Limit Breaker


Evelina was still feeling a bit nervous about this whole meeting thing. The destination of choice seeming very public for her taste, the smell of the humans within antagonizing. It seemed like a very large leap forward from the park, and it was a leap she wasn't quite sure that she was ready to take. Safiya seemed confident though, and Evelina could only hope that there would not be any need for Beauregard this time around. She did not think that he liked having to swoop in on every hunt that happened within his territory.

After sending Greta a text that she had made it to the destination, Evelina would stand outside of the club waiting for her curly haired friend. Going inside alone was a no go, not only for the people, but for the fact that the music was kind of deafening and the lights blinding from what she remembered.

Soon enough though, there would not be much choice, the red head jogging up to meet with Safiya as she noticed the woman making her way towards the club. ”Are you sure about this?” She would whisper glancing back towards the club. ”I do not want to completely embarrass you.”


Safiya was of the mind that if you never took risks, then you could never learn or grow. That being said, somewhere like Pegasus was bound to be a lot for Evelina. She remembered the disaster in the club with Raziyya. But, well, she was determined that she wasn't going to let it escalate to that. She was strong; strong as she could be; and she had a few tricks up her sleeve for tidying messes. As long as Evelina stayed by her side, and did her best to listen and learn, then things should go over smoothly. The good thing was they were in the Heights still, so help was never far.

When she arrived, Eve was hard to miss. Bright red hair illuminated by the neon sign that hung above her, which sported a flamboyant winged horse. PEGASUS. Her favorite place, possibly ever. Safi would grin at her young companion and took a few skipping steps toward her, moving to hug her briefly in greeting, "Nervous?" She'd know, of course, if Evelina was bluffing with her answer.

Evelina would return the hug, brows furrowed as she gave her head a few nods. "Very much so." She answered, always the honest sort when it came to these sort of things. "Beauregard had to step in on my first hunt, and I do not want him to have to come in again." She did not have a problem with the dominus, but she did have a problem with causing trouble for the people who had so graciously taken her in.

She trusted Safiya to know what she was doing, but she hardly could trust herself to handle herself in such a public setting. It was super important to keep as low key as possible when you were keeping a secret, right?!

Truth! And, understandable. "Well, the first step to making sure we don't need to call Dad is to forget about being nervous. For tonight, pretend the park incident didn't happen." She knew it was easier said than done, but she also knew it would give Evelina something to focus on trying to do if she felt overwhelmed. "I know this place like the back of my hand, so just stick to me, and I'll give you tips on roping a meal in in a place like this. It doesn't all have to be a hit-and-run style." Honestly, her method was always so much simpler, she felt. She'd tried other ways, failed more than she cared to admit. Her skills were just loaded heavily into charisma, and that was what she relied on to coax someone into a meal. Plus, it felt less bad when someone was willing to get close to you based on pure, un-suggested attraction. Not every vampire had their looks to lean on, but Evelina did, and she was going to help teach her to use it to her advantage. If there was no protest, she'd link their arms and lead her inside.

Given the day of the week, it wasn't super crowded. There was no show tonight, so they didn't have to worry about overwhelming Evelina with a fabulous queen doing her thing through the crowd. Still, the music was still loud and blaring, and there were still bodies taking up the dance floor, and crowding up the bar. Safiya took in a deep breath as soon as they entered, searching for anything particular to find her nose. Nothing to note, just a bunch of sweat and blood and alcohol! Things should go easy.


Evelinas brows would screw up, wondering if the two vampires were actually related or not. She would save that question for later though, as Safiya was locking their arms together and leading her into the loud bar. It was a very good thing that breathing was no longer mandatory, for Evelina would hold off from breathing entirely, hoping that would help her control.

The bar was not the worst thing in the world, and if she were not so worried about keeping her cool, she might of been excited by the idea of partying for the night. As it was though, she was much too stiff to thoroughly enjoy it, and alcohol was no longer a thing that she could partake in, which really sucked.

"So if it's not hit and run style." She began, eyes still roaming the bar. "How exactly do you entice them to drink?" Sure there was suggestion, but Greta had proven that, that was not always the most reliable thing, especially when you needed to erase their memories too.

