All I Want For Christmas Is You

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"Yes!" Much excitement.

Snatching up her glass of gin and down chasing down the rest of it, Robbie savored its warmth before beckoning her guests back towards the living room. "I'll be right back," she said, disappearing momentarily before returning with a wrapped present in each hand. "House rules. The guests get to have their presents first."

It was complete bullshit that Robbie made up on the spot, but she wanted to see their reactions, damnit.

If there was one thing that Robbie had learned from her mother, it was the art of putting presents in boxes before wrapping them, thus ensuring that it was a surprise. Both were wrapped in shiny silver paper, but one was noticeably tall while the other was noticeably flat.

"For you," Robbie said, handing the tall, weighty present to Levka. "And you." A grin flashed across Robbie's face as she offered the other to Kat.

They took their spots and Levka had left his glass at the table, having finished the gin much as Robbie had with hers. Katya near his feet, he was content with her being at least close at hand, and he had no reason to protest Robbie offering up gifts first. He took it from her and raised his brows a little at the weight of it.

Robbie hadnt known him before today, so he had no idea what this would end up being. It was kind of her to get him anything at all, but he supposed she was taking her hostess duties seriously. Dinner had been more than evidence of that.

Neither shy nor one to wait, he was prying paper off, curious about what could possibly be in the box within. When he got to it, he pulled the alcohol blend from the box with a firm grasp and a short laugh.

"You have me figured out already?" he questioned the young woman. "Спасибо, I will enjoy this," he assured her, reading the label for a moment before peering curious to where Katya was. He needed to know what she had gotten. Very important.

Okay well she wasn’t going to complain about these house rules. Not that Katya wasn’t equally eager to give the presents she’d got to them, but. Just saying.

She smiled gratefully as a present was handed her way, and found herself looking towards her Uncle’s too. Even though she knew what he’d got. But she wanted to make sure she knew what he’d got. You know.

Kat began unwrapping her gift, but focused her gaze on dyadya as she did so. He seemed to be way ahead of her in the unwrapping department, so.

What he pulled out was definitely alcohol, and maybe that was a typical gift by some standards, but. It was a present which was beyond thoughtful when you didn’t actually know the person.

She’d decided, anyway.

Katya grinned at her Uncle, raising briefly on her knees to peer at the label before focusing back on her own present. She lifted the lid off the box, and unlike dyadya’s present, hers was not so obvious. And boy was she curious.

Taking the art portfolio out of the box, she noticed a little engraving which said Calico Kat. And oh my Gooooood. Robbie.

Katya opened it, assuming she’d find it empty for her needs, when she found actual art. Like. Finished pieces. Kind of comic strip style work of encounters they’d legitimately had and - she flipped through the dozen sheets slowly, eyes bright - semi-realistic sketches, many of her.

It might have been a weird present to someone who didn’t know that she’d practically asked about this one day. Like. Drawings.

Katya finally lifted her head to look to Robbie, and briefly to her Uncle, and then back to Robbie, grinning widely. ”Robbieeeeee,” she said, rising on her knees again and going to squeeze the death out of her.

Levka's short but heartfelt laugh was easily enough to convince Robbie that he appreciated his present. "I have my ways," she said coyly, her expression bright. "Wild Turkey makes some of the best whiskey I've ever had, so enjoy!" The best whiskey Robbie could afford on a normal person's budget, anyway. She didn't have thousands of dollars for a single bottle of alcohol.

However, Robbie's attention quickly turned to Kat as she started to open her gift. Be cool, Robbie. Don't spoil it.

Her grin broadened once the blonde found the personalized art portfolio inside, and it took no small amount of willpower not to blush while Kat looked over the surprise artwork inside.

"Kaaaaaat," Robbie said, quick to met Kat's hug, squeezing the blonde just as tightly as she was squeezed herself.

She was being squeezed back and if they were alone she would have tried to outdo by pushing herself into Robbie and ending up rolling on the ground.

Probably save joy being expressed like that for another day though BECAUSE dyadya was also here and they could not forget about him. And. AND. They had more presents.

