RED ROCK· 1 - 10,000 · NEUTRAL

Venture away from the general population and its tourist traps and you find the part of the Mountainside that residents "affectionately" call the Old Country. The lands here are wild with dense forests and perilous cliffs. The few brave (or stubborn) souls that call this home are as superstitious as the lands are untamed. Farms and ranches punctuate the landscape every few miles, stocked to the brim with firearms to protect them from the wild animals that use these lands to hunt semi-frequently. Going out into the night on your own is almost forbidden, a local sin among these people; the last thing they'd do is call the cops, however, since they prefer to rely on themselves and in their trusty shotgun..

Country Sheriff
Fire Department

Artisan Market
At the end of a dirt road in the heart of the woods, a quaint meadow serves as grounds for people to buy and sell local produce year round. Everything from farm fresh vegetables, eggs, and meats to flowers and handmade crafts line the tent-sheltered stalls from sunrise to sunset. Even small-scale performers show up on busy weekends looking to make a buck. Everything is moved inside to a large barn nearby during the winter months, and even though there's not a lot of produce at this time of the year, regulars come for the hearty conversations and free hot lunch.

The Empire
The Empire is a high-class casino and resort in the heart of Red Rock. The sprawling establishment offers everything from card tables and slot machines, to dancing girls and a hookah lounge. Much of the first floor is dedicated to customer entertainment and satisfaction, with high-end guest rooms in the first and second floors of the resort building.

Gold Valley Mine
Dating back to the gold rush, this mine was active up until 1975. Now abandoned, this hole in the ground is remembered only by locals who happen upon it here and there. The original structures still exist. Wood beams create an unstable system of tunnels that lead deep into caverns with "bad air" and can collapse without warning. Attempts have been made to bar off the entrance, but it's not uncommon for people to ignore the warnings and go exploring.

Landing Strip
This strip club is dark, musty hole where the B-rate strippers are no-nonsense about doing things to you that most religions demand a marriage license for. The building hasn't aged well; cigar smoke hangs in a perpetual cloud in the all-nude joint, clinging to the wood paneled walls and the cracked vinyl seats that line the stage and bar. The neon lights in the club are out more often than not, leaving the interior to be lit up by the lights focused on the "performers". Despite its age, the Landing Strip still manages to make ends meet and stays open for those who don't want to be dazzled by the more ritzy establishments in the cities.

Squealing Hog
One of those places that you'll almost exclusively hear about from the locals, be ready to have the most amazing BBQ you've ever had in one of the dirtiest places you'll ever eat. The beer here is all local and strong enough to fuel the intense bar brawls that sometimes happen later in the night. On busy nights, it's hard to hear over the noise with the constant coming and going of passing biker groups and the chatter inside.

Stoney's Dude Ranch
Whether you’re a seasoned trailblazer or merely a rhinestone cowboy, Stoney’s is sure to provide an authentic Western experience for its guests. Once upon a time, this sprawling resort was one of Colorado’s largest cattle ranches, and much of its history still lingers on the property. Cattle and horses roam the expansive pastures surrounding the on-site cabins, whose decor include the likes of rusty spurs and ancient hitch posts. Visitors can enjoy guided trail rides, property tours, or simply soak up some antique-style luxury. However, guests are advised to settle in for the evening once the sun has set, whereupon they’ll hear plenty of superstitious stories after hours.