Hot Cocoa and Cream

Union Square 
Numb fingers of one hand tugged the opening of a thin jacket closed as equally numb fingers of the other tugged the zipper up to close out what little of the cold the fabric would provide. Even with the cool snap of winter air around him, Riku stood still, dark hair ruffled up by the wind as he waited at the Light Rail station. It was far easier to take the Light Rail to and from campus than to trust the bus to be on time. Which it usually was, but he didn't like to take his chances, especially with weather such as this.

The strap of his backpack pulled down at his shoulder, the textbooks causing the arm to go numb before he finally gave in and pushed his arm through the other strap to allow the item to hang evenly against his back. At the same time the light from the Light Rail flashed through the rain snow mix and alerted the students waiting at the platform. Riku was used to this. There would be a rush to get inside. He shifted his weight a bit and once the car came to a stop students dove for the open doors.

Riku shifted, turning on his heel and slouching down the line of cars before ducking into an end car just as the doors closed and a group of fellow students started in his direction. The youth took up a seat quickly by a window and slouched forward, forearms resting on the back of the seat in front of him as he laid his cheek down and stared out at the passing traffic as the train started to move. The next stop came up quickly and then the next, a trail of small platforms that continued on through the city before one stop caught his eye. Rather, the Starbucks across the street from the stop caught his eye. A split second choice was made as he jumped from the train, cold air stinging his cheeks as he walked. His thoughts twirling between a hot chocolate or hot coffee. He would decide once inside.

It was bitterly chill outside, not that Yujin knew that. The drive to Cordova had been done in the rich comfort of one of his father's company cars. A Bentley or some such brand. He wasn't sure. Normally Ollie would have been driving, but he had business to do somewhere else. So Yujin had instead hired someone to drive him around, as per usual. It was holiday time and he wanted to go shopping. Sure Christmas had passed but that didn't mean he couldn't buy his bodyguard more stuff.

He was dropped off outside of a Starbucks, that was conveniently located next to the union square shopping area. He would have continued on his way to said shops except, there was a sweet smell in the air. His stomach gave a little rumble too. Grabbing a drink and snack wouldn't hurt. So he made his way inside.

Once inside he was met with a whole host of options. What to drink and what to eat? He stopped in front of the glass case observing the variety of baked goods. Unaware that he was in the way of anyone wanting to order.


The sharp wind cut off as soon as the door was closed behind him, the lingering chill slowly dying away as Riku let a last shiver race down his spine before stepping forward into the shop proper. Damp strains of dark hair plastered themselves to his forehead as he stared up at the menu that glowed above the counter top as the white noise of the interior of the cafe buzzed through his senses. The idea of just coming in for a hot drink was dashed when the smell of freshly baked pastries assaulted his nose. His stomach gave a low rumble as he frowned softly in thought, that breakfast of a protein bar and juice seemed to long ago.

Riku stepped forward, fingers rubbing together to bring some warmth back into them as he stood behind another customer. A soft frown darted briefly across his lips as the youth struggled and failed to find a polite way around the stranger. A brief pause happened before a breath was taken and his lips parted. "Excuse me?" His voice was quickly swallowed up by the shout of a order being ready and Riku took a step close enough to hopefully be heard above the din. "Excuse me" He spoke a bit louder but still holding the same polite tone, cringing slightly as his accent peeked through just a tad bit. "Sorry, I uhm...can't see" A small awkward smile followed the statement as his fingers twisted a loose thread from his jacket between them.


He heard the door open, felt the cold air, and even the presence of someone behind him. All of which he ignored in favor of gazing at the food. There were cake pops, and sliced loafs, chocolate croissants, all of which sounded good. Until a voice called out from behind him. Frowning he turned to glance up at the taller man. Why did everyone have to be taller? Yujin wasn't built to be big, he had taken after his mother in almost every way from his hair down to the shape of his lips. He looked just as foreign as the guy before him, although sadly shorter.

