On the Rocks [nsfw]

The Cage 


 Apparently, it was good to know certain people in certain parts of town. All the bartender had to hear was the name "Alina" and he was pouring Kai doubles at the price of single shots. Which were... already not that expensive to begin with. Fuck yeah. This, combined with the fact that the coyote had sneaked her flask into the establishment thanks to an inner jacket pocket, meant that she would be pretty drunk before the night was out. If she had any luck left at all, at least.

 It had been months since the mechanic had been here. Just the threat of the memory trying to enter her brain was reason enough to chug another shot of tequila from her secret stash. Not today, Satan. Besides, she wasn't really in the mood for fighting. She needed to behave. Even if drinking an excessive amount of hard liquor seemed like a bad way to keep that promise to herself. But... whatever. She was content to sit alone at a dinky, wobbly little table against the wall and watch the fights from a safe distance.

The Cage was officially Jo's new favorite establishment. Fights, cheap booze, and weres (even if they were primarily wolves)—what more could she ask for? She'd never heard of a brawling establishment for weres, but she was all about it and something in her stomach itched with a familiar kind of anticipation.

She hailed the bartender for three shots that she slung down in quick succession and then a rum and coke to nurse while she leaned against the bar and watched the ongoing match. Halfway through her drink, she spied Kai at a table against the wall, and Jo broke out into a grin. Most of the local coyotes seemed to be antisocial grumps, but she still regarded them fondly.

She flagged down the bartender for another pair of shots, and then, two doubles in hand, Jo approached Kai's table. "I come bearing a peace offering," Jo quipped, grinning as she set one glass in front of the coyote. She claimed the free seat across from Kai (not bothering to ask if she minded).

 The smell of coyote might have hit her sooner, of not for the smell of tequila burning off her nose hairs. She didn't notice the other woman from the corner of her eye either, attention fixed on the ring until a nearby voice got her attention. Kai would look over quickly, less cross than she would have been if sober, her gaze landing first on the full glass before traveling up to the woman's face.

 Oh, yes. She recognized this woman. It had been a while, but she knew that face, her scent even, and especially that damn power signature. Kai hadn't encountered a coyote stronger than herself in years and it made her a little uncomfortable. Authority issues for days. But... what was her name? It completely evaded her, but still, her inner beast wiggled with friendly anticipation, completely opposite of its stoic human.

 At least she had brought alcohol before making herself all comfortable at the table.

 "...Thanks. Um. What's your name again?" The question was punctuated with her picking up the offered drink and downing it in one gulp. It definitely wasn't tequila, but it was strong and it was free, so fuck it. It didn't keep her face from scrunching up in the wake of its powerful punch.

Jo had an elephant's memory and a knack for faces, so she frequently had to remind herself that no, that random lady at the grocery store probably doesn't recognize you from the one time you stood in line behind her at a different grocery store.

"Jo," she answered promptly. "We met last—uhhh, a few full moons ago." Despite her proclivity for remembering people, her perception of time was fucked.

She matched Kai in taking her drink as well as in facial expression. "Aw shit, that's terrible." Terrible but strong, which was the entire point.

Jo leaned back in her seat and wagged her eyebrows in exaggerated flirtation as she asked, "So you come here often?" Her coyote stretched out toward Kai's in friendly greeting, though not quite able to bridge the physical distance between them.

 "Ah," she said simply, waving her hand haphazardly at the rest of the information. She remembered the woman, remembered meeting her - it was just the name that evaded her. Jo. She decided, for whatever reason, to commit it to memory. "Whatever reason" was probably actually the coyote. Whatever. Fucking mutt.

 The mechanic nodded her head in agreement, nose still slightly wrinkled and eyes squinted as she looked to Jo. It was definitely not a savory alcohol, whatever it was. But at this point, she actually had a decent buzz going on, so she was far less likely to care at all what she was drinking as long as she could continue.

 Kai watched the other woman, trying to gauge her intentions as her body language relaxed and her words came out in the form of a completely cliche pickup line. Jo was an attractive woman. Was she actually flirting? Or just intent on making furry connections as so many Weres were? Plainly, her own beast approved, wriggling toward the other as much as it could; it crouched low as it moved, ears back, but tail wagging like a flag in the wind. A sober Kai would have been thoroughly embarrassed.

