When You Feel Like I Feel

Lavender Heights 
outfit without bag

Five pm tuesday night came a lot faster then Ash was expecting. Possible because he was more tired recently so he slept a great deal of the day. He awoke to his alarm telling him to get up and get presentable enough to meet another human being. It took about a good hour, half of which was just laying in bed telling himself to get ready. A hot shower later and he was walking out the door in the chilled evening air. The sun had already started it's decend.

By the time the Uber pulled up to Dr Beck's house the sky had faded from a baby blue to a vibrant mix of orange, violets, and pinks. The sun seemed to be setting far to early. He stuffed hands into his jacket pocket feeling the bitterness of the weather. Colorado was fucking cold. It got cold in Seatle but mostly it just rained. He could deal with rain. Shivering he shuffled forward and pressed a hand to the doorbell. Now he stood back and breathed little whisps of white.




Naturall, Edvin would sense when the young person arrived. He was eager to come to the door, and it would not be more than a few long moments before Ash was greeted with the sight of Edvin. He was wearing a soft smile, and would step backward to allow the young man inside. He wondered, briefly, why the collar of the coat he was wearing was so abnormally large. Had it been some mistake? Unlikely, but it was a... bold choice. "Good evening, Ash, I hope the weather did not prove too difficult to traverse." He would say, and only when the door was shut would he extend a hand to shake, "Dr. Edvin Beck."

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