If at first you don't succeed… roo roo again?

Want a jaguar? Have a jaguar! With potentially two prowls on the... prowl, plus plenty of rogue action, there's lots of space for new jaguars. (Characters chosen from this list are not required in any way to join any group, but are instead ideas to get more jaguars on WLWB.)

Want to have a character turned ICly instead? DM me @hal#9090 ! ♡

Available Adoptables

Elliot Garfield
Suggested FC: Jackie Tohn
• Common to Intermediate jaguar (turned thirteen years ago, up to player how)
• 36-42 years old
• Works as a therapist. Generally friendly, calm, and charismatic, but has a tendency to turn her friends into patients without realizing it. Uninterested in the physical aspect of relationships.
• Has been in a Prowl before, knows how they work, and used to be a mentor. Up to player why she left and moved here! Would happily work toward mentor again, or medic.

Noel Hakim
Suggested FC: Isaiah Mustafa
• Common jaguar (turned four years ago, up to player how)
• 42-47 years old
• Writes for a local satire publication. (Bonus: you get to make fun satirical headlines regarding local news!) Absolutely loves being the life of the party. Hates sadness and negativity with a passion. Also hates corn with a passion. Enjoys weekend Cage matches.
• Would work towards any role.

Jason Chen
Suggested FC: Giullian Yao Gioiello
• New to Common jaguar (turned up to one year ago, up to player how)
• 25-27 years old
• Works as kitchen help. Giddily interested in were life, bright-eyed, enthusiastically polite, and is going to ask you a lot of questions. Sometimes needs to be reminded to give people a break.

Rory Stirling
Suggested FC: Liv Hewson
• Infected jaguar (turned after the last full moon out of town, still in transition)
• 22-24 years old
• Non-binary; goes by they/them pronouns. Can be somewhat of an introvert. Tends to find one friend to stick to when in a group of people. Enjoys crafting in their spare time. Likes camping, which is how they got turned!