North Glenn is a popular location for tourists and locals alike. The condensed buildings and homes are few and far between here; a single, rundown gas station and grocery store hybrid the only reprieve from the almost solitude. Nature claims the expanse of land with trees and wildlife making visitors feel removed from the city. Most of it's protected by the government, so you'll find several state parks and hiking trails that lead from them, though park rangers advise tourists to stick to the marked paths and camping grounds; not all creatures in these woods are of the prey variety.

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Big Bear Diner
Originally a general store used to support the logging industry, this log cabin restaurant is a favorite of motorcyclists, hikers, and tourists alike. Most famous for its brunch menu, it's not uncommon to see guests lingering on the large, wrap-around porch or browsing through the gift shop while they wait. For those who know the place, it's much easier to get a seat at the bar around back. A recently updated menu and a slight aesthetic upgrade have dragged it a little closer to the current century.

Colbalt Ridge Ski Lodge
Far up the northern mountains is the newly renamed and renovated Cobalt Ridge Ski Lodge. The massive three-story cabin is decked out in modern rustic decor and features and caters to locals and tourists in all seasons. In the winters, this ski resort is a local favorite as the snowy slopes are well maintained and lift tickets are affordable. In the summer, the resort transitions to be an exclusive get-away featuring zip-lines, hiking trails, and small local festivals. If you're not up to braving the outdoors, pick up your complimentary mug of hot chocolate and gather around one of the many fireplaces located throughout the building.

Crystal Springs
A popular year-round retreat, this natural set of hot springs is accessible by car or hiking trail. The waters here are completely clear and, on almost any given day of the week, you can see all the way to their pebbled bottoms. Visitors can stay in rustic cabins nearby and/or take advantage of spa packages by booking a signature bodywork massage by these geothermal waters or get a facial with natural, locally sourced algae or mud. Stay late and become one with nature by going au naturel — these hot springs are clothing optional.

Jade Gardens
A sprawling Japanese garden featuring many complex paths lined with beautiful plants and trees, large koi ponds and a teahouse. The garden's three acres contain sculptures and structures influenced by Buddhist and Shinto religious beliefs, as well as many elements of water and rocks to create a calming landscape with twisting paths that are designed to slow people down.

Kelby Campgrounds
Nestled between canyon walls, this campground is known for its incredibly quiet, serene setting near a large lake. Visitors can take advantage of the hiking trails (both beginner and advanced), rock climbing, waterfalls, or lay out on the lakeside beaches to catch some sun. Kayaks dot the lake by day, but at night all campers and adventurers tend to gather up for food and great conversation around large bonfires on the shore.

Rockridge Lake & Marina
Surrounded by crystalline waters and towering trees, this spacious marina located on Rockridge Lake is home to various boats, mostly for fishing and sailing. A few boats serve as home for a select few, even throughout the harsh winter months. In the warmer seasons, a bait house and a small restaurant on floating docks attract tourists and locals alike. Since Rockridge Lake is not high up in the mountains, the large body of water does not freeze over during the winter months.