Abandon shit

Last Stop 
Work had been absolute hell. The store was a barely contained madhouse, and half the stock was swept clean. Canned goods? Fresh out. Bottled water? Haha, no. Propane? See ya. Wooden fucking stakes? Get the hell out.

And now, they'd been shut down due to "emergency protocols." Too many people calling out, not enough security, and too many customers with sticky fingers and pushy elbows. The time off was tentatively unpaid, and Abraham was fucking done with it all.

With the city gone mad, he was getting the hell out for a bit. He'd heard reports of shootings, crazy people of a hundred varieties, and stores just flat out looted. Making one last stop at the ha ha real funny Last Stop, Abraham was taking off. See you later, assholes.

Plus, this had to be the last gas station with actual gas in town. Rolling up to the pump, he found the place…curiously…less than lit. He turned off his headlights, flipped open the fuel door, and stepped out of the car, swinging his keys on one finger as he squinted at the pump. It was dusty as all get out, and crickets chirped ominously.

He thought of crazy-ass Laurence. Evil tiny creatures. What a nutter, if an ultimately kind of nice guy.

Abraham ran a hand over the grungy screen of the gas pump and brought his face in close to try to see if there was anything showing. Was this thing even, like, on?


Excitement seemed to carress her body like an old lover, the thrill of all this madness had her inner beast going crazy. So she did the most logical thing in her mind, she let the wild cat free. You see, these two ere old friends. Always there for each other and coexisting beautifully, all her jaguar had to do was give off a signal and she usually let her free. She had shed her skin a good three hours ago, roaming around the city and letting the thrill drive her.

Th e scent in the city was intoxicating, like a fine wine she wanted to get drunk on. Fear, panic, madness. It was what made her chase a few people around but what drove her out here was the thought of guns and fire. Her beast did bit like fire for some reason, maybe it was a memory in her human mind, maybe not.

Sharp claws dug at the earth as she stretched her long dark body, oh how she loved a good run. Almost as good as chasing humans, ah, vampires made tgis all too easy! She would have laughed but a new scent caught her attention, under the heavy smell of gasoline and oil was a human. Someone who wanted to get away, were they just as scared? Oh she hoped so. Her black looking form moved silently against the asphalt, her claws might have clicked but she doubted human ears would hear. She moved along his car, noting the make and model, hiding from sight.. though if he looked in the mirror above his pump he would see her.

Finely tuned senses. Sharp hearing. A perceptive nose. A keen sensitivity to the very vibrations of the earth.

Yeah, well, Abraham had jack shit for all of that. There could have been a pack of jaguars swarming his car, and he'd still be staring at this goddamn gas pump. Maybe if he just…pressed one of the buttons? Squinting still, frustrated by the lack of light, he shoved his card into the slot and waited for…a beep. A flash. Something, anything. Please wake up, shitty-ass gas station.

Swiping his card one more time, it seemed to finally rouse into functionality, beeping with a sort of far-off tone that implied the speaker was clogged with dust. Great, awesome, cool. He saw a few numbers appear on the screen that hadn't been there before.

Two zero zero zero.

Twenty bucks? Er…did it take twenty bucks from his card? He frowned, lifting the handle of the hose, shoving it into the open gas tank, and…trying to press a button. Another beep. Press handle, and…

The total went up. But not a drop of gas came out.

"The fuck?" he mumbled, pressing the handle one more time and watching the total go up but…still no gasoline. Great, awesome, cool.

Lip literally twitching with annoyance, he glared back at the station store. Maybe there was a little light on in there? Some number he could call? Abraham sure as fuck wasn't about to pay $21.36 to have air gasped into his gas tank.

Shoving his keys in his pocket, he made a beeline for the store, kicking idly at a rock and sort of missing on his way.

This was too easy, the smell of his emotions seemed to make her fur itch with anticipation. Annoyance and a hint of anger at a machine that seemed to be defying him, the sharp off-toned beep cued her in to there being a problem but he kept swiping his card. Leisurely she took a few steps toward the annoyed man but what shocked her was how oblivious he was to her presence, most humans had the common sense to look around at their surroundings every once and a while but this one. Maybe there was something wrong with this one, he never looked up in the mirror that she was clearly seen in. Her pale green eyes always reflected the slightest of light and seemed to glow but he kept looking at the reluctant machine.