Okay so the guy wasn't tall enough to see over his head so with an awkward half smile he would step politely to the side.

"Oh didn't realize anyone was behind me."

Not quite a sorry, but he had just lost his view of the cookies for this man which he thought was enough of an apology.

What if he just bought it all? He could do it, only the wastefulness of such an action was stopping him. There was no way he could eat everything. His eyes turned back to the man beside him.

"Are you hungry?"

Another awkward smile fell across his lips as Riku gave a slight bob of his head in thanks and acknowledgement as he stepped closer. The movement bringing him to the stranger's side as he glanced over the display. On first glance he could place the young man perhaps around his age, maybe younger, he wasn't that talented when it came to placing ages to the appearance. But for the time being he would bet on his guess being true as he took a small step to the side to allow them to share the space if the other young man wished to.

"I wasn't before I came in" Riku responded with a slight tilt of his head, gaze falling to a platter of pastries as his stomach gave another audible growl and a flush of embarrassment flashed across his cheeks as he glanced toward the other man with a slight smile. "But now that I am here, I am hungry yes" The feeling returned to his fingers as he flexed them a moment to get the blood flowing a bit before he straighten up a bit more, which for him meant less of a slouch.

"Do you have a favorite?" He questioned with a curious tone.

The guy admitted he was hungry and that was all the prompting (excuse) Yujin needed. He trotted up to the cash register.

"I'll take one of everything in your display case. And a hot chocolate."

He glanced back the stranger.

"What drink do you want?"

It might have seem like a nice gesture, it was in a way, but really Yujin was using the moment to get what he wanted. A reason to try everything starbucks had, food wise anyways. If the guy went home full then the better right? And maybe he should have said something before just full out buying the guy stuff but Yujin didn't think about that at all. To him it seemed natural that the man would just accept and tell him what drink to add to the order.

Riku stood. Brows raised and eyes wide in a mixture of confusion and shock as he stared at the other man. Instead of an answer to his own question, the other young man closed the distance between himself and the cashier and proceeded to order. Riku wasn't so far away, but he was close enough to hear exactly what was happening. Once again he blinked, silence stealing his voice as his mind struggled to catch up to what exactly was happening.

He closed his eyes tightly and gave his head a sharp shake, the action mussing his already messy dark hair as he opened his eyes once more to stare at the other guy. Yes, he was still standing there and clearly waiting for an answer to his question. A question that was probably quite simple and common for him, but had caught Riku completely and totally off guard. "Museun il-iya?" Riku mumbled softly as he continued to stare before realizing he hadn't spoken English and quickly took a breath to correct himself.

"No no, you don't have to." He was quick to say, his lips turning up into another awkward smile as he nervously fidgeted. "Thank you. Thank you very much, but you don't have, really" His stomach gave another grumble and Riku bit down on his lip as he glanced at the waiting cashier and looked at the menu again. "I would just like hot chocolate too please. But I can pay, thank you...." His voice trailed off as he waited for a name, his head once more bobbing in a short respectful bow.

(Korean translation: "What is happening?")

The man seemed taken aback even mumbling something in Korean? yeah it was definitly korean. Yujin didn't know what the words meant but he regonized some of the sounds from a distant memory of a woman's voice singing. He had never learned much of the language, he could sing songs easily enough but no way could he hold a conversation. Once when he was younger he had tried to learn, with some thought that it would make his father proud. But it hadn't, his father had been upset the when he had tried to say some words in Korean. The whole experince had effectively ended any interest he had in the language.

He waved off the offer to pay. The cashier seemed happy enough and asked for a name.

"It's Yujin."

He said before handing over a gold debit card. The total rang up after a few moments of the cashier hitting some buttons, he wasn't fashed in the least even as the numbers hit triple digits. The other works had to scramble about to get all the food in bags and while they did so he took a step back towards the guy.

"I have a mind to try everything so anything you super want in particular?"