She would lead them toward the bar, smiling at the bartender that had come to be able to recognize her with how much she came here. At Evelina's question, she would grin and lift her brows, "By buying them a drink." She explained simply. "Honestly, the method that works best is flirting. You find a cute... whoever, buy them a drink, ask for a dance, then suggest that you get out of the crowd for a bit." Sounded creepy, wasn't really! She found them a seat near the end of the bar, too far for anyone to really hear them as she continued. "This place is... very, uh, very forward. There's a lot of love to go around, often indiscriminately. So, you have a wide array of options, and a lot of people willing to let you get close and personal."

Evelina hadn't ever really flirted her way into anything before, let alone flirt herself into a meal, but she supposed there was no use knocking it until she tried it. Following after Safiya towards the bar, Evelina would continue to hold her breath, grateful that her body no longer ached for oxygen. "I do like to dance." She admitted as she settled down into her seat, ordering herself a vodka sprite despite the fact that she would be unable to drink any of it. "Although I might need some pointers in the flirting department." She continue once the bartender went off to retrieve drinks. "It might come as a surprise, but I am not as charismatic as you." A sly smile would find its way onto her lips at this.

It was probably very dumb of her to be here after dark. But there were several key facts going on in Rika's life.

One: she was very lonely. One friend was not enough friends. She used to go out a lot to meet friends. She wanted to do that again.

Two: it got dark nowadays before work even ended so it wasn't like she could even get home before sunset.

Three: Anything she should be afraid of after dark would be answerable to Beauregard in his territory anyway. And she had told him she'd be here and had his blessing to "drink responsibly, young lady."

So here she was, in a cute little black dress, hanging out at the bar. She did not notice either Safiya or Evelina further down, but she was also just watching the crowd in general.

That was a fun thing to know. Safiya liked to dance, too. As for the flirting, she wasn't super inclined to believe Eve couldn't do it. No drink for her, thanks! "Girl, some people like the awkward type. Play up your strengths. You can pretend you're new in the area, ask what they like here, buy them one, and yourself one." She said simply. It was super, super simple, really. Her eyes would wander over the patrons at the bar, spying someone that could work. A few guys, two of which were currently locked in a tongue wrestling match. A person that was singing very loudly along with the song, and a girl that was sitting alone, watching the crowd but not looking their way. Something about her struck Safi as familiar, but for now, she didn't realize who it was. She had someone to train!

"And then, you just be you. You're cute, like super cute, so it'll be easy to distract them enough to not realize you're not drinking. Then ask them to dance, then, you know, ask them to come with you somewhere more private." Her eyes fell back to the blonde down the way, "How about her?"

Yeah still way easier said than done, although Evelina wouldn't voice this opinion aloud this time, instead gazing about the club as Safiya spoke, doing her best to pinpoint someone that would be acceptable for hunting. There were definitely a few drunk men to pick from, but they all seemed to have a companion of sorts, and the woman always seemed to be with friends. She hardly had the guts needed to pull anyone from a group, her gaze flicking sharply back to Safiya as the compliments were given.

It was a marvelous thing that she couldn't blush, hiding her embarrassment with a smile instead, a hand coming to mess with a lock of her hair uncertainly. "Thanks." She murmured, gaze moving to follow Safiyas towards a blonde that looked awful familiar. It would only take her a few moments to put a name to the face, luckily only having met the woman a few days prior.

"Oh, I know her." Evelina gasped, cursing herself as the smell of blood bombarded her senses. "I met her like last week."

It wasn't like a sixth sense told Rika to look in the direction of the other two, but a wandering eye led her there, and it took a double take before she realized they were both familiar faces. Safiya she noticed first, having met her more than once. Evelina though...

Oh no, was Safiya going to try to feed on her?!

Rika weighed her options. This was Beau's territory, and Safiya was a vampire. But still, Rika felt weird just letting a friend get fed on unknowingly. Especially because Safiya kinda rubbed her wrong all two times they had met. Maybe she was allowing it though!

Hmmmm. Only one way to find out.

