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Or not, there was a chance she would never get an answer here either and Asha would just have to figure something else out.

Anyway she had to wait until she got home to reach out to him because she had his number written down there.

Hi is this Cliff? It's Asha.
Unknown Number

Waiting game was a go.

Hello, wait, what? It was random, and Cliff had to pause and chew at the hair that grew along his lower lip as he looked over the simple text. What had Espy said? She lost her memories? Jeez. This also reminded him he'd meant to reach out and see how Abraham was doing, but he forgot like a dick.

Hey, yeah it is.

He realized he was a stranger to her, so that was fucking weird. Ugh, she'd probably lost her memory of Maxine, too. Fuck.

How have you been?

'Oh, you know, I only broke up with my mate and left my group then some how hand my memories wiped, no biggie.' Dumb question, Cliff.

She got answerrrred and then she got questionnnned. Nicely. Why did this have to give her so much anxiety when he was being NICE.

Maybe because he was being nice. Yeah Asha, totally blame it on that and not on your own mistakes.

Ha, I'm okay I think. I'm not sure if you're aware of the dumpster trashfire i put everyone through but I can give you the cliff notes version
Unknown Number

Two texts in and she was already punnin'.

She thought. Honestly, that's all you could ever do, no one really knew for sure, right? As far as what he was aware of, he wasn't entirely sure where it was her fault, aside from breaking up with Abraham, but that sounded maybe like it had been a mutual shit show? She was willing to give him, heh, the cliff notes.

i do take pretty good notes. I know you and abraham went through a breakup and left the groupd and you ended up having your memories wiped, but im not sure what else you mean.
also the coyote thing but thats something you dont really have to explain yourself for

One of those things where it was shitty decision he wouldn't have done himself, but it had sort of been her group, so. Even if it cause a whole lot of drama. Weird drama all around that he wasn't even sure she'd remember? Maybe not if it was all her memories about shifters. He didn't know, he was an outside party. Just a friend that cared.

That was maybe the first and only time she would ever hear that she didn't have to explain herself for the coyote thing. What did he know about it though? Had he... seen what she'd said? Did he maybe know the reasons why — how she'd mirrored the way Jo had treated her, just her own different but equally shitty version of it?

Asha didn't know, but she ultimately didn't have to know. He was being very kind on letting her not have to dive into it.

She wondered who had told him about the memory thing. Jaguars or... Someone else. Espy?

Yeah, that's most of it. From what I can tell it's like... coyote shit happened and then suddenly I was telling everyone that he and I both were stepping down. I'm guessing the breakup happened between those two things. It was really fucked up
Then the memory thing which I did on purpose which was like, mega fucked up
all this to say would you be up for meeting up at some point maybe
Unknown Number


Yeah, that was the general timeline, he figured. Coyote drama, breakup, group disbanded, hell ensued. And then... Asha went and- She did the memory thing on purpose. Cliff had to pause there, pulling back some from the phone as he frowned down at it. She did? On purpose, as in, asking a vampire to wipe her memory of all weres?? Because... why? She was upset, or something, probably distraught from a breakup. So naturall you wipe out memory of all your friends and your ex partner. Jeez. It was, admittedly, a rash decision. But Asha said it herself that it was fucked up, so at least she wasn't defending herself over it. Stupid fucking decision, and she was owning up to it. He could respect that.

Still. Jesus. That was a lot to take in. He wondered if Abaham even knew??? Surely he did, if Asha was reaching out to Cliff of all people. Someone had to remind her that he existed. Ultimately, she wanted to meet up, though he wasn't so sure what for. Maybe just to reconnect with the people she forgot? It wasn't like they'd hung out a whole lot, but he did see the appeal of putting pieces back together.

He still felt bad for her.

Jeez, sorry, that was a lot to take in. I'm down to meet up, do you have a time or place in mind?


Cooooooooooool maybe? It seemed cool enough. It was a lot to take in, sure, but he was still open to it.

Ever been to bonus round? In Magic Hollow
Unknown Number

From their texts she couldn't be sure. But she'd just had a gym date and didn't need to do it again so soon so.

That was a strange place to meet, but probably better than an awkward lunch or something. Not to say it would be awkward, but it'd just be weird to re-meet someone he knew for this long??

Yeah once! Sounds good to me


Once! She'd have to beat him in some game or another now. Maybe like a racing game.

Cool, how doesssss Thursday at 8 sound?
Unknown Number


He wondered if she still worked at the Terrace.

Sounds good to me. Meet you there!

This was really weird but, you know, he still cared about the jaguars. Go Jaguars!

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