 "Not as often as I'd like," she returned after a silent moment of consideration, a smirk tugging at her lips, though she remained somewhat guarded: her arms crossed over her torso, not taking her eyes off her sudden companion. "Probably be here every night if it meant free alcohol."

Jo laughed boisterously at Kai's response. "I take it the next round's still on me," she gibed with a toothy grin. The alcohol thrummed through her body like a low heat; she was well on her way to a buzz, were-coyote constitution be damned, and she intended to be thoroughly trashed before she left for the night. "What's your poison?"

She waited a beat for Kai's answer before standing and flaunting her way back to the bar to retrieve another round of doubles. When she returned, she moved her chair diagonal from the other coyote, shortening the distance between them. "I don't either," she picked up the previous conversation seamlessly, lounging back in her seat. "Come here often, I mean." She grinned again, half flirtatious and half entirely too pleased with herself. "But I'm tempted now."

Her smirk faltered momentarily. "Uh, you are gay, right?" Leave it to Jo to potentially make an ass out of herself to a straight woman! Ah well.

 Kai raised her eyebrows and gave a noncommittal shrug, but not without that same hint of a smirk. It would be a cold day in hell when she turned down an offer to have her drinks bought. What was her poison? She was glad to be asked - having a pick was better than drinking some not-so-delicious mystery shot. But beggars and choosers and all that.

 "Tequila," she said simply, unmoving as Jo all but bounced away, watching her move. Clearly, the taller woman was high energy. It was something Kai could appreciate in a sense, though her own fire tended to show under different circumstances. She would be found in pretty much the same position by the time Jo returned, unraveling her arms to reach out a hand a pick up the offered shot.

 The mechanic paused with the double in her hand, head tilting slightly as the short-haired woman spoke, picking back up where they had left off. She chuckled quietly, almost under her breath, leaning her weight against the precarious table as Jo lounged back.

 Kai, in spite of being taken slightly by surprise by the question, broke into a laugh. Her expression belied her amusement as well, flashing almost every tooth in her mouth. "And here I was, thinking it was stamped across my forehead," she said after a moment, before lifting the glass to her lips. "Should've made you find out the hard way," she sighed as an afterthought, her tone a cross between teasing and disappointment in a missed opportunity, eyeing the other woman.

Jo matched Kai's grin. She sat up and leaned forward, folding her forearms along the edge of the table, to say low and conspiratorially, "There are other things you can make me find out the hard way." Her coyote practically preened at that, radiating a kind of self-confident power just under Jo's skin.

She looked away to take her drink, and it burned feverishly down her throat. She wasn't the biggest fan of tequila, but alcohol was alcohol. Whatever got her trashed, man.


 Kai fixed her gaze on the other woman, perhaps quite challengingly, one eyebrow arching in interest. The fact that this woman was another local coyote might have put her off, if not for the alcohol in her system - that meant there was a good chance of seeing her again after whatever this encounter would become. She had only strayed from her one night stand habit a few times and none of those circumstances had ended well, even in their various forms.

 But... she was well on her way to being pretty intoxicated. And she hadn't been laid in months. And the woman who was being so suggestive here was no fragile human.

 The mechanic made a noise, a hum that was somewhere between thoughtful and suggestive. In spite of the niggling fraction of uncertainty in the back of her brain, her mouth curled into a sly sort of smirk. "Is that an offer?"

Jo rarely considered her actions and the potential consequences, and now was not an exception. Her coyote was absolutely no help—the beast practically encouraged her to make poorly thought out decisions. She should have asked herself if it wise to come onto another coyote she barely knew, much less hook up with her. She didn't.

But hey, at least Kai was actually a were, so if Jo hulked out (she wouldn't), it would only be a mild inconvenience—unlike the last time she'd gotten laid, which had ended in relative disaster. (Relative in that the night's sexcapades had nearly ended with someone's arm getting gnawed off, which was still better than actually gnawing someone's arm off.)

She met Kai's eyes, smirking impishly. Though her coyote stiffened slightly at the challenge suggested by the woman's gaze, Jo rather enjoyed it. "It could be," she replied. "If you want it to be." She pushed her empty glass away and resumed her previous position, leaned forward with her arms folded on the edge of the table, and broke eye contact only to give Kai a suggestive once-over.