”I love it so much,” Kat informed, pulling away and looking at Robbie in a way which conveyed deep sincerity. ”It’s perfect. Makes me feel really narcassistic, but,” she joked, going to pinch her near the waist once before looking to her Uncle.

”Do you wanna go next or me?” The grin which was refusing to remove itself from her face continued to do just that.

Don't think Robbie was above wrestling on the floor, Kat.

Alas, the two behaved themselves, if only for Levka's benefit. "I'm glad you do," Robbie replied to the blonde, humming gleefully. At Kat's next remark, however, the blue-haired punk offered a smirk. "A little narcissism never hurt anyone."

Then came the pinch, and Robbie yelped playfully in response. What was maturity.

Grinning widely, Robbie looked between Levka and Kat, wondering who would give their gifts first.

The girls had their moment, and Levka peered curiously at what he could see of the contents of the portfolio, but ultimately lost interest rapidly. Maybe if he'd been quicker to realize the nature of the drawings he would have wanted to investigate more thoroughly, but he focused instead on the actual interaction going on.

Yeah, Katya definitely was into this woman. It didn't displease him, but it did mean he would have to keep an eye on things going forward. Robbie Whatever-her-lastname-was would not be escaping his attention in the future.

Katya's question had him shrugging. "You can go," he offered, if only because that meant for the moment that he wouldn't have to move to grab the bags he'd brought from the other end of the couch were he'd left them on the floor.

Okay okay she would go no pressure or anything.

Katya crawled a pace back, retrieving two very damaged bags out of her recyclable shopping bag. Oops. One was blue, the other red, and she handed the former to Levka and the latter to Robbie. But... Robbie’s second, because it was kind of fragile and heavy for her.


”Enjoy,” Katya grinned, looking between them eagerly.

Robbie would find a salt lamp (these were apparently good she didn’t know how) and a number of herbs for Wiccan needs (the lady had reassured her so, anyway. Looked good in the moment).

Dyadya, on the other hand, would find a collection of James Bond movies he was going to watch (no questions) and she couldn’t wait to see him die inside at the sight. And the greatest shirt ever.

Clearly. Um? Wear that with pride?

Robbie One, Two
Levka One, Two


With almost childlike enthusiasm, Robbie took the gift bags Kat handed her and reached into the first one. While the blue-haired punk honestly didn't know what to expect, the herbs were a pleasant surprise. A wide grin appeared on Robbie's face, but her eyes widened as she started to recognize many of the packets. Even without reading the handwritten labels, she knew most of these were no ordinary herbs; they were all used for witchcraft of the Wiccan variety.

That Kat had gone through the effort to find these herbs warmed Robbie's heart in a way that wasn't easily expressed. Such warmth radiated from her affectionate smile.

Her attention then turned toward the second bag, which had a considerable weight to it unlike the first. Reaching inside, Robbie was equally surprised to find one of those crystal lamps. "Oooh." A fascinated expression possessed her as she carefully examined the intricate, beautiful piece. She had heard of these lamps for their ability to purify the air, but Robbie had never really researched them in great detail before.

"These are perfect, Kat," Robbie said affectionately as she put the lamp in her lap, careful out to knock any of the crystals out.

When the blue-haired punk finally looked over at Levka and the gifts he had received, a note of laughter spilled from Robbie's lips at the sight of his newest uncle shirt.

He had honestly no idea what to expect from Katya. But the nice thing about that was... no expectations meant nothing to disappoint! So while Robbie was going through hers--and he would flit his attention there every now and again just so he didn't miss anything important--he pulled out...

"Hah!" The movie set amused unexpectedly and he flipped it over to look at both back and front and told Katya accusingly, "You are going to have to watch this with me," because that was actually a motivating factor. Though... the fact that she had insisted he have them after their previous discussion on the matter was also motivation in and of itself.

Whatever Katya wanted. He supposed he would learn James Bond.