Raised as the son of a banker director who had a chain of them around, Riku was quite used to money. However, it was still rather shocking to see someone flash such a thing around, even in the form of a gold card that flickered under the artificial light of the cafe. Riku turned his gaze toward the cash register, watching as the digits rolled higher and higher and higher along with that his brows raised more.

'Yujin'. The youth turned the name over in his mind as he glanced at the stranger once more, this time really taking in his appearance. The clothes did seem expensive, something he would see his older brother in most likely.

At the next question Riku glanced toward him before turning back to the display as the order was bagged up. His eyes catching onto cookies and cake pops and brownies. Each one appearing more and more delicious as he chewed on the inside of his cheek. He raised his hand and pointed to a cake pop with sprinkles. "That one" He smiled a tiny bit, a slight flicker of boyish glee shining in dark eyes as he watched the items wrapped up and placed into their various bags.

"I'm Song, Riku Song." He introduced himself with an awkward nod. "Again thank you. Would you like me to pay you for the cake at least?"

The guy pointed at a specific cake pop, which Yujin would hand over once he got the bag. There was a lot of them, far to much to comfortable carry over to a table actually. He frowned perplexed at the new problem. While he was thinking of this the guy introduced himself as Riku Song. Yeah definitly Korean.

"Nice to meet you. Im Yujin King."

Again there was the offer of money and he shook his head.

"Nah, no need it was only a hundred ish dollars for all of this that's not much."

Was his ignorant response. He was still stuck on how to get the goodies to a table especially as the two hot chocolates were added. And the workers seemed busy with other orders. What to do now?? Where was Ollie when he needed him?

"Let's um get a table."

He said sheepishly hoping that Riku might be willing to help handle the bags.

'Yujin King' Riku mentally repeated the name and couldn't help the small smile that darted across his lips. Korean. "Nice to meet you too" He smiled softly before turning at the sound of the hot chocolates being placed down on the counter before them. The bags began to multiply slowly at first and then more and more as food took up more space within them.

Riku stepped forward, instead of grasping his cup, his fingers grasped onto the handles of three of the small bags and plucked them up from the counter top before turning and grabbing another to hook around his wrist for good measure. Once that was done he wrapped the fingers of his free hand around the warm cup of hot chocolate and turned toward Yujin with a polite smile.

"There's a table by the window there" He nodded toward the empty space that showed the various bits of traffic coursing along the street just outside. Without waiting for an answer Riku headed over, the bags covering the table top as he pulled out a chair and proceeding to sit down and gave Yujin a curious glance. "You won't get into trouble for buying all of this right?" A hundred probably wasn't much to him, but Riku knew spending that amount could raise some brows. Also it was quite a bit of food to bring home, his dad probably wouldn't question it, but his sisters might.

Without being prompted Riku actually picked up some bags. Yujin was extremely grateful and grabbed the rest, following the other man over to the table. Here he plopped down and soon the surface was covered with an assortment of pastries. The otter perked up at the possibility off food. Knowing better then to try to drink the hot chocolete until he cooled he instead went for one of the cookies. He chewed on it as Riku asked the question.

"No. My father doesn't really care to much what I spend money on unless it's something dangerous. I can't even buy Ollie a car without approval. Oh Ollie is my bodyguard."

He was polite enough to swallow the food before responding, and even remembered to actually say who Ollie was. Fishing around in one pocket he would pull out a phone, some new expensive thing which he would tap at for a minute before turning it around to show a picture.

"This is Ollie."

He said unable to hide a lift of happiness. Proud of Ollie and excited to show him to others. Just like always. Ollie had always held a special spot in Yujin's heart ever since they had been introduced when he was ten.

This is Ollie's Face Claim


Riku gave a nod, the explanation was enough for him not to question it any more than he already had. Thus, the hot chocolate was placed in front of him and his hands hugged the cup, the warmth from the contents pushing through the flesh of his palms and up his arms. He watched as Yujin visibly perked at the sight of food and he couldn't help but feel a thrill of excitement himself. After all, as his older sister always says, he is a growing boy. Although he would argue that he finished growing over the summer, but when it came to sweets that was a different story.