 Kai could feel her own beast, seeming to try desperately to pull on her optic muscles to avert her gaze from the superior coyote's eyes. The mechanic was not exactly well in-tune with her beast, however, and so its unhappy tug was easily brushed aside. There were few Weres she had met that she would so easily submit to, even if her coyote was more than willing to flop over and wave the flag of surrender.

 Her thoughts hardly lingered on the furry side of her brain; they were venturing elsewhere already. She could distract the animal with thoughts of sex, anyway. Jo was being all too inviting, displaying her willingness without much hesitation, if any at all. Kai pursed her lips, the threat of a chuckle bubbling at the back of her throat as the other's eyes practically undressed her right there.

 Fuck it. Why not?

 Kai threw caution to the wind with ease, as usual. There was no need to beat around the bush, or be a tease - not at this point, anyway. She would concede with a a crooked grin, eyebrows rising in acceptance. "Alright, then. Your place or mine?"

Well shit! Jo hadn't really expected Kai to accept her advances, much less return them, but she wasn't about to complain. Who would have thought that an exaggerated pick-up line would get her laid?

She considered only briefly, suspecting that Lia wouldn't appreciate her bringing home a coyote for a sordid evening, entirely without warning. And also drunk. "Yours?" she suggested. "Are you close, or do we need to call an Uber?" Figuring out the logistics of debauchery was sexy, right?

 Who's place was of no particular consequence to Kai. If someone else's home, she could sneak out before dawn broke - if her own, she could kick them out of bed before dawn broke. So when Jo suggested they go back to the mechanic's place, she shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. "Sure," she said easily. "I live in Crestview, so... an Uber is the, uh.. cab thing, right?" Kai wasn't sure exactly what it was, but had heard of it a few times to have a general idea. Anyway, for as reckless as she could be, her Camaro was her baby - she was not about to drive it even slightly inebriated.

 "Might as well drink a little more while we wait," The mechanic suggested, giving the other coyote a coy look from beneath her brow as she slid out of her seat. She beckoned the other woman with her eyes, not willing to let the boring details piss on her little campfire. She would sashay up to the bar then, finding an open spot to wave down the bartender.

Jo laughed and confirmed, "Yeah. It's an app that summons a driver to ferry your drunk ass home." People ostensibly used Uber even when they weren't drunk, but Jo was skeptical of those claims.

She stood promptly, never one to say no to a drink (even when she really should). And she definitely couldn't say no to that look Kai gave her. "I can't disagree with that." Jo trailed after the woman, taking a moment to admire her from behind, before budging someone out of the way with her shoulder to sidle up to the bar. Her arm brushed against Kai's

The bartender shuffled over, and in the pause between him taking Kai's order and returning with their drinks, Jo dug her battered phone out of her pocket to request their ride. "What's your address?" she asked and plugged in the subsequent response. She didn't bother letting the other coyote know the ETA; she didn't imagine Kai was all that interested in the details, and Jo could not blame her. "You been in Cordova long?" she asked idly, just in time for their drinks to arrive. Jo lifted hers (along with a suggestive eyebrow) in wordless, wry cheer.

 Wasn't that what taxi cabs were for? The thought slipped by idly. Under normal circumstances, Kai would have lingered in any public space she got drunk at until she was sober again, so that she could drive herself - so it was no wonder this was a new idea to her. There were more important matters at hand to think about, however, so her response would be little more than a grunt before she moved on.

 Her beast wiggled eagerly as they settled at the bar and Jo brushed against her. It yearned for more than a meager arm brush - the human was no different for that want, but would not display it so excitedly. Instead, she relaxed, more languid for the last few shots she'd had, less guarded in Jo's presence. half-smirking at her companion. She rattled off her address to her apartment when prompted, not yet considering the stairs they would have to fight to get behind closed doors.

 "A little while," she responded, perhaps a bit on the cryptic side. It was uninteresting information, as far as she was concerned. Trivial small talk. But it would be rude to say so - she didn't want to rub her company the wrong way and scare her off, not when her hopes were up already. So instead, she picked up her drink with a slight tilt of it towards Jo, and brought it to her lips, tilting her head back to down it in a single swallow. She put it down with a satisfied sigh and licked her lips, perhaps a little suggestively. "What about you? Native Color...adian?"

