It's wasn't a crazy busy night but it was still lively. An undeniable primal energy vibrating all around. The thrill of a fight found in almost every inch of the place. It was more intoxicating than any drink that could be served to her. She had considered putting in her name, but truth be told, she wasn't horribly interested in that part of it tonight. It was far better to just watch cocky grown men take brutal swings at each other.

 She'd find a place to squeeze in at one of the more active fights. A few blood splatters on the mat. Granted they didn't seem like fatal pools of blood or anything enough to deter the fighting pair from their harsh swings. She'd join in on the cheering for it all, not really sure if the cheers were for one over to other or just for the brutality of it all.

 Except she'd find her elbow bumping into someone else who was near her to also watch the match. A bit of her drink sloshed out of the cup onto the ground. She wasn't concerned about the mess, but losing some of the drink did suck. Even if it was definitely her fault. "Should take you into the ring for that." She huffed with a teasing tone. Hopefully they picked up on that and didn't actually find the idea appealing!