The shirt, on the other hand... "Oh my god, Katya," he said, having unfolded it to look at it. Bemusement struck him first, but then it struck him that she had gotten it because, well, she thought he was fun and so you know what, screw it, he absolutely loved it. So much so that when Robbie laughed, however briefly, he pointed a finger at her. Woman, don't you dare giggle. Even if he... was also kinda giggling.

And sitting up to remove his honestly-too-warm-anyway outer layer of jacket and threw that over the arm of the couch to stay there because yeah. This t-shirt was just going to go over his much nicer collared shirt for the rest of the evening. He could look like 20-year-old nerd office trash for the rest of the night and it could be Katya's fault.

It fit, at least!

Both of them were pleased in a way which pleased her, and she clasped her hands together joyously. Robbie cradled her lamp affectionately, and dyadya was prompt to put the shirt. Over the other shirt.

Katya giggled with them, seeking her phone in her pocket.

”Wait wait, let me take a photo,” she decided, hardly giving him a moment to disagree as she retrieved it and opened up the camera.

In the truest Robbie fashion, Robbie assumed Kat was talking to her when she mentioned taking pictures. Flipping her hair over her shoulder in a playful manner, the taller woman grinned at the idea, looking up as Kat reached for her phone. Only when the blonde lifted it in Levka's direction did the blue-haired punk realize who was the subject of Kat's picture.


Robbie was left with no small degree of embarrassment as she quickly looked down at the salt lamp in her lap. Just look at the crystals, Robbie. Try not to act suspiciously. The embarrassment will burn itself out eventually.

You know who paid exactly zero attention to Robbie at this moment?

Levka, obviously.

He'd let Katya have her picture, of course. It wasn't often he was in any. The people he hung out with were not exactly shutterbugs and taking pictures of himself was something he had yet to master. So Katya, have at it. He'd sit up until she was done and then with a pleasant roll of his eyes he'd go and reach for the green bag he'd brought specifically for Robbie.

Robbie first so that there would be no distraction for Katya's in a minute, okay? :3

Completely oblivious to her moment of embarrassment, he'd swing the slightly heavier bag around to rest near her and gesture at her in a way that said 'have at it.' The contents not so neatly but perhaps with some small amount of care wrapped among plain old white tissue paper.

one, two

She noticed Robbie moving, and once Kat had snapped a really great photo of Levka (honestly, really great, defs going up as his contact photo in her phone), she took a quick sneaky one of Robbie. And for sure tucked her phone back into her pocket immediately, acting like she hadn’t. :3

Katya wiggled closer to her Uncle’s legs afterwards, leaning her back against the bottom of the couch and watching intently as Robbie was handed her gift first.

Honestly. Super curious to find out how much her list of suggestions had helped him with gift picking.

Time passed as Robbie shied away into her own little world until gift bag placed beside her drew the blue-haired punk back out again. With a smile, she looked from Levka's gesturing to the bag before curiously peeking inside; Robbie honestly hadn't expected anything from him on account of not knowing the man. Still, the bag's contents betrayed the insight he had been given on Robbie's interests.

The first was a gorgeous plant with unusually colorful, curled leaves. "Ooh." Robbie was quite clearly fascinated by the exotic plant, always excited to encounter a species she couldn't recognize.

"Beautiful." It was quite the specimen; Robbie would make sure not to murder it in a fit of rage.

Then there was the brownie pan, which quickly brought a grin to her face. "These are amazing, Levka. Thank you." Spoken genuinely, the words were full of warmth as she smiled at the man.

Damnit, Kat. Robbie wanted a cool Russian uncle now.

Though normally he would have loved to take credit for magically understanding Robbie well enough to put that grin on her face, the fact was that all the credit went to Katya, and Katya was more important than his own ego. "Katya very kindly offered a list of things you enjoyed. I hope that they are enjoyed," he said, leaning on the arm of the couch as he returned that smile.

She did seem genuinely pleased, and he'd take it. Despite being in contention with her for Katya's attention, he really had found nothing to be overly disliking of with her so far. She'd fed him and she'd given him alcohol and all in all this was going smoothly.

