you only swipe for free food

Bonus Round 
 Maybe it wouldn't have been her first choice to go to a barcade for a date. Not that she minded the games and competing against her date in question, but the fact that he had brought his friends along on their first (and probably only) date.. That was what made her feel less inclined to even try and enjoy herself. Here's what she got for restlessly swiping on Tinder, hoping to get something fun out of it. An adult child who clearly couldn't go anywhere without his little entourage.
 Fuck, she wasn't even getting a free meal. Not even free drinks. Because she was certainly drinking, while hiding out by the bar. "Shot of whiskey." She asked, resettling on the bar stool and minding her own business. A loud laughter caught her attention and as she glanced over her shoulder, she saw her said date make a minor victory dance. Rolling her eyes, she returned her attention to the bartender and kicked back the shot. "Let's do another one." The femme continued, her gaze searching the faces seated alongside the bar only to end up on a particular face. Not because she knew the person, but merely because.. She liked her aesthetic.
 "Get that chick over there a drink too. Pick anything, make it a fun surprise." Poppy asked as she handed over her card to the bartender, after pointing out the woman in question. Now we wait and she watched as the bartender made the drink and didn't even bother to be discreet as she watched the woman getting served.


 It wasn't really her usual sort of stomping grounds - a little too loud and colorful and modern, obnoxious really if she was to boil it down to just bare bones. But there was something to be said for keeping up with the times, acquainting one's self with the modern world and not allowing yourself to stick out like a sore thumb. Besides all that, the big clunky game where you had to dance on the arrows was a good bit of fun even if she was miserable at it and felt daunted by the 'professionals' who seemed to treat it like a career path.

Really she was just out for a good time - maybe a snack - but ... probably just a good time.

 For now though she assessed her plan of action, leaning against the bar to the side to avoid too many people too close and watching the machines and cabinets and the people who filtered through the layout formed by them. Slow to dawn on the realization that the man behind the bar was trying to get her attention as he held out some pale blue mystery that certainly wasn't even marked with trace amounts of blood. "Oh." Struck a little stupid as she reached out to take the glass without thinking better about it, following his attention down the line to see who her benefactor was.

 Well, shit. She forced a smile, practiced and honed through the decades as she lifted the glass in a sort of thank you salute. Making sure to keep her lips closed as she tilted it towards her and acted as if she took a sip before making her way over. Winging it by the seat of her pants and trying to make the best out of a surprising set of conditions. "Thank you - what is this?" Using the little wooden stick of the umbrella slipped into the glass to swirl a bit of whipped cream sprayed on top of the see-through liquid.

 Now, perhaps this would go better than her date. She was certainly looking for some new company and it seemed as if the stranger had taken the bait. And with a little smirk on her lips, Poppy saw the dark haired femme walk over to her. Discretion wasn't Poppy's strong suit and as the stranger slid up next to her, Poppy spun around on her bar stool. Welcoming her presence.
 "Absolutely no idea. I told him to make it a surprise." Poppy admitted with a light shrug, her gaze dropping to the pale blue drink in her hands. "Is it any good?" She inquired, not able to make out what it could possibly be. Lifting her gaze, she flashed the woman another smile. "I'm Poppy." She continued, introducing herself politely as she made a gesture towards the seat next to her. "Feel free to have a seat." With that said, she made a gesture for the bartender to bring her another shot.

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