"Ollie?" Riku questioned lifting his head up as he had taken a bag and peeked through it to find the cake pop. His brows rose in a curious fashion as he placed the bag back and reached for another. All the while his dark gaze stayed on the guy in front of him.

Soon the cake pop was fished from the depths and a smile flashed across his face, eyes twinkling at the sight as he gave Yujin another questioning glance before taking a bite and his lips pulling into a grin as he leaned forward to better see the picture on the other man's phone. "You have a bodyguard?" He questioned with relative surprise as another bite was taken from the cake pop and he smiled softly as the bite melted in his mouth. "He looks nice" A nod followed this statement as Riku reached over to touch the side of his hot chocolate to gage if the contents had cooled enough to drink yet.

Yujin gave a small shrug not at all finding it odd to have a bodyguard. Ollie had been with him for nine years now, and it felt like they had always been that way. He grinned when Riku commented on Ollie's looks.

"He's really great. Been with me since I was ten. I love him a lot."

He put the phone back in his pocket and blew on the opening of his cup. It still felt warm and he didn't want to burn his tongue.

"Are you in college too?"

He pondered noting the backpack. The too was a little wish wash, he hadn't actually done much with the college classes he was suppose to be taking. With the whole otter thing he wasn't to concerned with getting a high education...not that he had been in the first place. It had been an excuse to get away from Santa Monica. And he was happier for it. The lingering pain of prom and everything that had happened senior year seemed distant here in Mountainside with Oliver.

A nod was given to the question as another bite was taken of the sweet treat before braving the hot chocolate. It was still warm, but not uncomfortably so and Riku took that as a win and took a delicate sip from the to go cup. "Yeah" His voice came out as more of a husky gasp as the warm liquid traveled down his throat and he quickly cleared it before smiling a little as the warmth settled in his stomach. "Yeah, astrophysics major" He provided the information with a small casual shrug as he tugged the last of the cake pop from the stick and chewed happily.

A pleased expression crossed his features knowing that his mental guess of Yujin's age was correct. Although he was in a classroom full of people his own age on a usual biases, talking to said people was usually difficult for Riku. The majority of his conversations happening online with various different people that held his same odd curiosities. "What are you studying?" He questioned curiously, wrapping his fingers around his cup and placing it in front of him as he looked toward Yujin. This was quite possibly the longest conversation he had with someone outside of class.

He had been right, Riku was in college. That was cool, whatever astrophysics was. He certainly had no idea. As for his own major that was another unknown. Mostly because he had not paid attention when applying.

"Uuuh I don't really know. I think it's business?"

He scratched as his neck thinking it over.

"I don't care much for the classes. I just really wanted to get away from california and this was the only way my father would allow me to."

Was his dad overprotective, maybe? Yujin wasn't sure. He didn't exactly have a emotional relationship with his father. It might have been because he looks so much like his mother or maybe the fact that his dad was always busy. They had never connected and then Ollie came into the picture and Yujin found someone else to love instead. He wasn't even going to inheret the business, he thought so at least, Micah seemed to be being groomed for that. So what he would do with his life, well he didn't know.

Riku paused in the act of raising his cup to his lips and gave Yujin a slow arch of his brow as he spoke. That wasn't the answer he was expecting for sure, but to be fair there were plenty of students in his classes who were undecided in their majors. Even if Riku couldn't understand such a thing, he could understand how that would be the cause for some people and not all. Thus, the expression was washed quickly from his features as he gave a slight nod and took a sip of his hot chocolate.

The youth bit down on the inside of his cheek, he knew well how complex father son relationships could be. His relationship with his dad wasn't at all perfect to be sure. But he was also a second son, he couldn't imagine what it would be like if he was in his older brother's place.