His words caused her silent movements to stop, it sounded like he might have seen her but it was the gas pump he was talking to. How strange, did he not have the eerie sense of being watched? It was then he started to move though she doubted a soul was in the little shop connected to the pump but he went anyway.

A growl seemed to fall from her lips, she was rather annoyed with his lack of notice or care for her presence. It was not going how she wanted, the sound vibrated from her chest sounding like a clash of thunder without the storm or the lightning. Again she stalked toward him, her tail flicking in frustration. The hunt was no fun if she had nothing to chase,if all she had was ablind sheep!

Feet crunching in the gravel, he jangled his keys with irritated energy. But even above the two sounds, something else caught his attention, set the hair on his arms on end. He froze at first, the metallic taste of adrenaline flushing his tongue. What. The. Fuck.

He turned, a stupidly fast motion after time wasted standing still, and what his eyes beheld was borderline beyond his comprehension.

An animal. A…panther. Or something. But it was unfathomably massive, beyond any zoo animal or nature documentary, or. Why was it here. How was it here. Why was.

There was very little time to think, despite the fact that every second seemed to pass over a full minute. Time slowed, and his mouth dropped open to do…something. Say something. But for once, he was silent.

Swear words? Fresh out. Witty banter? Haha, no. Insults? See ya. Only remaining option? Get. The hell. Out.

Twisting in the gravel, he broke into a frantic sprint for the store, and words delivered in a panic he'd never felt before burst from his lungs.


But there were yards between him and the building, and he realized more with every step that the dim light inside was the glow of an emergency exit sign.

It was comical really, the way he stopped before whipping around. At least she did not do all slow like a horror film, that was just not a real reaction. No, but this was. She wanted to laugh as the scent of fear finally seemed to fall from him in wave, his mind seemed to put two and two together and realize that maybe she wasn't some big zoo kitty. His mouth opened and she lifted her nose to scent the air once more, ah, there it was. Panic.

And then he did what she wanted, he wasn't a blind little sheep at all. He was a gazelle running for cover, for something that might be able to keep her away. For a moment she stood there, a purr-like sound that could be called laughter came rolling out. Then she launched, she now knew that the little glow was the orb above an emergency exit. No escape for this little gazelle. Her claws aimed for his leg, a gentle swipe really but if he had not moved it would cause him to fall. It was the scent of blood that would cause another growl to fall from her lips, her pupils to dilate.

Now, now. She had to make sure not to eat him.

He couldn't see the beast approaching, and he could barely hear it over the sound of blood rushing in his ears and his feet pounding on the gravel. Every step brought greater horror, greater dread, because no one was fucking here. No one for miles would hear the panicked, near-yelps in his breath.

Abraham had every intention of breaking directly through the front glass door. It was a stupid fucking plan, but whatever damage the shards could do, they wouldn't eat him alive. Maybe he could find a room to close himself into. Something, anything. One hand outstretched, yards too early, as though he might be able to reach the door from here.

But it caught him.

His leg was on fire. Actual, real heat, and he was almost surprised by how much the sensation was not what he expected. It offered him little time to ponder, though, because the slash was enough to tangle his legs. To send him sprawling forward.

With his hands reaching out to a door too far to touch, he was unable to break his own fall. Chest, then chin, struck the gravel, and he could feel immediately the rattling of his teeth and the grinding of rough stone into his skin.

He yelled wordlessly, because what else could he do, what else could he say. No plea would change the mind of an animal. Rolling over, and simultaneously trying to crawl backwards, he aimed a clumsy kick at the fucker's face.

But as his ears rang, and his calf and chin began to bleed, he'd be lucky to land a blow at all, much less strike something hard enough to chase off the largest animal he'd ever seen.

Abraham Barlet was going to die.

He fell, sprawled forward. She could hear how hard his chest hit the ground by the way his breath came, she knew how hard his chin hit the gravel by the scent of blood from the new tear in his skin. He twisted around, just as she placed her front paws on either side of his hips. The fear in gis eyes caused thr beast to give a purring chuckle once more before it fell into a thunderous growl, her lips parted just as he lashed out with his feet.

