After Niall had left Orri had packed up his camera as quick as possible and ordered another Uber to take him back to the extra mile. He arrived a little breathless still dressed in his costume, which just made everything really warm. Bounding through the door he would head up to the register super hoping that one of the Coyotes was in. There hadn't been any dirty van so he supposed that meant that the hose weilding one wasn't in, but maybe the nice blonde lady would be. Or even the scary queen. He would talk with her for Niall's sake.

The shop was a bit busier, probably due to the snowy weather, it seemed cars had a lot of trouble in the cold. Orri couldn't relate as he had never own or driven a car in his life. Possible something he should change, but well he had never needed one in Iceland and his father wasn't all that trusting to teach him how to drive in Paris. Due probably to his over excitable nature, or because traffic in Paris was awful.

He paused at the counter to get his breath and to try and do a light sniff of the area hoping to smell out one of the Yotes.

Would appreciate one of the Yotes! also Orri's outfit complete with the wig