Jo's eyes tracked Kai's neck, thrown back to take her drink, and then her lips. Her body thrummed with heat that wasn't entirely from the alcohol, and she grinned toothily before looking away to throw back her own drink. Her head felt a little fuzzy, like someone had laid down carpet in her head without letting her know, and her cheeks flushed faintly from the alcohol.

"Nah, Arizona," she replied with a little shrug. She'd moved around a lot, stopping in practically every Southwest state before landing in Colorado. Every city was just about the same to her—hot, dry, dusty, and without a were in sight. Cordova, on the other hand, was practically infested with them.

Small talk wasn't her forte though, and she quickly lost interest in favor of the coyote's tattoos. She reached out to drag the pad of her thumb down the side of Kai's neck, following the curve of the tattoo there. "Those don't go away when you..." She trailed off, leaving the rest of the question implied.

 She could all but feel the eyes on her. It was a nice feeling, for once - any other situation, and she'd be snapping for being stared at. It made her all the more impatient, perhaps not helped by the alcohol. Still, she kept her cool, shifting her weight from one foot to the other and making a sort of "ah" face as Jo confessed her place of origins. Arizona was not so far from Nevada, she thought absently.

 More touch. Kai paused, and for a moment only her eyes moved to settle on Jo again. Her skin threatened to bristle into goosebumps, suppressing the shiver that started to roll down her spine. It wouldn't be the first time her ink had been a subject of interest, but when it did, she could always appreciate its handiness. She grinned crookedly at the taller woman. "Nope," came her simple answer. Which, given the way any wounds tried to heal, and the way she had repeatedly had to fight to keep piercings open, was kind of surprising. "Guess I won't be finding any on you, hm?"

"Maybe next time," Jo replied with a small, coy smile. "I used to have piercings," she added, moving her feather-light touch to graze the shell of Kai's pierced ear. "Never thought about silver." Jo bit her bottom lip thoughtfully, the gears in her flighty (and drunk) brain working overtime—

And with that, her butt buzzed—or her phone did, at least. Jo fished it out of her back pocket to perfunctorily check the screen. "Our chariot awaits," she declared. Her eyes flicked up to Kai's face to read the woman's expression, searching for hesitance or something else in that vein. "Ready?"

 Next time? Kai blinked slowly, narrowing her eyes at the other woman ever so slightly, but was a little too intoxicated for her crooked grin to fall away. Jo seemed to have a plan, something up her sleeve. She tried to hang onto that notion, but the other woman was still touching her, and even as light as it was, it was distracting. "Mhm," was all she could manage in response, her slushy brain wandering in a few different directions at once.

 Finally. The cab was here. Kai's hands moved haphazardly across her pockets, making sure she still had her keys, phone, and wallet. Confirming with herself that she had all of those things, she nodded her head. "Yep. Let's go." As if Jo would need any directing.

 The mechanic would follow the short haired woman out, assuming she knew what to look for, because Kai sure didn't. The night air was cold, but it felt amazing against what of her skin was revealed; she felt hot, her skin flushed from the amount of liquor she had needed to consume to get this drunk. Still, she knew it wouldn't last long - it was one of the things she missed most about being human. Still, the thought was enough for her to absently reach into her jacket, feeling her flask hidden there in the pocket. She grinned to herself. Would their driver object to her drinking in the car?

 Kai would flop down into whatever seat she was directed into with a sigh, eyes roaming through the cab of the vehicle for a moment before falling back to Jo. Her typical concerns had fallen away - thoughts about her car were long gone, plans for what to do in the morning, all out the window as she looked the other coyote over. She could just... crawl into her lap. Right now. But the driver would probably definitely kick them out, she figured. So instead, the mechanic simply pulled that flask from her jacket and unscrewed the lid, taking another drink.

Jo lead the way on tottering legs, weaving slightly as her fuzzy brain struggled to comprehend a straight line. Shit, that would do it. Three vodka shots and... how much tequila had it been? The only thing she missed from being human was alcohol—she'd been a lightweight, able to get toasted on $20 at a shitty dive bar. Damn were constitution.

Jo welcomed the chill, crisp weather as she forged across the parking lot to a green SUV. She opened up the rear passenger-side door, gestured for Kai to enter, and moved around the car to take up the other seat.

