bated breath

criss cross @ Zach/Scarlett!

 There was always an air of hesitancy about being in Crestview now. Always leery and on edge about the whole place. She skirted The Food Rally as much as she could. Figure she could pick up a few little things for Pearl from the pet store and then grab coffee on the way back to the bus stop. Currently she was on part two of that plan. A bag full of treats and toys held in her hand as she stood patiently in line to place an order.

 It was a nice little place. An outside window to order if you didn't feel like going inside. Which she admittedly didn't. The chill may have deterred her but, she still had to walk along and she knew that if she got cozy she'd be less likely to move. So it was best to just stand there, bouncing on her heels, as she awaited her turn. Also mindful to look around her in case...anything weird happened. She wouldn't be subjected to icy weirdness again.


Zachary sat at an empty picnic table outside the cafe. His scarf tucked in tight was more for show than to fight the chill. The meager remains of his fish and chips basket lay off to the side as he lazily dipped a remaining fry into a cup of ketchup with one hand while the other thumbing mindlessly through his phone.

Twitter didn't hold his attention much today, all the same yelling going on and no one he knew embroiled in drama. He switched over to Instagram and scrolled through. Lots of food and vacation pics, some of family and pets. He stopped on a muted video taken by a distant cousin, whatshisface with the square glasses. Zachary watched as his third, possibly fourth cousin-twice removed, dangled a Twizzler out to a brave squirrel. The little critter's nose twitched violently as it scurried close, tail switching back and forth as it determined the risk involved. A smile began to stretch across Zachary's lips as his eyes followed the bushy tail.

Unbeknownst to him, an exact replica of the tail in human-size proportion popped up behind him, mimicking the movements of the squirrel on camera.

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