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Temptation gave way to staying away. I mean, after they attempted to beat each other up Riley just assumed their friendship was on the mend. If you could call it that. Her bear was eager to meet up with the other, comfortable around the small bear.

Hey Natasha! I hope all is well and you had a good holiday weekend! I’m just checking in to make sure your alive and everything after going into the vampire’s nest since I haven’t heard from you.


Nat had, had a wonderful holiday weekend, and her stomach was still trying to catch up to all the food she had scarfed down. There was only so much a Were metabolism could take you know!

Color her surprised when she had found a text from Riley a good hour after it was sent.

Hey! It was great! How was yours?

Natasha would move to plop on her bed.

Me and Cliff met them and they seemed pretty nice

Friendly at least.

Good. At least Cliff had someone. The thought of him not wanting to be friends was saddening.... but if that was his way of moving on, then she could respect it.

Thats good I’m glad to hear!

What happened? You have to tell me all about it. My one run in with one was NOT good.


Natasha would happily spill all the news of the night.

The first vamp we met was kinda stiff, probably a bit new to being around Weres, but we also met the leader!

He was pretty cool. Chill, and let us know that as long as we didnt cause trouble we were cool in the territory

It had gone just as smoothly as she expected it to.

What was your run in liek


Huh. Interesting. Riley couldn’t say that she wasn’t curious. There was a whole other species out there other than humans and shifters.

It wouldn’t hurt to know what she could from Natasha. Just a little.

I’m not going to lie. That sounds cool and scary at the same time. Are you going to go back?

She was such a chicken. If it wasn’t for her bear, she would have run screaming that day Natasha challenged her in the ring.

It was awful! It’s a weird story. This was shortly after... you know... the whole Cliff change thing.

My sister is a stripper and works at the place in Red Rock. So I went to tell her I was moving out since she never answered my calls. Anyway, while I was waiting for her, I sat at the bar and this guy stunk. I never smelled one before and I might have told him he stunk and he ordered this human to tackle me. I was escaped but was so scared that certain instincts took over.

Long story. Long text. Whatever. Let Natasha judge her that her sister was a stripper or whatever. She hoped she wouldn’t. She finally felt like she was making headway in the friend department.

There would be no judgement for sister strippers from Natasha, instead a great curiosity would arise from the fact that a vampire had actually gotten someone to attack to small blonde.

I dont have any plans for now but I wouldnt be apposed to going

She just really didn't have a place she wanted to visit there just yet.

Thats so strange though I wonder how he got the other to tackle you? Im sorry that your first meeting with them didnt go well but the leader of the group did say there were a few not to nice vampires out and about to look out for


That was... easy. Riley smiled at her phone.

I supposed I shouldn’t judge the whole group when there are bad shifters as well.

So what were they aside from smelly. Did you talk about anything else? What did Cliff think?


Natasha hadn't thought of them as particularly smelly, more or less.... Different? The bear understood it was dead, and of course, it put them both on edge, but it wasn't anything that she couldn't handle.

They didnt smell that bad!

Just because she couldn't keep her opinion to herself.

They were pleasant and the leader was pretty mature. He looked way older than I expected actually but like I said he warned about a few bad vampires in the downtown area.

Cliff was all stiff per usual. I think other leaders make him uneasy though, regardless of species.

Or anything that was brand new for him, Natasha blamed it on his old age.

Hmmm. Maybe it was just because she got caught off guard that first time. Or maybe he hadn’t taken a shower that day. Did they work out? Did they sweat? Maybe that was it...

I mean she probably didn’t smell too pleasant either. Like a bear. She liked to think she smelled like honey.

What did you expect him to look like? Did you find out how old he was? I wonder if it’s rude to ask.

She made a mental note to stay away from the down town area. It was t like she left North Glenn all that much anyway. Riley didn’t want to run into vampires or get into another accident and Levka couldn’t help her.

Cliff was stiff ... she could imagine it now. A huff of laughter paired with rolling eyes was given. She didn’t know why he was nervous.

I don’t know why. He’s just as a good a leader as any of them.

That’s all she was going to say about that.

Do you plan on meeting learning more about them? I admit I’m curious.


Natasha wasn't sure what she had been expecting, but she didn't have much to go off other than the things she had read/saw in Twilight, which only had younger handsomer vampires in it. So, when the leader showed up a bit more weathered, she hadn't been quite expecting that.

I dont know. Edward look alike? 1_face_weary

As for real age, I didnt ask for risk of Cliff having a complete cow but if hes leader I imagine hes pretty ancient!

She'd confirm the Cliff comment with just a nod of her head to herself.

Im not opposed to meeting more! So far all the ones Ive met have been super duper cool! We can always go vampire hunting one nigth so you can face your fears! 3_person_vampire2


Omg. She snorted at the Edward comment. The one she had seen looked older too. I mean... maybe age caught up to them one way or another. Could they even moisturize? Everyone was all about masks and some sort of facial these days. Did that help their skin?

Her snort quickly turned into a laugh at the Cliff comment. Riley could totally see Cliff having heart palpitations if Natasha asked.

Wow. I guess I was thinking that too before I met the one vampire. He was older as well. Silver hair, wrinkles..: but well-groomed.

Riley shrugged to herself.

I’m not to sure about that! Where would we even go?


If Natasha hadn't met a few younger looking vampires, she might of assumed that they were all of the older variety.

We can probably skulk around Lavender. The leader said we are fine as long as we don't cause trouble.

If they were gonna find vampires might as well go to the den, right?

They have this yummy Italian restaurant there too!


Ohhh. That was a BIG step. Like... very big. Riley cleared her throat, several time, setting the phone down and fanned her heated face. She needed to think about this before replying.

She couldn’t judge all of them for one vampire’s actions right?

I guess? You tell me when.
Though I could always eat.


Goodness, she only guessed? Natasha would have to just drag the excitement out of her when they got to town then,

How about this weekend? If youre free that is. We can get food and everything!


She thought about backing out. Really. This was one of those moments where her gut told her she shouldn’t but she ignored it anyway. In the name of friends... and knowledge.... and food.

I get off at 7 both days. How about 7:30ish on Saturday?

Because that gave her an excuse to get out early since she worked Sunday morning. It was semi-responsible of her.

Perfect! I'll pick you up!

She wasn't really sure if Riley had the car or not.

I mean... she did have a car. She could just meet her there so she could have a fast get away if she wanted. But, she supposed that she couldn’t be trusted behind the wheel. Especially since the last time she tried to hang with Natasha she about died.

aw thanks! -inserts address here- Maps kind of directs you to stay on the road but there’s a gravel drive on the right next to the highway that’ll take you to my cabin. :)

A small smile. This was what friends did... right??

Natasha would go ahead and save the address into her google maps, looking at the estimated amount of time between her house and Rileys cabin.

Ill see you Saturday then 2_face_lips


A kissy face? What?? She didn’t even know how to use the emojis kn this silly iPhone C But it still made her smile.

Cant wait! ;)


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