is it all because of my rebel heart?


Stepping into the coffee house, Kenzie was immediately struck by the realization that she had no idea who she was looking for. It's not like the woman would be coming as the cat Kenzie knew her as.

Her eyes roamed the patrons. There were only a few: a man ordering something called The Lumberjack; a young woman alone in the corner with a textbook and notepaper who was most definitely drinking something with pumpkin spice; and another woman on whom her eyes lingered the longest. She had a long braid of blonde hair that would almost drag the ground as she walked, but it was not this that caught Kenzie's attention. It was her orange-and-white striped shirt.

For as quick as she wondered if this could be her 'friend' she was as quick in being certain this was not. It took a moment for her to realize why that was: no prominent scent and no metaphysical signature.


Giving her head a quick shake, Kenzie stepped forward to look at the menu. An assurance from the barista that if she didn't like the drink she'd be made something else for free had her considering trying something besides a black coffee, but she was paralyzed by choice.

Maybe she would try The "Sam", with its peppermint tea and honey and—

No caffeine!?

Fuck that.


There had been a thought to come in as a cat just for the tease, but then that presented many more problems that was needed. Still, it was something amusing to think upon on the way over, imagining just how that conversation would go and the look that might be received. Still, she behaved herself and would enter the cafe agreed upon as her regular human looking self.

As the bell chimed behind her, she was flooded with the smell of coffee, sweets, and a trail of what she knew as wolf. Picking through the faces, eventually Catrina found the back of a form somewhat familiar, the smell of shifter strong. A gaze was put to the menu as it seemed Kenzie was deep in thought on what to get.

Smiling wickedly, she walked up quickly behind so as to speak near her ear. ”I'd try the Landry.”

The door opened. The bell chimed. That rank scent hit her nose.

She glanced the woman approaching from the corner of her eye. The red hair seemed fitting given the hue of her cat's fur. The plaid skirt was cute. Despite having next to no expectations she found Ailsa to be older than she expected, and was somewhat surprised when the woman stepped up behind her to note that they were of a similar stature. It was nice to not always feel like such a shrimp when in company.

"Uhh... okay." If she didn't like it she could just get her usual right? She hoped it had caffeine. "Guess I'll try the Landry like my friend here suggested," she said with a smile to the barista.

She beamed with a scrunch of her face as the suggestion was ordered before stepping to the side and giving Kenzie her space back. Who didn’t like a hot toddy with irish cream? The idea of all those things together sounded like a good mix. Satisfied, she offered a light tap to a shoulder to be sure Kenzie had attention on her. ”I’ll go get a table for us in the back.”

Not waiting for permission, she’d hum and turn to do just that. Finding an appropriate one that hadn’t already been taking and had a good buffer between the nearest table with people, Catrina made herself at home. Jacket coming off, she placed it over the chair’s back before seating herself, appreciating the warm lighting of the establishment.

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