@Yujin & Abraham

"Thank you for coming with," she said again in the elevator antsy with excitement and also uncertainty, squeezing Abraham's hand. "I told him you were my bodyguard so you can just mean mug him the entire time."

A playful grin on her face, Asha leaned up to kiss Abraham on the cheek, content to be cozy here until it was time to get off and walk to the door. Fourth floor up, she followed the signs to his apartment number and then rapped her knuckles on the door. Hopefully he was awake and ready to talk!

Abraham had no idea what to expect here, but he was deeply, deeply wary.

"Shouldn't have trimmed my beard," he said thoughtfully. Wilder beard was better for looking mean, right?

Too late now. He followed to the apartment, staring at the door as if he'd be able to find some sign this place was bullshit from that alone.

He was unsuccessful.

The day of the meeting had come around, and he was hopeful that it wouldn't turn out like the one with the scammers. Ollie wasn't in the hospital so that was a problem, although his bodyguard was not currently around do to other business. He had told Ollie about the meeting, had even sent a tentative call to his father about it since it would involve the company. Both had been somewhat worried somewhat favorable responses. All good except that it had meant he had to dress up. In his own house. He was not happy about it.

Suits were just uncomfortable and he hated ties. But here he was tie and suit the full nine yards in his apartment..it was ridiculous. He had also been in the outfit since morning, since he didn't know how to get a tie on Ollie had done that part. So he was all to happy to answer the door when the knock sounded. Outside stood to people, a dark haired woman, and a guy who looked suuper old. Like Fletch but older. Why were there so many old men in the area? At least this one didn't smell bad.

The otter was very interested in them squeeing and standing up.

"Hello, you must be the business owner."

He pulled the door open and motioned for them to come in.





He was a were! She should have caught the scent earlier, in the hall, but she'd been anxiously looking for this now. Her cat was mildly interested in a predator-prey sort of way, but Asha kept her calm.

But smattered in her own pleasant surprise was a sense of... skepticism, from Abraham, to put it lightly. Why? Oh, well, she supposed he looked pretty young to be promising all this. Maybe he really was a psycho too. She'd tread optimistically, with Barlit's caution anchoring her from setting her expectations too loftily.

"Yes! That's me," she smiled. "Asha, and this is Abraham."

She'd lead them in, and wait to be told where they wanted to handle this. "So— this makes it so much easier to talk about! That we're all weres."



Absolutely not.

No. Not a chance. No way. Fucking impossible. The door opened, Abraham had a stroke and he died right the fuck there. Goodnight, goodbye forever.

As a fourteen year old in a vampire costume emerged, it was very difficult not to let his frown deepen. So, like. He didn't stop it. Was this some kind of trust fund kid? And Abraham was supposed to sit here and pretend this was even remotely normal in hopes of Asha getting money for... mermaid palace?

His skull felt like it was going to implode from the sheer absurdity.

Little animals were of predatory interest to the jaguar this close to the full moon, so the cat fell into an intense, watchful stillness.

Good it couldn't pounce in stupid pretend world.

He didn't say a word with instructions, scrunching his face in a brief expression that could almost be called a smile but wasn't exactly there.

There was a smell, a weird musk that Yujin was starting to identify with other shifters so he wasn't to surprised when Asha came out that they were all shifters. The otter wasn't super fond of whatever animal these two were so he didn't bother with any handshakes. He motioned for them to take a seat at the couch and he would plop down onto a matching chair.

"Im Yujin. My bodyguard is out so its just us."

He was kind of awful at these kinds of things so he didn't bother with formalities. It was nice that they were all shifters, he could get straight to the point. Also was the old man frowning at him?

"Soo Im not good at these kind of things, My dad's the one who owns the company. To be honest Im interested in your place because I want somewhere safe to change if possible. Im an otter."

It was probably a good thing Ollie wasn't there. He didn't think there would be a favorable reaction to having to shifters in the living room. And maybe he shouldn't have said what he was but oh well.

Big fat cat no from Abraham. The dude looked overly fancy, but he also legit had a bodyguard apparently. Anyway.

He dove into an introduction and it wasn't much of a business type of talk. Just an introduction. She glanced to Abraham, deflating slightly, before looking back at Yujin. "Okay. Cool. Otter. Well, so. We're jaguars. And — so what you meant when you talked about a separate area — I've actually given thought to it being our own private pool. Where we can be shifted and swim if we want to."

But when it came to money, who should she be talking to?

Yes. The old man was definitely frowning at him.

My bodyguard. Why did a kid need a bodyguard in an apartment? How much was he worth? Like, a billion?

Abraham listened with continued wariness.

This kid didn't actually own the money. Great start. He didn't know how this stuff worked. Cool. Awesome. What company was this? Who was dad? Why weren't they talking to that guy instead?

Asha's answer was... fine. But Abraham had about a thousand questions and couldn't help but ask one.

"Is your father an otter too? And your 'guard'?"