But he would not linger long! He was pretty certain everyone here was keen to have Katya see what he'd gotten her.

Grabbing the final light blue bag, a bit smaller than Robbie's bag had been, he insisted, "Katya, come sit by me," but ultimately whether or not she did, she would be offered the bag.

You don't want to know how much time he put into deciding the contents of the bag. But if nothing else he was pleased with them.

one (inside a small jewelry box), two (inside a small box as well), three (not inside a box because he's not that weird)

Going from imagining dyadya rolling around the Glenn in camo to buying a literally pink cactus was enough that she had to stiffen at the throat. Don’t laugh. Yes no don’t laugh. That would look so bad right now.

Robbie was delighted with the presents, which thankfully stole her interest quickly. Except you really weren’t supposed to say that dyadya this was one of those things you didn’t talk about and she was super okay with not getting credit for. But, sigh. Nice Uncle was nice, and she smiled sweetly up at him before receiving the instruction to move closer.

Katya almost immediately bounced up, flopping down beside him and taking the blue bag. Instead of peering inside, her hand just went to retrieve whatever was there.

One by one (by the way, three purchases??? She. Was. Being. Spoiled) they were regarded closely.

First, a giant book. Like, giant. Which was really gorgeous in itself - where had he even found this version? - and by the one and only Dostoyevsky. Russian, Dostoyevsky. :3 If Levka was recommending it, it, basically, had to be good. Very good.

Katya grinned, letting it sit in her lap as she pulled out oh my God??? Dyadya! This is so pretty!” She lifted the knife, looking to him. ”I used to have one on me? Not in a creepy way. But thisss,” Katya twirled it.

It was returning in her handbag. Also. He totally thought she was a badass who already knew how to use knives if he was gifting her one.

(She didn’t. Not really).

Lucky last, after a bit of grumbling because she was definitely being spoiled here, she opened a box to find a little... bear necklace? Squeal? That was so adorable. Why a bear? Was that his favourite animal? Katya lay it flat on her palm to briefly show Robbie too, before turning her attention back to Levka. ”Wanna put it on!”

It was a question. Mostly.

The way Levka worded things was just too good. "They will definitely be enjoyed," Robbie hummed, quite clearly amused by his choice of words.

Then everyone's attention went back to the giving of gifts. While it was so sweet of him to give Kat's presents here, a small part of Robbie knew that he couldn't possibly top the presents she had gotten Kat.

That preconception didn't last very long.

Kat's first present was a gorgeous book. Like, top-shelf quality. While Robbie didn't recognize the title or author, she was pretty sure that there was a TV show called Crime and Punishment? Maybe it was like a Law and Order sort of thing. Or something like Sherlock.

Also, names that ended in sky seemed to be a Russian thing.

Robbie wasn't left wondering these things for very long before Kat pulled out an equally beautiful pocket knife. Cooing at the sight of such colorful scales and Damascus steel, the blue-haired punk soon grinned. Knives were fun, especially if they were illegal since most state laws on knives were bullshit. Robbie found herself missing her old switchblade, which she had gotten rid of since moving to Colorado.

Not that it had been legal in California either, but details.

To top it all off, however, was the necklace. Kat was quite clearly blown away by it, even though Robbie thought it was a little strange. Who was she to judge, though?

Grinning still when the blonde showed her the necklace, Robbie quickly nodded in agreement. "Put it on!"

Kat's excitement was infectious, okay.

She was pleased! And he was pleased that she was pleased. He was also delighted to hear her thoughts on the knife in particular. He hadn't considered it strange as such to give it to her. She lived in a dangerous part of town and surely she could see the reasoning behind it. What he hadn't expected was to find out that she had had one previously.

Well, good! If she didn't have one currently, he was happy to have provided a rather nice one for her uses. He would feel better knowing she wasn't completely vulnerable. A silver knife might have made more sense, but he didn't want to cause problems with the wolves around here needlessly, and also... giving her something that could be used against himself to great effect did not set well with him.

So he'd just... not.

