Work Release, an interactive art gallery space in the prominent area of Belle Vista is the home base for the coalition in Mountainside. The two story business is owned solely by Yana and serves predominantly as an art gallery. The whole downstairs features artwork from a variety of up and coming names, most of which is for sale (for the right price). The staircase at the back of the building leads to a second floor that provides a variety of art demonstrations and classes for would-be artists of all ages. First and foremost however, it exists as the home base for all coalition meetings and business during the evening hours or as needed.

Under the hand of it's founder, Yana Novik, Malachite Vale maintains a precise vision for the Coalition going forward. With a business-minded approach and an often clinical lack of bedside manner, Yana requires a similar transparency in all members of the Coalition. Say what you mean, mean what you say - in Malachite Vale everyone's preferences are taken into account, but that is not to say they will come to pass within the group.

Other Were's found to be living or working within Belle Vista will be asked to leave, this request will be escalated if not followed. Rogue Were Cheetah's who are found in and around Belle Vista should be informed of Malachite Vale (if circumstances allow), rogues who refuse to align themselves with the Coalition will be asked to leave. This request, will escalate if not followed.

Every member is expected to adhere to the rules set forth within the Coalition.

The rules, are intentionally simple:

1. Malachite Vale members first, other cheetah's second, allies third, Were's fourth - all other's need not apply.
2. If you find yourself in trouble, call Yana. If she does not answer – try again,
3. Malachite Vale operates out of the eye of the public, do not reveal the coalition.
4. All Coalition members are directly responsible for the cheetah's that they turn, whether intentionally or accidentally.
5. Rogue cheetahs within Belle Vista will not be tolerated.
6. Vampires within Malachite territory will be dealt with - member's should avoid confrontation and report any Vampire sighting back to Yana directly.

The Coalition and its Queen are the authority in Belle Vista. If something arises that needs immediate attention, Yana will not hesitate to act in favor of keeping the Were secret and in the best interest of the Coalition.


The Coalition maintains ownership of the following businesses in Belle Vista. Other Were's are welcome to visit, but they must adhere to the rules of the Coalition.

Work Release
Stroneridge Winery

Amber Heights Ambush
Copper Quarry Band
Red River Pack
The Underworld