They were jaguars, what ever those were, he was pretty sure some kind of cat. Apparently they liked swimming too, cool, great as long as they didn't try to eat him like the fucking coyote. And the old guy was frowning at him. He frowned right back, and even more so when the guy asked about Ollie. He did not like that.

"No they're not."

Was his somewhat cold reply to the old guy. He still remembered the hospital and Ollie bandaged up, attacked by something in Lavender Heights.

He should not be angry with these people, they weren't the ones who hurt Ollie. So he took a deep breath and sighed.

"Sorry I didn't mean that to be so rude. Ollie knows about me, he's my bodyguard but no he isn't an otter or any other kind of were. My father isn't anything either and he lives back in California."

He shouldn't have bothered getting dressed up it felt stuffy and the meeting to impersonal for him. Unclasping the button on his suit shirt thing he pulled it off, of course wearing stuff underneath he wasn't about to get naked for anyone.

"This business of yours, it's something I want to fund. My dad's approved me doing such a big purchase so I have the funds, I have enough to make a palace for this mermaid bar pool thing if that's what you wanted. I don't want to scare Ollie by going off by myself to change, I almost got eaten last time by a coyote..and I just don't want to do that to him."

Could they not frown at each other :(((

Though, it was of slight concern that this Ollie dude knew about Yujin. Not because Asha had any right to be suspicious of that, but because, well —

"He can't know about this place, if it does happen. It's one thing for him to know what you are, but it's a whole different thing for him to know weres come there on the regular. That's outing a lot of people who didn't ask for that, just by association."

Abraham didn't need any fucking sass from a cosplaying fourteen year old. The jaguar tensed, suggesting a threat, and it was difficult for Abraham to remind himself to be a civilized fucking adult here.

A human bodyguard for a were seemed like sheer stupidity, but maybe if you were unlucky enough to turn into an... otter, anything was good.

Recognizing his own inclination for shittiness here, he stayed quiet like he was supposed to have in the beginning. Asha's response was good enough, and he literally chewed lightly at the edge of his tongue to keep his thoughts to himself.

At least the old man shut up. Yujin gave him one last frown before turning back to the concerned question Asha had. Made since if there was going to be other were's there. He didn't like keeping secrets from Ollie, he was obviously bad at it. But if it meant safety then it could work right? He wasn't strong like Wildwind.

"I won't tell Ollie about the were part, I'll have to let him know Im funding a bar thing. But it wont go beyond that. You can put it in the contract if you want, a non-disclosure agreement or something. "

Guess who got scammed and now had to tell his bodyguard about all his purchases. Did he have to tell them that? He didn't wanna. Though maybe he should make it clearer.

"He looks over my purchases and stuff so I can't really keep the funding a secret...I kinda got scammed a while ago out of 8000 which I guess is a lot."

This was kinda screaming that he was not a good business partner. He didn't want to run the place though, he just want to fund it was all. Wait was this a scam? What did scams even look like?

"I just want to build this place, and help fund bills if needed. I don't want to help run it or anything."

That was a lot. He just wanted to... give him their money. But not take part in it except that. Because he'd gotten scammed before. Out of a real tiny amount, at least compared to the place's impending start-up costs. And then continued costs.

This was sketchy. Asha wanted the money, obviously, but his attitude was anything but professional — and the frowning at Abraham and honestly Abraham frowning back were making her extremely uncomfortable — and there were red flags all over the place with how he was handling this. And she didn't want to potentially find her bar sunk if he... changed his mind, or something.

She chewed her lip, caught between her own prior excitement and the reality that maybe this wasn't a great call. "How much of this are you wanting to fund?"

Scammed out of eight grand.

Abraham kept his mouth shut, but ultimately, he was intensely wary.

They'd need to talk to a lawyer about this. But. Maybe they could just take a fucking pile of cash and run and make sure they never, ever owed this guy anything.

Except this guy was also apparently the son of a bajillionaire, and he didn't want to imagine what an angry rich person could do to a couple weres.

Oh god was he not cut out for this sort of thing. He had never tried to do business deals before. Maybe he should have had Ollie here to actually show him how things were suppose to work. He knew there was usually a contract or something but had figured that would come later. Didn't help that the old man had ruffled him earlier or that the otter wasn't sure if it was going to be eaten or not.

Deep breath, big calm breaths.

"Im only not interest in helping to run the place because I have no experince in it. Pretty sure it's clear this is my first time doing this, I did just gradute high school..."

Now he was trying to defend himself which wasn't what she was asking at all. Just answer the question.

"Well my dad has given me two million to use on this investment, so that would cover my end of the start-up costs and probably the first month or so until it starts making money on it's own."

Would that be enough?? His dad had seemed to think so. But Yujin didn't know the first thing about getting a business going. Wouldn't they need a place and like people to work in it?

"Two million," repeated Asha, wide eyed, stunned, not believing her ears, and definitely feeling some sort of twinge from Abraham in time with this.

What the fuck.

What the fuck. They were asking for less than six figures and this motherfucker was offering multiple fucking millions.