At any rate, she loved it and she wasn't weirded out and life was good. Annnnd she wanted to put on the necklace so hell yeah he'd put it on for her. If she'd let him take it he'd take it gently from her palm and then... okay, well, it would take a second to do the clasp thing because he really didn't do this sort of thing often or ever.

But after a mild struggle, he'd get his act together and when she was actually wearing the necklace. Well.

Hug time, sorry Katya, no choice, you get bear hug.

Katya pulled her hair over her shoulder and held it as her Uncle worked to secure the necklace. He definitely wasn’t a pro at this. Maybe a pro at buying knives and shifter things, but. Yeah. Not so much the securing jewellery thing.

She sat patiently, mostly, busying herself by looking at Robbie affectionately. After a short while, Kat felt the necklace fall comfortably over her. She grinned down towards the bear, before she felt Levka pull her into a hug from behind. Surprised, Katya couldn’t help but manage a laugh, hands holding the arms which had grabbed her.

Oh. Or you know what. Maybe the bear thing had to symbolise him living out in North Glenn? You know? She was pretty sure woods around here had a shit ton of bears.

Hmmmmmmgjd she needed to sate her curiousity.

”Why a bear?”

Kat's affectionate gaze was enough to bring a soft blush to Robbie's features. Nooo, Kat—don't look at Robbie like that with Levka sitting right there, even if he was preoccupied with securing the necklace around Kat's neck.

Regardless, Kat's surprised laughter made Robbie grin. It was easily one of her favorite sounds.

Then the blonde posed an excellent question to her uncle, which the blue-haired punk was quick to emphasize. "Yeah, Levka. Why a bear?" Robbie wore an innocent expression that didn't quite match with her teasing tone of voice.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she wondered if this was what family gatherings were supposed to be like.

If so, then she didn't mind it much at all.

With her hugged to his chest, tight and cozy, he shoved his face into her head as he often did, the hard press of affection that was probably a lot more animal-like than human. His Katya, with her lovely laughter and perfectly apt questions.

I am one, would have been a perfectly honest answer.

"I like them," was the also accurate but somewhat omissive substitute she got. In truth, the necklace was meant to be a polar bear specifically, but when you get it in rose gold instead of in silver because of uh... an allergy... something of the species got lost in translation. he didn't care, though. He also didn't really seem to consider Robbie's earlier story about being chased by a polar bear earlier as he went into further explanation.

"Some would call them dangerous, but they are more than dangerous. They are very good protectors. And very handsome creatures, anyhow, da?"

Each gift, meaningful in its way, had perhaps also been subtly geared towards endearing himself and his traits to her, whether or not she could know the depth of that.

First guess was right, look. Levka was also a bear specialist, among other things. That was kind of adorable coming from him. Which Uncle just had a secret obsession with bears??? Or any animal, really.

She giggled.

”Handsome?” Katya repeated, glancing to Robbie in an amused way, but letting herself rest back against her Uncle nonchalantly. ”I guess they are. They’re pretty funny, too.” She’d once seen a video of a grizzly bear going up to a guy and just... sitting beside his chair. It was weirdly human. And also a video of a bear waving to visitors. Like, literally, waving?

It was probably time for Katya’s Facebook feed to consist of something more than animal videos. But, ehhh.

Levka expressed his fondness of bears, and Robbie immediately thought of that meme with Putin riding shirtless atop a majestic grizzly bear. Her next thought was to dig up said meme and text it to Katya later. Then Robbie had a third thought, which concerned drawing a picture of Levka riding shirtless atop a majestic grizzly bear.

The gin must have finally set in, because Robbie found herself wanting more gin.

"Oh yeah, very handsome." Smirking slyly as she met Kat's glance, Robbie tried not to send too much like a smartass. She didn't get very far.

While Kat's necklace was cute and all, bears really weren't Robbie's favorite animal. Like. At all.

Handsome and funny. He'd take it!

And he'd also keep Katya, right here, as long as she'd let him. Because food and drink had him warm and pleasant and the presents had all gone over well and... yes.

Katya could keep Robbie. For now, anyway.

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