"I understand" He responded quietly with a clear quiet tone as dark eyes lifted to Yujin's face. "I know a bit of what that is like" A gentle shrug lifted up his shoulders as another sip of hot chocolate coated his throat. "Do you have brothers and sisters?"

See it wasn't weird that he didn't know what his major was. No matter what anyone else said. Riku was drinking the hot chocolate so that had to mean it was cool enough right? He picked up his own cup and took a big sip promptly burning his tongue.


The cup was lowered fast. Since it was his tongue there wasn't much he could do beside's whine internally about it. Although he could feel the area already starting to heal. Benefits of having a animal sharing your body. Said otter was uninterested in the whole affair content to snuggle back down for a nap.

"Yeah I have a younger half brother."

Was the answer to the next question Riku asked. He reached for a peice of bread feeling that it ought to feel okay on his sore tongue.

Riku jumped slightly, nearly upsetting his own cup at Yujin's reaction to the hot chocolate. His gaze quickly looked around for something that would help before landing on the multitude of bags that rested in front of them. Before he could react Yujin had already reached for some bread and the young man relaxed a slight bit. "You ok?" He questioned with a hint of surprised concern in his voice, fingers lacing around his cup once more as he watched him.

When the answer to his first question came about Riku gave a gentle nod. He didn't want to dive to far into personal questions as they had just met and that would be rather rude. At least he thought it would be a bit rude to start off with. "The cake pop's are good" Riku stated quietly, thinking this a rather safe bet and route to conversation to shift away from the personal. "If you wanted to try those next" A small smile came across his lips.

He had bought everything to try so he definety was down for the cake pops. Taking one up he would crunch it satisfyingly between his teeth, the sugar already giving that familiar ache that said it was going to distroy his teeth.

"Those are good. Have some more."

He motioned at the variety off food before them.

"Where are you from by the way? I'm from california myself."

He thought Riku wasn't a colorado native but he could be wrong, there was a lot of different types here in Mountainside. There had been the korean from earlier, but anyone could learn that. He was thinking that Riku might have been in the same situation as he was, with an american parent and a korean parent. In Yujin's case his dad was american and his mother was korean.

Riku's eye had strayed toward a small bundle that he remembered contained a double chocolate brownie. Which he knew would probably clash extremely with his hot chocolate. The smell of it was still very tempting, then there was a small fruit tart that also caught his eye and for a moment he chewed on his cheek before Yujin's statement brought him out of his thoughts with a surprised start.

"Really?" He questioned in a surprised tone before his gaze drifted back to the selection of food and suddenly found himself unable to choose between what to have. HIs hand reached out, fingers hovering over the brownie for a brief moment before heading away to pick up the fruit tart and taking a bite out of it. A pleased hum left his lips and a wide grin spread across them soon after as he ate.

The question caused Riku to glance back to Yujin for a brief moment before reaching for his cup and taking a swallow of the contents before responding. "Incheon....South Korea" He replied, accent showing softly as he pronounced his hometown while brushing his finger tips off on a napkin. Dark eyes flicked across Yujin's face, he sounded American. However his features said something else. "Are..your parents from there too?" He questioned in the hope that he wasn't approaching an uncomfortable subject.

He was proven wrong as Riku came out as being actually from Korea. Oooh. That was a bit of a surprise, he had met foreigners before but never someone so young. Why was the guy going to an american college? That seemed stupid, at least in Yujin's opinion. He thought that international schools were usually better.

He had been about to ask Riku about the school choice when he was asked a question. It was one that was bound to come up.

"My dad is. He was in the military so he met my mom when he was stationed in Korea. They moved out to california had me and then she decided she didn't like my dad or something and left to go back to korea."

He gave a shrug not feeling very emotional about it. There were no memories of his mom, at most he could only recall the hum of a lullaby in what he assumed was her voice. It didnt matter anymore that he wasn't wanted, he had Ollie. Who loved him and thats all that mattered.

