Banks Of Our Bloodstreams

Ursa Caves 
In the grand scheme of things, nothing was as cold as the hand that killed you.

Or that was what she would say if she were some ridiculous writer trying to write edgy new vampire stories for the world. The truth of it was that the cold just didn't affect a vampire. Yes, they experienced cold, but they didn't shiver because their bodies adapted to the temperature around them, dropping or rising as needed. Sera could easily be submerged in ice water as she was right this second and her breath would not even turn to frog on the air.

And wouldn't you know it, she took in a breath and exhaled nothing. Naked, she rolled onto her back in the ice water and stared up at the glowing ceiling above, completely ignoring the fact that out in the city it was busy and reckless and there would be drunk people by the dozens just waiting to be fed from.

They'd be there when she got back. Right now, this was peaceful.

It was a night for partying and half backed decisions, all of which Liliana played no part in.

She was all for the spirit of Christmas and ringing in the New Year, but she was long past an age where getting black out drunk was her idea of fun. Well... and the fact that it would take more liquor than she fancied buying to actually get to that point and it would burn off fast. It just wasn't worth it, if she was being honest with herself, and so she didn't even bother.

Instead, as fireworks started to crop up randomly over the town, she was in the middle of the wilderness, giving into the beast within. The full moon was tomorrow, a time in which she would be required to shift whether she really wanted to or not, but she'd still felt the crawling of her skin tonight. She'd been on edge, restless, and felt like doing nothing more than spending at least an hour or two in the form of the Otter, each popping of the fireworks grating on her nerves. It was rare for her to shift in stressful situations, but that didn't mean she took pleasure in always turning the beast away, clamping it down until it could be freed, and tonight had been one of those nights.

Having left Tommy with her location and an invitation to join her if he so wished, she'd headed out to one of her favorite spots. The transition was easy, the beast drawn closer to the surface with the oncoming full moon, and she embraced the pain as bones popped and grew into a different shape. She wasted only a moment regaining her bearings, a few heavy breathes, before she headed towards the water that she could both hear and smell; unaware of what lurked within.

She was at this stupid fucking cave again. Why? Why this cave? He hated it. He hated nature. She knew he hated nature and yet every time, she made him meet her out here. He should just stop agreeing. Like. Really, stop agreeing because this shit just put him in a bad mood and why the fuck was he out in nature when he could be back at his bar? It was New Year's Day and she was being a bitch about this shit.

In reality, she probably wasn't but he just didn't fucking like nature. At least he knew where the fuck she was and teleported in, towards the side to make sure he was on solid ground.

"What the fuck, Sera?" He griped at her almost immediately, ignoring the fact that she was naked. For now, anyway.

She dipped down under the water, submerged herself only so that her hair would be off her face and looked up just in time to smell oil coming from the mouth of the cave. She tilted her head to the side, cocked much like that of a bird, concerned and confused and she was only distracted from the scent by Johnny teleporting into the cave beside her on the bank.

She pushed herself out of the water to stand beside him and didn't speak. She simply set her hand on his stomach and ran her fingers up her his chest to his collarbone before she heard something splash into the water.

Reminded of what she'd been distracted from, she whipped her head toward the sound and scent, teeth bared. She could hear a heartbeat in these caves now.

The water felt absolutely wonderful, gliding past her oil slicked fur in a fashion that bought familiarity and comfort. With her playful spirit getting the better of her, she swam on her back for a time, head peeking above the water, and watched the stars above. they seemed clear, bright pinpricks in the surprisingly cloudless sky, and they fascinated her. However, not enough to keep her above the water for long and she was soon rolling over to dip beneath the waters surface once more.

With her wanderings taking her closer and closer to a gaping mouth of a cave, she took stopped only a few times for things that interested her. As she reached the mouth of the cave, she surfaced once more, attracted by the glowing ceiling, and paddled through the water on her back. It wasn't until she was well into the cave that she smelled the stench of decay; turning in the water with a slight splash of urgency to find the source.

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