"Hey," she waved, approaching both with a small grin. "Didn't think I'd recognize anyone here!"

She coached herself. Don't out Safi. But maybe just get a sense of Evelina, to see if she was cool with all this...? Maybe convince her away from the vampire for a moment to do that.

Oh, she knew her. Safiya would glance from Evelina, then back to the girl. She was going to say that it was probably better then, that it would be easier to get a meal out of it, however weird it might feel. But, well, the girl was fully looking their way now. And that little tug of familiarity exploded into a huge bomb of recognition in the pit of her stomach as Rika moved to approach them. Oh, fuck, oh shit. Beauregard's pet psychic. Absolutely no, abort abort abort abo- "Oh, shit, hey!" She would say with a pleasant smile. Do Not Let Evelina Know How Bad They Almost Just Fucked Up! "I didn't even recognize you for a second." This was super awkward :).

Their eyes would meet, and Evelina would offer a wave of her hand as she watched the blonde approached, completely oblivious to her companions internal turmoil. Rika had seemed kind at the book bar, and feeding off of a potential friend was not something she was completely up for, or wasn't up for until she picked up on that sweet scent. Evelina had not yet been around another psychic since her change, and now she could understand why so many vampires had fed from her. The scent of this woman was undeniably mouth watering, and if Evelina had not been so on guard all night, she might of just cracked right then and there.

Body stiffening, would go back to holding her breath in between speaking, trying her very best to take in as little of the scent as possible. "Nor I, it is nice to see you again." A look of surprise would be shot towards Safiya as realization hit that the two of them knew each other as well. "You two know each other as well?"

God this woman smelt so good!

If Safiya was nervous about Rika, she didn't exude enough for the psychic go pick up on it. So Rika offered her a small grin, also coaching herself to be nice to Safiya. Beau had said she was jealous of her, after all.

A warmer smile was reserved for Evelina though as she nodded. "Yeah, we've met before."


"Actually, can I borrow you for a dance maybe? There's this guy out on the floor and I don't want him to bug me."

Lies lies lies! Oh well.

Alright. So. Here was the deal.

They couldn't feed from Rika. Even if Evelina knew Rika, and even if Rika was being nice or whatever. Rika knew she was a vampire, but it wasn't clear if she knew Eve was. Proooobably not? It was a really new thing. Wether she did or not, she was asking Evelina out to the dance floor, with some lie that pinged Safi's spidey senses so aggressively that she was fearful that her eyes would go white. They didn't, for the record, but that was how blatant it was. Rika was lying, for some reason, to get Eve alone. Maybe she liked her, and this was some attempt at flirting, or maybe there was some other reason. Ultimately, it didn't matter. Evelina couldn't be trusted with Rika alone. She was a psychic, she was hot, and she was so very willing to be alone with Eve so quickly. Eve was already stiffened and on edge, allowing them to go off together would just make it all that much harder. If this wasn't Rika, she might have encouraged it, but. Well, it was Rika. So.

"Actually, we were just leaving." She said with a small pout. "Eve isn't feeling super good," Her hand would come to wrap around her charge's wrist. Just go with it, please. She was in control of this. It was all to risky, they could go somewhere else and find a meal. Not here, not Rika. Leggo.

Things could not of been going any better.

Evelina was already half way through the steps that Safiya had given her at the beginning of the night, only Rika was the one asking for the dance. Evelina would instinctively nod, eyes already searching for whatever man was causing her newest friend issue when Safiya suddenly spoke up. There would be a brief moment of confusion at the lie of her being unwell, the slightest tug of her wrist signaling for them to go.

"I suppose I might of drank too much." A wave of her hand towards the full glass that sat on the bar, untouched.

... That was weird. Rika stared as Safi very openly wrapped her hand around Evelina's wrist, and Evelina, who'd seemed just fine, suddenly was deciding to go with her.

This was fishy, and not cool. Safi was just being creepy again.

"Okay. Well. I can walk her to the bathroom?"

Why would it make sense to not do that.

Ugh, this was just. Really super awkward. Evelina had an okay-ish excuse, but it didn't make sense when the drink was like, right there, Evelina.