Riku paused with the half eaten tart just in front of his lips as his attention was fully drawn to Yujin once more. His story wasn't an uncommon one, the American base in South Korea was an opening for a lot of them to come over. That isn't what caused him pause, more so it was the tone the other young man had adopted when speaking of the situation. The casualness of it all made him blink and slowly lower the baked good back to the crumpled bit of paper that had served as its wrapper.

"O-oh" Was the only sound Riku could think to make as his mind shifted to try and work out everything he had just heard. He shifted slightly, fingers twisting at the edge of the paper before him. "Do you..." His voice trailed off, not knowing how to voice the question. Judging from Yujin's casual tone he couldn't tell if the other youth had a relationship with his mother or not. "How's your tongue?" Riku questioned and then instantly regretted it as an awkward frown crumbled his expression with a brief moment of regret. "I-I mean, from the chocolate" the youth mumbled nodding slightly to Yujin's cup.

Yujin was use to getting a pitying answer to the topic of his mother. He didn't fully understand why, didn't even know what it was he was missing. Maybe when he had been younger, before his father had remarried and before Ollie came, he might have felt what it was like to not have a mother. But if he had those feelings would only have been mixed in with the neglect from a overly busy father. It was a large reason as to why he was so attached to Ollie, that and something else. Something that had only cropped up recently.

Riku seemed to flounder in the face of the conversation and abruptly asked about his tongue.

"Oh it's fine"

Was his unconcerned reply.

"Why are you going to an American college?"

He asked now that he had a chance to do so. He was pretty curious.

A nod was given and relief flooded through him as his fumble was seemingly swept away with a casual response. A soft breath left his lips as he picked up the tart once more and took another bite of it. During this action Yujin's question came and Riku looked up with raised brows before giving another slow nod. He supposed that would be a question that might come up. If not now than eventually.

A quick sip of chocolate chased down the bite and Riku gave a small lopsided lift of his shoulders. "My older sister and brother both went to university here. Sister went to Brown and my brother Princeton...I think my father feels like getting into a University in America shows uhm...importance" Another shrug as he shoved the last of his tart into his mouth and chewed while wiping his fingers off on a napkin once more.

"And I think he wanted to start a chain of his businesses here and we were a good reason" Riku mumbled while glancing at the various bits of food still separating them. "Are you going to eat that?" A finger was pointed toward a cookie with dipped vanilla icing on one side.

Oh so Riku had two older siblings. Yujin had no idea what that was like in the least. Weren't they usually mean on the tv shows? But he had always gotten on well with Micah. Who was to say if his younger brother liked him back though.

Eyes were staring hungrily at one of the cookies and he snorted back a laugh.

"No go for it. There is plenty for us both."

Speaking of which he picked up one of the chocolate croissants and took a big bite out of it. There was a pause for chewing and swallowing before he could continue talking. Conversations over food were kinda awkward that way.

"Yeah my dad wants to make a bunch of connects here in mountainside too. He keeps sending Ollie out to finish up deals and stuff. Thank god he doesn't want me to inherit the company. Imagine going to all those boring meetings. "

Yujin was pretty sure the company would be going to his younger brother while he would continue to live off a stipend. He honestly couldn't remember if his dad had ever wanted him to inherit or not. Maybe at one point before he showed his absolute lack of money knowledge. Yujin was not good at keeping track of anything business related, and certainly not money. He had actually gotten scammed out of a little bit a while back. (A little bit being around 8000)

"I know what that is like" Riku spoke around a bite of cookie as he glanced briefly toward the window at the various passing bits of traffic before returning his attention to Yujin with a small understanding smile. "My father is the same with my older brother. I'm...sometimes glad he doesn't expect me to take over the business from him. But, I also feel sorry for my brother" Another tiny shrug. "Lots of pressure" He mumbled quietly before taking another sip of his cup.

A small laugh crept forward at the tail end of Yujin statement, his smile reappearing quickly as a nod was given. "I barely sit still in my classes, I don't think I could manage meetings" Another bite was taken from the cookie and for a moment he allowed himself to savor the soft texture and flavor. "What does your father do?" Riku questioned, curiosity soft around his words as he once again glanced toward Yujin, half the cookie still resting between his fingers.

