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Colorado Mills 
 The question was an easy enough to answer, not as complicated as picking colors. "It's a queen size." Which was probably overkill considering she slept alone most nights. :)) She wasn't going to think about that though. Time to find something colorful or unique for Iago!

 Like this! She quickly grabbed the pack of sheets and spun around to show them to him. "I think these would be wonderful for you."

He was a little too distracted trying to find something in her color scheme to pay attention to what she was looking at, so when she spun with... well, fish in hand! He looked. And laughed. Finding he wasn't at all opposed he split into a grin. "Find me that in a twin and I'm game," because... you know, why not. You were supposed to have one more pair of sheets so you could wash one on occasion, right?

"But LOOK," he'd add, almost immediately, having spied it mostly from the corner of his eye. These were kind of her colors, right?

 So began her feverish hunt for the bed sheets in a twin. Full, full, queen, full...a-ha! Here was a twin. Although before she could announce her triumph to him it seemed he had found something. It looked super nice from the picture on the plastic cover. "I actually kinda really love that. Maybe I should drag you out shopping more often." A small tease although she certainly considered it for real. He obviously had an eye for these sort of things. "Is that a queen size?" Despite asking about that, she held up the twin-sized fish sheets with one hand and a wide grin. Look, Iago!

Sorry Nika, he just has sharp eyes and the ability to identify colors! He couldn't have told you more about it beyond that. It did look nice, but most things in here did. It would have to be particularly boring or garish for him to think otherwise. After all, he was the man poised to happily purchase some fish sheets just because his young lady friend seemed delighted by the idea.

He grinned at her having found a twin set of the sheets, and he pried a set of the one he'd found her out of the stack, labelled an identifying Q. "Queen it is," he said, and he would offer it over to her, for trades. "Honestly, I'm settled on mine if you're settled on yours."

Buying bed stuff was like a long-term decision, but an easy one to roll with your gut on, right?

 "I'm settled!" She'd chirp with a small bounce in her step. "Let's go check out." Although she would move to lead them once more, she'd happily bump into his shoulder with a grin. Who would have guessed she'd make such a good friend with a guy who saved her from the Ice House? Actually she sort of figured they'd be decent friends after late night breakfast sandwiches. Or at least meal acquaintances.

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