And now Rika was offering to escort her to the bathroom, like she needed to be helped to it? Uhhhhh.

"Here, why don't we just let you go and see if you feel better after, Eve." She said with a soft laugh, feeling bad for talking about her like she was a kid in their presence. She'd let the girl's hand go, and wave her on toward the bathroom, "See if you need to throw up." And leave them alone for a bit, please. If she couldn't extract them subtly, well, then it was pretty pointless to try and lie her way out. Rika was Beau's girl, so she probably was suggested not to hurt the Clutch, right?

Evelina was just sort of confused by everything that was going on now, her gaze shifting between Rika and Safiya before she eventually just have her head a slow nod. Shifting her body forward, she would just sort of slip off of the bar stool, holding up a hang as she spoke. "Yeah, I will do that then." She answered, sending a reassuring smile to both the girl before just sort of making her way to the restroom she did not need.


Whoa whoa whoa. Rika didn't want to be left alone with Safiya. No way!

"Wait, I gotta go too!" she announced, and would attempt to link arms with Evelina and go go go — if they allowed it.

Awesome, super, yay Evelina! She was doing good, listening and everything. Off she went, and then. Rika was going, too. What the fuck, why was this so hard. Godammit. Okay. Welp. She would hurry to catch up. "Ugh, wait. Just- wait." She'd say, glancing breifly to Evelina, apologetic, before she looked to Rika's face. "I'm trying to give her hunting lessons. But I know you're off limits, sooo." Honesty! Exposing Evelina in the middle of a fucking club! Woohoo!


Rika was coming with her, and while Evelina was just fine with Tika coming along, there was some sort of reason that Safiya did not want them two together. There was also one small issue that Rika smelt absolutely delicious, Evelina having to bite at her bottom lip as the woman interlocked their arms.

A part of her screamed to lead her into the bathroom and feed from her just as Greta had done their first night together. Drink the sweet blood from her until she was past full, but luckily Safiya would say something so surprising that it would knock that feeling out of the water. Eyes widening, Evelina would flash a look of betrayal towards her friend, oblivious to the fact that the blonde was well informed of the night life.

She would remain silent, gaze shifting towards Rika, waiting for some sort of terrible reaction to this news.

Everything seemed like it would have gone just fine. Except Evelina's skin was now as cold as anyone's would be out in the dead of winter, but they were inside.

Rika knew what temperatures undead people ran under.

But that would be right when Safiya dropped a fucking bomb on her. Rika stared at her, and then at the quiet Evelina, and then felt her own heart knocking on her chest.

Hunting lessons. Off limits. "SoooOOOOO."


She glanced between them, her brain and all her pulse racing, processing every sense received in the last few seconds at once. And then she swallowed and... motioned to some corner, because right here was about the stupidest place to have a freakout. But make no mistake, she was quietly having a freakout.

"... Hunting lessons?" she asked when they got there, feeling a little lost. Evelina had... definitely been out in the daytime literally just a few days ago. She also hadn't felt like death.


Rika was stunned, Evelina was stunned, Safiya felt like a fucking asshole. Things were going great!

Rika motioned for them to move, and that was exactly what Safiya was going to suggest, so she would nod and follow. To the corner they went, where Rika would seek confirmation. Safi sighed, and glanced around once before nodding, "Yep. This is her first week. And I'm her mentor."

Evelina would follow close behind, sure that if her heart still beat that it would be thundering as her anxiety rose. Rika was thoroughly confused, and Evelina would offer an apologetic smile as Safiya explained the situation. She felt as if she had somehow lied in their last meeting, but Evelina was sure that she had never said she was human.

"I apologize for how abrupt this is." She would try, honestly apologetic for the disturbance.

Unsure of what else to say, she would end it there, her fingers tapping against her other hand anxiously.

Hey. What. Rika looked between the two of them, feeling like she was really just kinda going crazy. So they were both dead. And she was the edible. Well — her and like, the rest of this club that hopefully was significantly less dead.