Yujin had been content to munch on the rest of the croissant while Riku talked. They really did have similar backgrounds. He wondered if Korea was like California with the few exorbitantly rich families. Wondered if his dad knew Riku's.

"Oh I have no idea what the company does. I know my dad invests in other business but I think that's more of his own personal thing."

He shrugged unconcerned. It didn't matter much to him what the company did, especially since he wasn't going to have to run it.

"Do you like america so far?"

He asked for more interested in this topic then their dad's companies. Although he supposed it wasn't entirely fair to asked about the whole of america. California was very different from Colorado.

Riku gave an understanding nod at this; not many kids made it a point to know exactly what sort of work their parents did for a living. The only reason he knew was the simple fact that Song Banking was his family's life and if he didn't know that he was fairly certain his father would find a way to disown him.

Knowing that Yujin's dad was involved in investing did make him think for a brief moment if their family paths had ever crossed. He wasn't in on the inner workings of the firm and he wouldn't dare ask. That would just give his father an idea that he was interested in the business and that was a set of doors that he wasn't ready to venture through yet.

Yujin's question did however cause Riku to pause in the act of brushing his fingers over another napkin as he sat in thought for a moment. "I..." His voice trailed off as he thought. It was hard in the beginning, but now he wasn't so sure. " I do, yes. Before it was hard being the only one in my school" A shrug lifted his shoulders as he didn't elaborate, although he didn't feel he needed too. "Have you ever been to Korea?" He question with a slightly hopeful glance.

Yujin more then understood having a hard time in school. Knew a great deal about that actually. He rubbed a finger over the table top and frowned as he listened.

"School is hard..I had a bad time senior year too.."

Which was about as much as he wanted to talk about that. Hell he hadn't told anyone about what had happened, not even Ollie. Riku's next question was met with a similar downtrodden response.

"No. My Dad goes about once a year, I think he has some business over there. But he wont take me. I think it goes back to my mom or something."

Another shrug and he looked for something else to eat. Something to take the sour taste out of his mouth at any thoughts over senior prom.

Riku looked across the table at Yujin and this time he really looked at him. He took in the features, dark hair, and there it was, the familiar pain from school years. Something that apparently neither one of them had quite put behind them and Riku found himself comforted by the fact that he wasn't alone in that situation.

A silent nod followed Yujin's words as Riku turned his attention back to the spread of food. The lull in conversation didn't bother him, the sense that they could both use a break from the questions was strong as he fidgeted slightly. His eye sliding from the lingering cookies to another croissant and taking a direct U turn toward a pastry that appeared to have some type of filling within it.

"This is the longest conversation I've had with someone not online" Riku mumbled softly after a period of silence had passed, a tiny smile coloring his lips for a brief moment as he kept his gaze lowered to the table. His fingers wrapped around his slowly emptying cup.

A silence settled between them, a comfortable one for the most part. The recent topic left Yujin's thoughts with prom and everything that had happened. The otter shifted in his mind, not a good thing to think about. Shifting here would be bad, really fucking bad.

"If you don't count Ollie I think this is the longest conversation I've had since I moved out here."

Excluding other were's of course, they tended to have a lot to talk about in regards to shifting and animals.

Also that made him sound lonely. He was not, sort of. There was Ollie, who he stubbernly decided was all he needed. But it was undeniably nice to talk to someone his age again.

Riku blinked and silently looked at Yujin for a long minute. He wasn't expecting that response as in his mind he always considered people his own age to always enjoy hanging out with others of the same age. At least that was his theory and his theories could often times be very very wrong. However, sitting here and speaking to Yujin he was starting to realize that wasn't always the case.

"Really?" A smile flickered across his lips, a ghost motion that disappeared as quickly as it had come as his gaze turned toward the window once more. "That's...actually kind of comforting" He confessed quietly, gaze still trained toward the window. "Knowing I am not the only one I mean" was the mumbled continuation of the sentence.

