The Terrace 
What a dude. He was lost in headcats. Asha grinned, enjoying the roundabout compliments.

"Cool," Asha smiled. Her cat paused grooming to make a soft complaining warble. Don't let him go. Keep him here.

But that wasn't how free will worked, so. She gently let go of his hand to reach for her phone. "Leader's name is Frank. Here's his number," she preluded, and would read it out to him.

There would be some complaint on the jaguars part as contact was broken, but Andy would ignore it in favor of pulling out his phone and quickly typing in the number for this Frank guy as it was given. He would most likely hold off on texting him for a few days, probably until after the holidays so that he wasn't a jittering mess with his mother the whole time.

She had a knack on picking up on when he was anxious, and then hounding him with questions afterwards if he didn't tell her about it.

"Thanks." Was offered as he placed the phone back into his pocket. "Didn't expect I'd be meeting another Were when I came here." Not that he was bummed by it or anything. It was actually a pretty lucky chance.

A small huff for a laugh at his words. "It's my castle, so. You know. But there's weres pretty much everywhere you go around Mountainside."


"I'd stay out of Lavender Heights though. Vampires. Ever met one?"

He wasn't quite sure how he felt with that little bit of knowledge, his Were interactions still being very small, but if they all went as well at this one with Asha, he supposed it wasn't such a bad thing. At the question about vampires, Andy would shake his head a shiver running, mind racing back to the first time he had seen them on the news.

It was still such a strange thing for him to imagine, even if he turned into a monstrous cat.

"I haven't, but I don't think I'm up for ever meeting one honestly." Even the Jaguar seemed put off by the thought of the undead creatures.

Ohhh, then she had to educate him.

"Good. They're... almost always pretty shitty. But you can tell if you meet one if it smells like rot. And some of them are strong enough to come out in the daytime — and some can turn into animals, too. Birds, dogs, bats, and cats."

She counted off on her fingertips.

"Whatever you do, if you smell rot and don't see anything around you actively fucking rotting, do not make eye contact with them. They'll mind control you."

Animals? Mind control?

Andy was sure that his eyes were about as big as his head as this new information was listed off, hand clenching at his plate as his lips tightened. "They sounds pretty strong." He mumbled, brows furrowing a bit. "I'll make sure to avoid them as best I can." Aka, if he ever smelt something rotting then he was going to high tail it in the opposite direction.

"Thanks for the warning. I had no clue that they had powers like that." He just figured them immortal bloodsuckers and that was it.

He was so new to it all that it hurt that she had to give him to the others. Asha wanted to mom him into a powerful jaguar like herself. Strong and self assured and all that.

The group could do that just fine, she reminded herself. Abraham would be so down to mentor him.

"Of course," she softened. "Gotta keep my own safe. Oh, let's get each other's numbers too, in case you ever want to reach out."

Her own.

Andy really hadn't ever been apart of something before now, and so the words kind of had him feeling all fuzzy inside. It was nice to know that, despite the Kings rejection, that he wasn't this complete fuck up of a jaguar. He could only hope that the group she was sending him to was just as open and kind as she had been today.

"Yeah, definitely!" The idea of putting a hot older womans number in his phone only left him slightly red this time as he rattled off his number to her.

He was blushing, and that was cute. Asha felt a little predatory need to play with him, so.

"We can tell the bartender your middle name is Tyler, in case you wanna introduce yourself and go flirt with her a little more."

She winked, incorrigible.


Andys face would go from a pink hue to bright ass red, hands flying up in a frantic wave.

"I-I wasn't flirting with her!" The plate would shift dangerously close to the edge of his lap and his hands would fly back down to retrieve it before it could fall completely.

"But yeah, if I plan on coming back then it's better for her to know my actual name." These words were an embarrassed mumble.

Aww hell yeah she was laughing. Asha recovered and stood up to walk him back down.

"Sure sure. Come on, I'll go tell her I've got your tab covered too."

Jags ate free at the Terrace, after all!

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