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Common Were → Intermediate Were

Survive at least 3 full moons — (3/3)
  1. Leave Me Unattended, I'm An Animal — The one with two tigers at a lake. ft. November
  2. Every Feline is a Masterpiece — The one with a tiger, a jaguar, and some unfortunate deer in a forest. ft. Abraham
  3. Rattle This Ghost Town — The one with three tigers and some bonding in the outskirts. ft. November and Reina

4 threads with 4 different Weres — (4/4)
  1. Pity for the destitute — The one with a leopard and some steak in the grocery store. ft. Zee
  2. Cat Nap — The one with confusion, a conspiracy theorist, a Wolf King, and a tigress in a park. ft. Romy, November, and Alina
  3. The Chords are 1-4-6-4 — The one with a lioness, a cheetah, and some spilled tea at the shops. ft. Jackie and Marshal
  4. Montreal steak seasoning — The one with a jaguar, a tiger, some steak and a territory war at home. ft. Abraham

3 threads with a Vampire — (2/3)
  1. We'll Never Be the Same Again — The one with a twitchy vampire, electrocution, and live broadcasts in Crestview. ft. Amaris
  2. What I'd Do Not to Worry Like You — The one with a twitchy tiger, awkward conversation, but no deaths ft. Tikanni
  3. ---

3 threads with a Psychic — (3/3)
  1. Kind Hearts Don't Grab Any Glory — The one with an attempted theft, falling through walls, and promises to forget at home. ft. Angel
  2. Flaws Upon Your Sleeve — The one with coffee, questions, and no going back downtown. ft. Reina and November
  3. Working Man — The one with plants, googling, and a promise to learn more. ft. Rika

Have 2 threads where your character utilizes their animal form for a minimum of three posts — (2/2)
  1. Long Road to Ruin — The one with aftermath, tiger struggles, and an escape at home. ft. November
  2. Ending Starts With Answers — The one with revelations, two tigers, and a failed escape attempt in a hallway. ft. November and Whiskey

Have 1 thread where your character starts to shift and then reverts back before the shift's completion (urban) — (0/1)
  1. ---

Have 1 thread where your character struggles to hide what they are from a non-Were — (0/1)
  1. ---

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