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It would be hours later. He would be settled back in his motel room, showered, fed, rested. The clock told him that it was pushing into the early hours of the morning. There was the option to wait until morning, but the probability of the girl sleeping at all was very slim. It was likely she was waiting up, waiting for... whatever was next. He would be prompt as he could with what was next for her.

Are you at your home?


Getting home had been... weird. She could hear her neighbors - quiet people - talking through the walls. She could smell the milk that had gone bad in her fridge from her front door. Couldn't do anything about the voices, but the milk would go down the drain before she showered, standing under the pitiful stream until it ran out of hot water.

By the time her phone buzzed at some ungodly hour, Lorena had given up on laying in bed entirely, and was instead curled into a corner of the couch, watching tv without really watching it, noticing the way the bite marks had already nearly lost their bruising. Just shadows of green and yellow.


What the fuck was she supposed to do, not tell her new babysitter where to find her?

Yes. Unsurprising that it was a quick response. There was the option to invite her to come back to him, but the impulse to inspect her living situation was too great. Was she alone, or was there a significant other to be concerned about? Roommates, children, pets? All things that would need to go.

I will come to you, how are your wounds healing?


Lora looked at her arm after reading the response. The wounds were thick with paling scabs, ringed in lemon in lime, disrupting the pattern of her scattered tattoos. The answer to his question was... very fucking fast.

-picture of arm-
-location pin-

No words. Was that rude? She was tired.

He would tap the picture to see it in better detail. Healing, and quickly. He had zero doubts now. He'd infected the girl, and it was spreading through her quickly. The frail body than he and Pete had thrown about in the woods was soon to strengthen into unimaginable ways to the young girl. Echo had made himself a prodigy. Someone in his charge, to make sure she did not fuck up, expose herself, make the mistakes that so many made. If one thing was for certain, he would not be a Sire that abandoned their charge at the first sign of responsibility.

She would grow strong, like he had, and he would do his duty to his own nature to see to it that their species functioned in a strong, safe society.

45 minutes

He would inform her after putting the address into his phone.

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