The week following Thanksgiving had been dedicated to focusing their efforts into finding a home to settle on. Cue a lot of open houses, solo excursions and photos shared when one or the other had no time to go look, and endless hours looking at sites like Zillow. Eventually, they'd narrowed it down to two. One, a newly built cottage in the northwest of the city, or an older home that would need renovation, but had a pool. Today, they'd both managed to make time to visit both houses.

First stop was the pool house. It was located on a relatively quiet street, hilly and thickly populated by trees. Leaves littered yards and the sides of the road, peppered over melted slushy snow. The house in question was a the end of the street, at which there was a dead end sign, and beyond that a coppice that went on to encircle the neighborhood. Access to a wooded area, in theory, would be nice in the case of some extreme emergency. Though, the days of worrying about sudden indoor shifts at home were far beyond him.

The exterior of the home was nice enough, though the trim was peeling and needed new paint, and the garage doors would have to be replaced. Mathis would lead the way up the drive, his head on a swivel as he looked to the trees that hung overhead. One drooped in a way that touched the roof. No problem, really, but it was an observation. Up to the porch they went, to where he would enter the code supplied by the app they were using, and a moment later, there would be the sound of the door unlocking. He'd be the first inside, into the foyer that sported yellowed vintage style tile. "Better leave our shoes here, there's a lot of carpet,""He would say, and would step aside to let Frank in so he could have room to do just that.


It’d felt some kinds of surreal through the process when he took a moment to step away and think about things. Narrowing it all down and now visiting the last of a compiled a list of potential homes, was an exciting whirlwind that he was looking forward to seeing through with Mathis. Based off today, they’d be able to make the final decision. If this was to be their home in Crestview, it needed to be something workable and one they both liked.

These two seemed promising and as they made the way up the driveway, his gaze would take in the exterior, looking for signs of rotting wood or cracking of cement. Trees and the wooded area were a nice bonus as it added some padding between homes. The thought of having neighbors so close they could see into their houses wasn’t preferable for many a reason.

Letting Mathis unlock the door and be the first one in, he followed while listening to the comment, eyes immediately drawn to the bright yellow. It was so much… more in person. ”Gotcha.” Slipping shoes off, the tile cool under socks, Frank began to take note of the foyer. ”Let’s hope this isn’t in more places,” he commented, tapping the ball of his foot on the colorful ground.

"It's... something." He agreed as he pushed his shoes to the side near the door, then would take the lead in through the foyer, and down the hall, into the main area. It was the sort of home that had a sunken living room. Immediately to the right of the front entry was an open concept kitchen, whos cabinets were stained brown but could be painted. There was wood flooring through out the kitchen and dining room, and down the hall to the bedrooms, but the living room sported a pretty... horrible carpet.

That would have been what his eyes were drawn to. If there wasn't something else in the room that garnered any and all attention.

Mathis had seen some pretty ridiculous things in his life. Many surprising things. A head in a birthday bag, a woman turn to ash, a speaking dog. But, well, there was little in his life that could have prepared him for the sight that greeted him inside that living room. There, standing near the fire place, pecking at the awful carpet... was a turkey. A live, wild turkey. Minding it's business. Or, well, it had been until two predators stepped into the home it had somehow found a way to invade. "Um-"

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