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It would be the only text Bastien had gotten in response to the emoji that had been sent to the number a little less than a week ago. Clem had chickened out on immediately reaching out to him, fearing that he probably thought was was stupid or weird and likely didn't want her to. Maybe he even deleted the number. But, well, five days later and she was looking for something to do one evening this week. Echo Echo was a place she went often, given it was on the same block as the shop she worked out of. And as much as she liked the others at the shop or Zelda, she sort of was in the mood to do something different, and especially wasn't in the mood to play watchdog for an overzealous pup of a roommate. No hate on Zelda, she just had a lot of energy!

So, Bastien it was. Sunglasses, music to art, underground guy. Maybe he would just ignore her, or not want to actually go out and meet her somewhere, but, well.

Literally underground, local music, but the good kind. Your friendly neighborhood tour guide plans on going out there this week some time, if you want a proper tour.


 Echo Echo said the tour guide (he had definitely saved the number under that, not given much else to work with) like they were talking over walk talkies. He totally didn't get it at first. Certainly opted to ignore it for a moment as he finished organizing a few sheets of paperwork. Then came a second chime with far more than just two repetitive words.

i'll fire you as tour guide if the music isn't the good kind

 Probably too serious of a message but he certainly meant it in a teasing way! He hoped it might make him seem more...lighthearted? Not entirely sure what he was really going for here.

any certain day in mind or just when the muse strikes?


It was a good thing that that was just the flavor of humor that Clementine liked. She snorted at the reply, and rolled her eyes. She liked to think she had a good taste in music.

But, he seemed game.

Figured I should probably consult the guy thats taking the tour. You have any days off during the week? Weekends are busy nights for me.

Because they were off days for a lot of other folks.

and i figured the tour guide would know the best time to go

 He could do this all day if given the chance. Wouldn't though because that was likely pretty childish of him. Likely not what she was looking for.

any weeknight evenings are good for me. i suppose i could really call in sick though if afternoons or mornings are the time to go


Hmm, sassy. She squinted over his text. Almost read 'weeknight' as 'weekends' and was prepared to accept conflicting schedules. But, hooray, she caught herself!

Best week night is thursday nights, would say friday but its always too packed to hear anything.

Even for someone with excellent hearing thanks to a certain wolf.

In my expert opinion, Thursday night at 8 PM would be ideal.

To cross the t's and dot the i's, make actual plans out of it.

 There was overwhelming relief when she, too, though Friday night was a bad idea. Although they had different ideas of why. He could not imagine what sort of sweaty crowd an underground music venue might have on a Friday. Not entirely concerned with the hearing part of it.

thursday at eight sounds good
also, you got a proper name you'd like me to use? or really into being called tour guide?

 Seemed like the sort of things you should ask before going out for an evening with someone. Just covering basics.

Wow, look at that, plans. Except, he was asking for her name, reminding her that she'd been dumb and forgot to give it to him. Maybe if she was more confident in her ability to be mysterious and charming, she might have baited him along and made a game out of it. But, she wasn't so,

While Tour Guide sounds pretty official, you can call me Clem


tour guide clem, i dig it
figure you just want me to meet you there, yeah?

 Just doing his best to make sure he didn’t mess any of this up. Felt awkward to offer her a ride or accept one so! Here he was!

Tour Guide Clem. Like a weirder, shorter, browner Tour Guide Barbie. Nice.

Yeah, lets do that. I shouldn't be too hard to find.

Holy shit she had to figure out what she was going to wear.

sounds good, see you then

 He guessed the right thing to do would probably find out more about this place and what to wear. Or he could be lazy, just go as his usual self. Maybe wash his hair if felt like giving some effort?

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