And yeah, Safi. Rika was off limits, or. Whatever, something like that. Belonged to Beauregard, even in his own words. But Evelina? She'd met her once and liked her and really had been looking forward to hanging out with her again. But now she was a vampire. Which meant they were not equals.

At the apology, Rika looked at her, feeling a little like a sad puppy. "Did you know? When we met? Like... was it...already happening?"

She didn't even know very much about the whole process, admittedly. She just knew Evelina had gone from alive to suddenly not alive really fast.

This was pretty sad, if only because there was a very clear death of a human friendship happening right in front of her. It didn't seem like they knew one another super well, but it was recent and budding and it just sort of sucked. But, well, that was life. Evelina was better this than truly dead. Rika would have to either accept it, or find other human friends.

The bottom line was she'd sort of just tried to step in on what Safiya guessed she had assumed was a hunt, and that was... super not cool. Pretty dangerous, honestly. It wasn't like the whole clutch knew about Rika and Beau. If Safiya hadn't known, and Evelina actually was actually someone she was trying to hunt, Safi would have been pretty fucking pissed. Hunting was complex enough. It was lucky that wasn't the situation, or that she wasn't a less powerful, more hungry vampire. Really, this whole thing was complicated and stressful, and she felt bad for Evelina to have a hunt go off the rails like this.

Evelina did not like it when sad looks were directed at her. It was hardly ever her intention to hurt anyone, and to see that it might of ruined a potential friendship was upsetting. She supposed it could not have been a secret forever though, and eventually the blonde would find it all out, Evelina only hoped that they had a few meetings before that.

At the question, Evelina would offer a sad little nod of her head. "Yes, I was in the process of changing." She admitted, glancing towards Safiya, hoping she had not revealed some huge vampire secret. "It was not my intention to be deceptive in any way though." She wanted to make that very clear.

"It's. Every vampire does it, I guess." Yeah, she cast a look at Safi, what. Beau did it. Greta... well, she'd outed Greta herself.

Still, she felt also some guilt for stomping in here and assuming. And she'd really just wanted to have fun and be okay.

"Um. Sorry if I ruined your... thing though. I..." she trailed, then pressed her lips together, pondering. Was it, like. Would it be really bad, if she just... leaned in and offered.

"If you're really hungry I could let you."

Said quietly because it was a fucking secret. Or at least for now it was, anyway.

Apologies all around, and some form of acceptance from Rika. All vampires lied. Yeah, duh. That's what they had to do to fucking survive. She tried not to flare onto the offense. It was fine, she didn't fully understand, how could she? She did, however, seem to want to make up her hunt stomping. By... offering to let Evelina feed. Safiya grimaced immediately. "I... it's... Well, would Beau be upset?" She didn't want to treat her like his property, but you know, she'd been pretty proud about not being able to be fed on by anyone else. So. You know. No sharing :).

Yeah, Evelina had been lied to multiple times before her changing as well, so she could understand how off putting it was to find out that you never really got to know the full truth about someone. At least Evelina had not done it over several meetings, but that was not to say that she would not of kept the secret for as long as possible.

Rika was accepting of it though, and Evelina gave a grateful smile that would quickly turn to a grimace as her blood was offered. Body clenching, Evelina felt her arm involuntarily reach forward, teeth throbbing as her fangs threatened to extend. She could not do this here, not in the open, even when the food was right within arms length.

Swallowing, Evelina would drop her hand back to her side, body stiff as a board as she restrained herself from just following her instinct. It was a good thing she did too, because Safiya was mentioning Beauregard, the specific man that Evelina was not looking to bother tonight. "What do you mean?" She would question, turning towards stiffly towards Safiya. "Why would he be upset?"

Evelina reached towards her, and Rika stiffened as she ever would when fear flooded. At Safiya's question, she glanced at the older vampire.

Would he be upset? Would he... value her less, in some way? He knew she'd been fed on before. He'd figured out Ian's mind control on her.

Rika was, for herself, conflicted. Evelina was new, and seemed nice, and was hungry. And Beauregard was... well, she sort of loved him, one sided as she knew that to be. But would be be upset if she offered a little of herself to one of his own? Hurt? Angry?

