Intermediate → Advanced

Four threads with four different Jaguars (4/4)
  1. Everything worked out great — Asha and Abraham have fun and also productive talks.
  2. To kill with one leap — Asha and Abraham meet Fray and Skuld for dinner in Avondale.
  3. All these jags and nowhere to roo — A triple shift party as Asha and Abraham become happy jagparents to Sol.
  4. How the light gets in — Asha is doing a girlfriend lunch delivery run and gets schooled by longtime jag Abel.
Three threads with Vampires — (3/3)
  1. Swipe to unlock — Asha helps Beauregard with technology problems.
  2. Shooting stars — Asha wanders the planetarium inebriated and meets Holly, who offers to give her wonderful dreams but falls short of the promise.
  3. We're gonna have a good time — Asha is on her best behavior when she runs onto Ophelia. Promise.
Three threads with Psychics — (3/3)
  1. Ag Man! — Asha encounters a psychic named Marlow in the midst of attaining a new power.
  2. Steak out — Asha and Katya spy on Beau's date Kaylee and proceed to regret the entire evening.
  3. If you're happy, I'm happy — Asha meets Rabbit and buys seven pies, all for herself! Or maybe two for Abraham.
Two threads in hybrid form — (2/2)
  1. Stress relief, part one — Asha is found on a shift night by a murderous NPC and a psychic who stays on scene despite being told to leave. Maxine shoots the psychic in the chest and the weres feast on the evidence.
  2. I feel you — Asha learns she's been sneak-married.
Two threads sparring another Were or Vampire — (2/2)
  1. Fishy — Friendly spar between Meowsha and Pupya that Katya won't remember losing.
  2. Crate training — Not so friendly spar between Asha and Dante that she'll probably remember losing.
One thread attempting to make another Jaguar — (1/1)
  1. I'm gonna make you a believer — Asha finds Natalie after Amy violently feeds on her. She attempts to make a jaguar of her to protect her, but fails.
Start the Prowl — (0/1)

Become Princess of the Prowl — (0/1)

Rule for three months — (0/3)

Have two Prowl group parties — (0/2)



Rogue → Princess

Recruit members — (3/3+)
  1. Shot in the dark — Abraham ✓
  2. Give a damn — Frank ✓
  3. Straight to the point — Sol ✓
  4. — Mateah ✓
  5. — Vidya ✓
  6. — Tyler
Scout/claim territory — (3/3)
  1. Got that swing — Winery thread with Abraham.
  2. Wined up — Winery thread with Frank.
  3. Don't panic (cubed) — Belle Vista thread between Abraham and Frank.
Create a hub
  1. Stoneridge Winery

Decide on a name

First group thread




Infected → New Were
have a thread where you are infected — (1/1)
  1. Too old for this (NSFW) — Abraham literally ruins Asha's whole entire life.
survive your first full moon — (1/1)
  1. Patrollin' — snarldate with that jerk who ruined Asha's whole entire life leads to him ruining her whole entire face.

New Were → Common Were
Survive at least 3 full moons (3/3)
  1. Crunch — January 1, 2018.
  2. Headed Towards a Fucked Up Holiday— January 31st, 2018.
  3. Chicken Smoothie— March 1, 2018.
Have 1 thread where your character is in their animal form for a minimum of three posts — (1/1)
  1. Growl god (NSFW) — A sweet nurse named Alaina offers to stitch Asha's wounds. Asha kills her instead.
Have 5 threads with any Were — (5/5)
  1. Your Albatross — Asha meets her first were other than Abraham: Wallace's tiger. She almost shifts because the boys have a slap fight.
  2. Cats and Christmas Trees — Sweet momma bear Esperanza offers friendship and comfort. Asha likes her!
  3. Queen of the jungle — Asha discovers catnip and also a lioness popstar she's met before - Jackie!
  4. No Good — Asha and Abraham crash a strip club and try to bail a rude wolf out of a vampire party.
  5. Poll the Audience — Asha plays mischievous help to Chloe, a new fox!

Common Were → Intermediate Were
Three months after level up — June 5, 2018.

Survive at least 3 full moons (3/3)
  1. I Don't Speak Jaguar But I Can If You Like — March 31, 2018.
  2. Let’s Jamboree — April 29, 2018.
  3. Hollowlands — May 29, 2018.
Four threads with four different Weres — (4/4)
  1. Incoming Werebear Cuddles — Maxine, Espy, and Cliff come to visit Asha during her recovery.
  2. Cherry Bomb, Head Strong — Attempting to find a spot to shift, Abraham and Asha run into Chloe the fox.
  3. String Bending — Asha eavesdrops on a hiring conversation as she waits her chance to meet the Coyote Dickboss.
  4. Shiplap! — Asha meets a raccoon were and is equal parts baffled and territorial and also friendly so far maybe idk.
Three threads with Vampires — (3/3)
  1. Medium Rare — Asha agrees to meet William (aka Wilhelm aka Beauregard).
  2. Milk — Asha interrupts and sends away a vampire who was probably about to feed on her sad friend. (She later turns sad friend at his request.)
  3. Mulled Wine — Asha finds a vampire therapist to handle her stress.
Three threads with Psychics — (3/3)
  1. Twilight Zone — Asha accidentally discovers that people other than weres know about the silver weakness.
  2. Adulting Overload — Asha is followed and questioned telepathically by a pushy psychic who senses she's not quite normal.
  3. Life Is Better With Sprinkles — Asha gets ice cream. It's buy one get one half off!
Two threads in animal form — (2/2)
  1. Rood — Asha is conscious for the first time during a shift. She also accidentally talks during the shift.
  2. Mandated — Asha sneaks out for a lone shift to be petty and instead is caught by a human woman. It doesn't end in murder!
One urban thread almost shifting — (1/1)
  1. *mewls* — Asha nearly shifts in panic over Margaux in Jo's apartment. Tequila and a helicopter coyote mom save the day.
One thread struggling to hide being a Were — (1/1)
  1. Drangon Disk? — Safi comes calling for some fun, but a confession happens instead.


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