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A new member. Beau had shared their name, and their number, so that meant it was a free for all. Safiya was not ashamed to jump right on the welcome train. This was her job, and she would do it well.

Is this Livius? Beauregard shared your number.
Unknown Number

[Image: giphy.gif?cid=790b7611515cc6d4dfe4331448...=giphy.gif]
Unknown Number

Haha what if she scared off the newbie immediately :)

Huh. What an odd message. He might have taken the first one well had it not been followed by such a strange image. He would wait, six minutes to be exact, before he finally answered.

It is.
Who might this be?

If only so he could promptly remember who was the oddity among them.

She was fine with the wait, maybe they were busy, she wouldn't pressure.

The response felt a little clipped, but she was always inclined to thing that about punctuation.

This would be Safiya. I'm a Mentor for Eventide, so that sort of makes me a welcoming committee. So I guess this is my official welcome to the clutch! And an offer to meet up some time, if you want a tour of all of what Lavender Heights has to offer

She knew the best hunting spots, and fun places to go at the right times. In addition to wanting to help someone new acclimate to the nightlife here... well, she was also just incredibly nosy about them. What did they look like, how old they were, if they would fit in better with the olds or the people like... well, her and Evelina (because she'd sort of claimed her at this point.)

A welcoming committee! He definitely thought that Ophelia had been that but he supposed there was an actual committee.

Do you work with Ophelia to welcome others?
Regardless, I would enjoy meeting up. Perhaps sometime soon? If you're not running after any other newcomers.


Oh! She didn't know Ophelia had got to them first. It wasn't like she minded, but it was kinda awkward.

You could say that! We're all pretty welcoming here in Lavender Heights 1_face_blush

But that was a yes, and Safi loved being told yes.

We can do tonight, or we can do Tuesday. I actually am going out with another newcomer on Monday, I'll be sure to introduce you two at some point!


He already knew that. Snoooze. Regardless he could appreciate her transparency. Although he assumed there would be plenty of that now. He also wasn't horribly interested in whoever else was new but maybe they could discuss that later. Or not at all.

Tonight works perfectly. Let me know when and where. Along with if I need to dress a certain way for the occasion.

He would absolutely hate to show up under dressed. ):


Hmm, where to bring a newbie that seemed to care about looking good.

She grinned, knowing just the place.

Tonght's good, lets say 12. There's a place called Lotus Antique. *address here*

Dress like you have more money than you know what to do with

Because, really, that was the kind of place this was. It was where all of the rich, spoiled college kids went to party, and she knew for a fact there would be an endless supply of them tonight. It was Sunday, but that didn't stop them. Hopefully, this was a scene this Livius would be able to blend into. What if she was inviting some wrinkly grandpa out to a club. Well, she'd have to find out.

That sounded promising! A small smile lingered on his face as he replied.

Easily done! Should I dress to compliment your outfit as well?

Even if she said no, he was still kind of curious what her idea of that theme was.

Hmm, it was easier if she just.

She would be a few minutes, but it wasn't hard to find something to wear.

Her reply would come in the form of a photo of her standing in front of a full length mirror, not wearing shoes, but dressed in tight pants and a body suit beneath a big, furry coat. Most of her head was cut off in the picture, but she was sporting a soft, pursed smile and had a hand lifted to flash a peace sign. At her feet, a cat with one eye peered curiously up at what his mother was doing.

*image attachment*
whatever works with this :3


What a delightful one she was! Not to mention the one-eyed cat was rather cute as well. Now then came the part where he wondered if he was supposed to compliment or if she was to compliment him. It seemed somewhat rude to outdress the kind woman. So he took his time trying to pick wisely before sending her a photo of him in his outfit.



Two words:
Holy Shit.

She was sure she just ascended onto some other plane for like, two seconds. This was absolutely unreal. No person dressed like that, first of all. Second of all, no person pulled it off. And he did both.

Just. Wow.

She was pretty sure she was going to like this guy.

i mean 1_face_heart_eyes

Okay, tongue back in mouth, Safi.

I think that could work perfectly :)


She was darling! Livius was beginning to think he made a very wise decision in joining up here. He was roughly ninety percent sure that was a very good reaction from her. So he would play it cool and calm.

Glad to hear. Looking forward to tonight, Safiya.


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