Oh, now that was lucky. The kick comnected with her cheek, it actually felt kike there was some force place in it. It caused the jaguar to yowl, her teeth flashing as she snapped at his face to show him his struggles were useless.

That kinda hurt fucker! Sheep don't attack, they lay there amd wait their fate. With a quick motion she placed a massive paw on his shoulder, flexing her claws so that the deadly knives would dig deep in his flesh. She wanted to bite him but she feared her control would slip, blood did that.

It was borderline blinding terror. He couldn't think. He couldn't speak. There was no inclination to slickly stab at its eyes, or...take the keys he was stupidly still clutching and stab it in the sides.

The kick struck true, and if there was any chance he'd survive this, he might have congratulated himself for it. But instead, it merely provoked. There were teeth at his face, and he stupidly just...screamed at the thing's massive head. It was a noise without fury, and instead flooded with unrelenting horror.

One last surge of adrenaline had him trying to rise, pushing up with his hands to try to sit up, and.

The sheer weight of the paw at his shoulder startled him even amid his fear. His head snapped back, thwacking audibly against the gravel. Ringing in his ears reached a fever pitch, and he felt the pressure of claws in his skin more than he felt the pain.

There was hot breath in his face. Green eyes. A creature so dark in the dim light that it seemed to be made of shadow itself.

What a way to go, he managed to think, staring up at the colossal beast that had picked him out so easily as a meal. Alone, at a fucking gas station. Who would even show at his funeral.

"Stop," he begged stupidly, finding the sound in his ears somehow roaring to a degree that it crippled his limbs. He balled up a fist in his empty hand and tried to strike, only to find that his fingers were tingling, his arm could lift but a few inches.

Fading with the blow to his head, and the blood, and the shock, his hand slumped uselessly back to the gravel. One leg twitched at the knee, as if wanting to kick again, but unable to get the right signals through his cloud of terror.

The scent of blood mixed with complete and utter terror was like a drug to the beast, his screams only spurred the beast. As she snapped at his face, buried her claws into his flesh she started to loose control. Pale and cold eyes watched as he struggled and squirmed against her, how he had fight in his body after being played with.

Her growl continued as she finally parted her lips after moving her obersized claws from his flesh. She inched closer, savoring the metallic smell of his blood. The beast's tongue connected with his shoulder, the growling stopped for a moment before she took his shoulder in her mouth and bit down.

The bone was broken and she wanted to continue but he spoke then, stop, tbat was when her human side started to fight. His plea woke her up when she had just started to let the jaguar have its way. If she did not stop now he was head, she could tell just as he tried to lift his fist to strike her. He was weak, the jagaur growled as she pressed the cat down. Man, did that hurt like a bitch!

"My control.." her voice sounded inhuman as she fought the beast harder, "you are done." Everyword was quiet, breathless as sge tried to bard to cage her beast so this man would not die. A scream came as the fur receded, this time it sounded human. The pain was blinded as the shift started, the massive cat shrank before the man's eyes. Replaced by a rather small woman, stark naked.

Her breathing was labored hey.. you're.. gunna.. be.. okay..

The good news was that by now, he was too far gone to feel pain. The adrenaline that flooded him, seeming to replace the blood oozing steadily from various wounds, protected him from any further agony, and OH MY GOD, NO, NO, THAT WAS NOT TRUE AT ALL.

He heard an audible crunching as the beast reached down and grasped his shoulder, and his eyes threatened to bulge clear out of their sockets. Why would anyone die like this. No one deserved this. Not even shitty, awful Abraham, no one. He.

His muscles tensed to twitching with the pain, and the shock, and then.

Words. Abraham heard words, and he realized for the first time that he was truly dying, hallucinating in his last moments. Yes, Abraham. You're done. Goodnight. What a wasted fucking life. There was a scream, and he thought at first it was his own before realizing...the panther was...

A naked woman was above him, and Abraham realized he'd been wrong all along.

There totally, totally was a God. And he was pretty forgiving, because his messenger was a pretty fucking hot angel. Without clothes. Telling him it was okay.

Speechless, he nodded. Somehow, Abraham was going to heaven, unless this was some shitty joke and he was actually going to hell.

