Brave darling girl. "Of course, sweetheart." She straightened her legs some, tail moving to keep her balanced. "After your meal, you may take a shower in that bathroom," she gestured down the hall with her beak, where the bathroom light shed a beam in the hallway. "I've laid out pajamas and towels for you. You're welcome to stay the night, or perhaps Stephen may give you a ride home."

A shower sounded just as nice as sleep did in that moment, eager to wash away the blood that was sticking her dress to her skin and causing an uncomfortable itch. "Thank you, I think I will take your offer to stay the night. I can hardly keep my eyes open as it is." She pushed herself to her knees then, gathering the left over food together before fully rising. "I can find my way back home in the morning." She supposed she'd have to work something out with her current employer now that she would no longer be able to work any sort of day shift come the new moon.

 "Very well," Greta agreed, watching the girl begin to clean up her dinner. "Let me know if I can help you with anything. Your bedroom will be the door to the left of the restroom."

 She had already decided, as well, that she would be staying awake through the night. Perhaps she would wake the girl herself, per-arrange a ride for her with Stephen through her own sire.

Evelina nodded her thanks, throwing away her trash before making her way towards the bathroom. There she would take her time showering, allowing her mind to go over everything that had happened in just a single days time and what would come to her in the future. Particularly what would come after this coming new moon, and the night life that would follow.

He listened as the interaction came to an end, and then hummed to himself.

"You are a natural," he smiled to the bird that was his making, both as a tease and in genuine compliment.

 Off she went, and Greta would sort of hop with very careful flaps of her gargantuan wings to pull herself up onto the back of Osvald's chair as he spoke to her. Careful not to puncture the fabric, of course! "I had a very good teacher," she responded, lowering herself over her great talons once more. "I didn't mean to blow your cover - sorry about that." For all her apology was genuine, there was a shine of amusement to her words. Sneaky old man.

Oh, she could tell herself that. But Greta was her own woman, and he had always been very proud of her. Warmed nonetheless, he gave it a slight laugh of acceptance.

"It's no trouble. She would have found me out eventually, I think, and at least this way it's an important lesson."

Still, there was the worry of her being a pyrokinetic in a clutch, but he supposed the Dominus would handle that.

 "That's true," she agreed, and made a low noise of thought. There was much to do, many things to arrange for. Speaking of which! "Could I ask you to arrange a ride for her with Stephen in the early morning? I'd prefer not to be sleeping with a fire hazard in the house." She did not think that Evelina would set them ablaze intentionally, but it seemed an important act of self-preservation.

"Certainly. I'll call the boy now so he knows to be awake, if you'd like me to tuck you in first?"

Spoken fondly, and he would take care of that whether she wished to be carried to her bed or not.

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