He crunched his teeth into another one of the sweets still trying to shake off the thoughts of senior year. Not having long conversations with people was more of a red flag that they were both a little fucked up by something, probably bullying. Though maybe Riku was just self consious of his accent,

"What do you use to chat with friends?"

He was think snapchat, instagram, facebook, the usual. Stuff he use to use before everything had gone down. Now he mostly just texted. But it actually wouldn't be to hard to set up something new, a place where he could chat with Riku and maybe other people that weren't from his home town,

"IMs mostly" Riku answered with a small shrug. He wasn't embarrassed to admit that the majority of his friends came from an online community; however, he was well aware how some took to the idea. Some going so far as to say online friends weren't considered real friends, a claim he wholeheartedly hated.

"I'm on message boards a lot and when I really enjoy talking to someone we trade IMs" Riku glanced toward Yujin, studying his expression quietly as if waiting for a bit of judgement to slip into dark eyes. "Do you...have an IM?" He questioned with a bit of caution lacing his tone. "It's ok if you don't, I just thought...maybe if you wanted to talk again sometime?" Riku was enjoying their conversation and frankly it did sound as if they had a fair bit in common when it came to family backgrounds. His fingers took up another lone cake pop as he took a bite from it, lips quirking up into a small smile at the taste.

IM's weren't something he had much interest in before. Most of his communication had been through snap chat and the like. He actually wasn't all that sure how to get into the messenger board world. It would be away from anyone he had known though which was a plus.

"I don't have one yet but I would like to chat again. How do you set up an account?"

Was it through an app or something. Sounded more like a website thing.

Riku's expression lit up at Yujin's words as he gave a nod and proceeded to pull out his phone. "I can show you" He provided with the same smile, the fact that Yujin wanted to talk again caused said smile to widen.

He leaned across the table, his elbow edging a bag a couple inches to his left to give room as he laid his phone down to show the screen to Yujin. Despite his slouchy clothes, messy hair and worn backpack, his phone was surprisingly new. A slim silver device of the latest model; he quickly swiped through a few notifications to log out of his IM quickly to show how to create an account. "First you will need to download the app, can find it in the App Store" He instructed, his excitement causing his accent to flare up slightly as he spoke.

Riku's instructions were patient and kind, pointing out each step as his smile remained in place. "Now we can speak through IM. I'm...well, usually always online so if you ever want to talk just message yes? I can even make group chats and you can meet some of my friends if..if you'd want."

Yujin practically grew up with a phone in his hand so it took little effort for him to follow along with the instructions. It seemed like the usual, get an app and make an account kind of gig. He uncreatively just put his profile name to his own and the picture as a selfie. Not even thinking about how easy it would be to find him like that.

In the moment he was just happy to friend Riku through the device.

"I always have my phone on me too. I think groups would be okay.."

He wasn't so sure about meeting strangers, but well today had gone well. And if they were anything like Riku then he was sure they would be fine.

Yujin caught on quickly and Riku gave a grin once the account was set up and a few quick swipes later had them friended on the app. The hesitation within the other boy's voice caused Riku to glance up and quietly study his expression before sitting up once more, pulling his elbows off the table. "It can just be us, until you get used to it, yeah?" He quickly amended not wanting to frighten him off. After all, this was a friend, at least they were leaning down the path of friendship and the last thing he wanted to do was mess that up.

Riku grinned nonetheless and true to his word he left himself logged in to the app, the icon beside his name showing online. "I should get home, my sisters will want help getting the house clean and ready for Lunar New Year" He mumbled softly, a part of him enjoying the company and not wanting to leave. His gaze lingered on the bags. The Lunar New Year was still a few days away, but it was never to early to start according to them. "I will message you later" He stood up, picking up the empty bags and tossing them into the recycle bin as he did so. He wasn't going to leave clean up all to Yujin after all.

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