Abraham paled, and he felt the undeniable sensation of exactly his asshole briefly puckering with a shift threat.

Sorry Asha?!

Well that wasn't a good reaction. His wrist tingled and he rubbed at the scar that was there. The area around the pupil of his eyes had began to lighten a little. There was tension in the air from the old man and the otter was not a fan of this.

"Is that not enough? I don't know that I could ask for more..."

He had thought his dad was being nice about the amount but maybe it was like back in California. Would the money cover the cost of a building?

"I know in california it wasn't much but I thought here it could get a place.."

Was this going to not work after all? He just wanted a pool for the otter. Somewhere nice to go. Maybe even a place he could show to Riku.

A little more gaping at his response, and then she snapped her mouth shut, realizing an opportunity here. Also, two million was probably like. Borderline for the ideas she had for this place. Why be borderline when they could be comfortable?!

"If you can push it to two and a half or even three, we can really make this place happen."

All her doubts aside, Asha was willing to suspend her literal disbelief if he could make it happen.

One hand wandered towards Abraham's for like. Shared moral support. Through these trying times.

Abraham ascended (descended?) to a level of human horror so removed that he seemed to leave the jaguar behind.

This could not be happening. Asha could not be asking for three million dollars from a child.

She took his hand but it was mostly and dead thing as he stared through the otter kid whose name he did not know.

This was definitely illegal.

Three million? That was a bit, he wasn't sure if he could ask his dad for that much. But he was really interested in the place, maybe he could do something. Give something in return to convice his dad for the money..like opening up about things. He bite his thumb thinking it over, thinking about a lot of things, some of which didn't even matter for the pool.

The color of his eyes only lightened up.

"Okay I can ask...see if he will give another one million. "

Best not to think about what it would cost him. Not returning to calfornia, surely not that.

"If I give three million would you want to go ahead with the deal? Make a contract or something?"

If Asha was alone she would have flat out said yes. But she wasn't. Abraham was here and he was uncomfortable. So.

She looked at him for reassurance and she didn't get any, so. "Could you excuse us a minute so we can talk it over?"

To Yujin.

Excuse them for a moment in his own apartment. Well he had been the one to ask for the location. So a bit glummly he nodded and got up. There was still the tingle in his arm anyways better to go whole up in Ollie's room for a second anyways.

"Yeah. I'll be in the bedroom when you're done."

Not his bedroom though so hopefully they would just knock on the first door they came across. He was going to go flop down on Ollie's bed and curl up with a stuffed otter plush that he had bought not that long ago.

Oops. She didn't mean for him to leave, she meant they would step... out... but.... Now she got to feel like a dick twice!! Yay!! Asha wanted to take this entire idea and burn it down now.

"Sorry," she said as he walked away. Well. Anyway, here they were. She looked at Abraham and pressed her lips together.

"Sooo. You don't seem into this."

It was for the best that Abraham could not read Asha's mind returning to the same drama that made him want to run very far away from her.

"It's fine," he answered immediately, a whisper. "You should just. Really talk to a lawyer to make sure they can't ever come back at you for this money."

For. A. Mermaid. Bar. Or whatever it was. Three million dollars, on a whim, for a mermaid bar. It would take Abraham...

Like. Literally fifty five years or some shit to even make that much money (WITHOUT EVEN COUNTING TAXES), much less spend it on one thing.

It felt very natural to be alarmed right now. These were sums of money Abraham did not fuck with. This was far more than Thyme ever made. Ever. Multiple years of revenue more.


Right, a lawyer. That would be smart.

"So... other than that, I mean. I could just... go for it? Should I ask where the money is coming from or is that like. Not my business, or..."

What if he was in some kind of Asian mafia?

Not her business, probably!

On one hand, yes, they should probably fucking know. Matebrain was in on this one: definitely the mafia.

He swallowed some anxiety down, belatedly realizing they were holding hands. Right.

"Probably... like. Plausible deniability if you don't ask. Or something. So if we find out it's illegal later we can just say we had no idea or something."

Abraham: not a lawyer! But this kid seemed like the type to just answer that it was coming from his dad's "money laundrying company?"

Not her business, then. "Okay... okay. I... okay. Gonna do it."

It was all some level of reassurance, so. She figured that was it. It was worth a shot. Maybe he was just some sort of fairy god-otter. Or maybe this would all be terrible and she would DIE.

She squeezed his hand and then got up on legs that were honestly kind of sweaty (thanks Abraham) to go to wherever Yujin had disappeared to.

With a polite knock on the door, she'd announce the decision: "We're in. I'll have my lawyer draft us up a contract."

Asha didn't even have a lawyer yet, but like, she could find one.

He sat on Ollie's bed absently prodding a finger into the plushe's stomach. The step away had been good, the tingling in his arm fading away.

He was a bit slow to open the door when he heard the knock, feeling almost like his sanctuary was being disturbed.

"Okay I'll ask my dad about the extra million. You can contact me when you're lawyer has the contract drafted."

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