Bloodied and broken, Abraham let his eyes close, and then totally died. RIP Abraham Barlet, died right here, watched by a naked angel.

Or, at least, that was his assumption as he fainted like the bitch he'd always been.

Her words came out strained, exhausted. Her breathing was heavy, she wanted to fight it but she couldn't. Her eyes drifted close as her head rested on his chest, her naked chest rose and fell again the man she infected. She was out like a light. Thete was no waking her up.

Lexus has passed out


Abraham was dead.


For about three minutes. There was no dreaming. No glowing light. No scornful god. Just absolutely dead to the world, minus the actual loss of life part. And maybe it was for the best that he was out, because witnessing what occurred next would have maybe given him an actual heart attack. The steady bleeding of his leg, and especially of his shoulder, seemed to stem itself. The bones of his shoulder, utterly crunched, shifted beneath his skin. It was a visible change beneath his skin, fragments rearranging below the surface to fix the damage that had been done.

Regrettably, no amount of healing could fix tragic tearing of his favorite pair of jeans, right at the back of his calf. Plus, the puncture marks in his shirt. No fixing that. Life couldn't be perfect, Abraham.

He returned to life with a groan, head pounding. The moments before felt like a strange and far off dream. Like maybe he'd just...gotten really, really drunk. Opening his eyes, he beheld a totally ass-naked woman out fucking cold. On. Top. Of. Him.

"Whoa, whoa- hey- uh-"

Trying to buy gas. Couldn't get it. Walked to the store. And then.

There was blood...everywhere. On the ground. On his clothing. The smell was intense, sickeningly so. And-

God, she was just. Naked. Where even was her clothing? He tensed up, feeling borderline nauseated by the scent of...blood, and the ringing in his ears. Had they...done drugs? That hadn't been his thing in many, many years.

Was she...was she... There were no violent shred marks. No sign that the-

Fuck. Holy fuck. The fucking animal. Fuck, Abraham. Think. Use your fucking brain. Do something. Had he just...imagined the animal? No- no. There wasn't a scratch on her that he could see. Had she overdosed on...something? Had he hallucinated it all? She was on top of him and-

Had they fucked? No. They hadn't fucked. Why would she be naked and him fully clothed, and why was there so much blood, and-

She wasn't dead, but she was very still. He put a hand to her shoulder, feeling like a fucking pervert for even touching her. Don't look at her boobs. Don't look at anything. FOCUS.

"Hey, you've gotta- hey. Chick. Are you okay? Wake up, alright?"

But not a word. Not a fucking word. Not so much as a mumble. He was pretty sure he was going to vomit, and it definitely couldn't be on her, so he...rolled to his side, and she slumped off like a corpse.

Staggering to his feet, he made it as far as the gas pump before he threw up every single thing he'd ever eaten in his entire life. And then, for good measure, he sort of bawled a little while he dry heaved for a little longer. Abraham had experienced some benders in his lifetime, but this was something else. He struggled to remember, to picture it all, in the dim light of a closed gas station at night. An attack. Some giant animal had attacked. He turned, staring at massive imprints in the gravel. Were those pawprints? Was he fucking nuts? He'd lost his mind. He'd lost- he was losing it.

Focus, Abraham. Breathe.

The girl was still out, and it wasn't like she had any fucking ID on her given that she was absolutely naked. The animal. He knew the animal had attacked, because. It had attacked him. He was covered in blood. Pulling down the sleeve of his bloodied shoulder, he readied himself for war wounds. Gore. Utter horror. But instead, it was smeared in red, but nothing else. No horrifying gash. No puncture wounds.

Who would believe him, that he was attacked by a monster without a single scratch. And then, some girl showed up, completely naked, and passed out on his body. What cop wouldn't arrest him and charge him with...Abraham wasn't even sure what, but he knew he wouldn't impress a fucking jury.

He had to do something, and that something was get the fuck away from all of this. He grabbed his keys from the gravel, covered in blood as they were, and stumbled back toward the car. He could leave her here, and drive away, and get as far from this disaster as he could and hope that the city was in too much of a panic to properly investigate a crime like this. Opening the door to his car, he looked back one final time to the naked stranger on the ground.


There was no way he could leave her.

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