What if she had her own secret and he just never had to know?

"Because he and I have a thing," Rika answered Evelina's question, rubbing at an itch at the back of her head. "I could tell him myself later, and if he gets mad then it's just at me." she looked at Safi. "Or maybe none of us have to say anything." A soft shrug, feeling a sort of anxiety burn in her stomach at it.

But guilt. Mostly for Evelina.

Yeah, this was super confusing for Eve, she knew, and wished she’d had time to explain it. But, well here they were. Rika took car of explaining, even if “a thing” felt vague. And apparently didn’t mean all that much to her, if she was willing to still let Evelina feed from her. Willing to keep it from Beauregard, even.

He didn’t have to know. And even if he did, he didn’t own this girl. If he was mad, like she said, he’d be mad at her. Ugghhh, it felt wrong, but this was this girl’s choice. Not much of a learning experience for Evelina, but at this point it felt like she needed to, of things could get dire pretty quick. They were dangling a raw steak in front of a bear right now. “Okay,” She agreed after a moment, nodding, “Let’s find a booth to sit in.” She would suggest. ”I have to be there.” She would add to Rika. Evelina was just a babe, and Rika’s blood would get her drunk. She’d have to be there to keep her under control.

A thing was pretty vague, and she wondered if it was like the 'thing' that she had with Osvald, where she had been willing to give him blood when he wanted it. The relationship between them had been far from exclusive, but maybe Beauregard was not a huge fan of sharing those he ate from? Evelina was very unsure of it all, and if drinking from Rika meant keeping a huge secret from everyone else, or risking anger from the dominus, she was not really sure she wanted to do it.

Still, Rika was her own person, and she was offering herself up, and who was Evelina to deny the sweet smelling blood? Her body demanded she drink, a buzzing sensation seeming to spread across her skin. Safiya would agree eventually directing them to find a booth, and it took all Evelina had in her not to just pounce right then and there.

The nagging voice in the back of her head was still there, telling her that it might not be such a great idea to risk angering the dominus when she was still new to the group. Sure, Rika claimed she would sport most of the anger if there was any at all to take, but Evelina could not help but consider that there might be some to be given to her as well.

Such a frustrating hunt this was turning out to be. "Perhaps we should not risk angering the dominus with both a lie and a feeding?" Her body screamed about how wrong it was, but currently Evelina was right enough in the mind to be anxious about the whole ordeal.

Safi seemed to agree to it, only for Evelina to pull back now. Between the two of them, Rika figured she was at a standstill here, at the precipice of a poor decision.

Just. Yeah. This was dumb. Don't anger Beauregard.

"No, it's okay. I'll go. Sorry again."

She turned from them to go get her things and mentally struck future iterations of going out even in the heights as a bad idea after all.

Just easier to stay home and alone.

This was stupid, yeah, but Evelina needed to freaking eat. She'd already let this get out of hand enough, it was unfair to- oh. Oh. Evelina, what a badass. She found it in herself to actual deny this, suggest maybe to not be fucking idiots and find someone else. Safiya would exhale whatever air had been in in her lungs, relaxing some as she nodded. "Alright," She said, and would look to Rika as she agreed, and excused herself, "No, it's ok. Stay safe!" Don't interrupt vampire hunts! She would turn back to Eve to grab her wrist, "We can find a quieter place for you to hunt. Sorry about that. Beauregard and her have kind of an agreement." 'Agreement.'

Evelina would feel two things as the blonde made her exit. The main and most primary emotion being one of sadness, she hated that she made Rika feel like she had any need to run off or be sorry. It was not her fault that Evelina was new to this whole life style, or that her blood called out to her like a drug, it was all just bad timing. The second emotion however, would be one of anger, not really at Rika, but at herself for letting the woman get away. She could have had a wonderful, easy meal, and yet she had let it just walk away without having even the smallest taste. All because she already belonged to some other vampire who was much higher on the food chain than her.

"Sorry Rika, be safe." Evelina would call after, a hand coming up in a wave, turning towards Safiya as she spoke. "Yes, please." She was glad that she had managed not to intrude on any sort of agreement.

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