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Violence was not exactly Lora's... thing? Sure, she liked horror movies, liked video games that were less than peaceful. It was different in real life. She'd done violent things, sometimes with the intention to hurt. When not in the thick of fear or anger, though, violence didn't come naturally to her. She'd never tried to punch someone in the face, never clearly and logically contemplated putting herself in a situation to fight another person.

And yet, here she was, thumbing her screen contemplatively. Echo had said he would ensure she knew how to defend herself, but she hadn't been ready for it lately - too much shit happening. Now, though... still not really ready, exactly, but there was nothing holding her back beyond the fear of getting hit. No amount of self-loathing could trick her brain into deciding that was a fun idea. For fear of overthinking it, she would type out the message and hit send before she could change her mind.

Can we start fighting lessons soon


Lorena was moved in, another Full Moon down. She was doing well, despite the hiccup with the man she attacked. It was one less headache that he was destined to be a lion. How troublesome would another newborn be. He wondered if she would be upset by it, or relived. Maybe even indifferent. It had been a short time since he had seen her last, and was planning on reaching out soon. She did that for him, and with an intriguing request.

We can. It's dangerous for you now, you will likely shift, but it is good to know early.


Hmmm. That was not encouraging! She didn't want to shift. She didn't enjoy it at all; the pain, the lack of control, the not knowing. Something taking her autonomy away from her, doing things she would have to pay the price for. What if she just didn't text him back now? Eh. Probably not smart.

Don't be such a chicken shit, Lora. Worst case scenario, Echo would be there, he would make sure she didn't fuck up, right? It was good to know early. Right. She wanted to know. She wanted to do whatever job it was the hyena thought it was better at. Not to be ungrateful, but... that was the least Echo could do for her, right?

I'm off Thursday and Friday


No protest.

Whatever day you'd like. I do not have a schedule.

It would be a few months yet until he needed another job. A large sum of his last had been spent on Lorena, but he was comfortable enough.


Thursday night then please


Okay. Meet where we did on the first full moon.

He would take her closer in toward his cabin, but never directly to it. Close enough to quickly get to should he need it.

Could she remember how to get there? Probably. Hopefully. It was a much shorter trek now.

Okay. See you about sunset.


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