The driver offered a perfunctory greeting and Jo returned it warmly (if a bit slurred). And that was it. Their chariot took off, albeit with a world-weary look at them through the rearview mirror when Kai pulled out her flask.

She glanced toward Kai, grinning at the flask she saw, and considered the wisdom of this turn of events for the first time. And then promptly discarded any concerns. This was a great idea and nothing could go wrong.

The drive seemed short enough to Jo, even as her stomach (and beast) wriggled with anticipation. The driver pulled up to what she assumed was Kai's apartment, Jo dug a few crumpled ones out of her pocket and all but shoved them into his hand. She exited the car in short order, stretching her arms languidly behind her head as she waited for Kai.

 The ride home passed in something like a blur. Jo passed the driver some money, an amount which Kai didn't care to ascertain, and slipped out the door. Kai was soon to follow, glancing up at the window that was hers, before casting Jo another wiley grin and gesturing lightly with a nod of her head. As if Jo wouldn't follow at this point.

 Her steps were relatively sure, though there was still evidence of alcohol consumption in the sway of her body as she moved up the stairs. She fished out her keys and unlocked her door, pushing against it until it opened. She stepped aside, already shrugging out of her jacket, pushing the door closed again once Jo was inside.

 The mechanic's apartment was humble and a little messy - her tiny living room, furnished with a couch, a coffee table with a collection of drinking vessels and miscellaneous paperwork, and an aged TV set, was separated from her even tinier kitchen by a counter. A small carpeted hallway would lead to a bathroom, bedroom, and a meager utility closet.

 She was no longer interested in drinking. Still, she would offer, "Still thirsty?" Her eyes settled on Jo expectantly as she spoke, stepping on the backs of her boots to pry them off her feet.

The stairs nearly did Jo in, but she persevered and followed Kai into the apartment proper. It wasn't much, but it was more than Jo and Lia's flat.

Not much made Jo uncomfortable, but those initial few minutes in someone's apartment for the first time always made her a little nervous. It felt strangely intimate, seeing someone's home and the small things it might betray, in the way the messes were strewn or the furniture arranged.

But Jo was intoxicated and on a mission. She gave the living room only a cursory glance before disregarding it in favor of Kai.

"Nah," she answered shortly. Following Kai's lead, she shucked her boots off, the backs of them scuffed where she'd shoved them off repeatedly rather than unzipping them first.

She stepped closer to Kai and reached out to run a thumb down the coyote's tattooed neck. "How about you show me the rest of your tattoos? she asked with a wide grin.

 Jo clearly knew what she wanted, and it wasn't another drink. Kai locked her gaze on the other woman as she shortened the distance between them. Her touch would invoke another shiver down the mechanic's spine, one she wouldn't bother to hide this time, eyes narrowing slightly at the promise of pleasure.

 The liquor made her more agreeable in this instance - easier, for a lack of a better word... but that's probably the right word, actually. Stubbornly, she would keep her eyes on Jo's, even as he beast wiggled and brushed submissively against the other's, gaze broken only during the time it took for her to lift the black t-shirt up over her head. The absence of a shirt would reveal the smattering of ink across her chest, covering her arms and the left side of her torso.

 She reached back to unclasp her bra, dropping it on the floor on top of her abandoned shirt, showing off the gleam of silver barbells struck through each nipple. Without hesitation, her hands moved to her belt, readying to strip off the pants that hid her equally tattooed legs.

Kai wasted no time, which Jo appreciated. There were some nights where Jo wanted that slow burn—an hour at the bar, teasing around the idea; then the slow progression of touches in feigned innocence, made to draw out poorly hidden shivers—but not now. Her beast trilled and nipped at the other's ear in a small assertion of dominance before leaning hard into the smaller coyote, pleased.

Kai's shirt and bra fell away, revealing inked skin and silver barbells, and Jo watched her shamelessly. She dragged her touch down the woman's neck, then collarbones, then the curve of a breast, alternating her fingertips with the ghost of nails; but when Kai went to start on her lower half, Jo dropped her hands to gently nudge away the coyote's. With permission, Jo would undo the belt and drop it unceremoniously before working the buttons loose. She pressed hard into the zipper, slowly drawing it downward.

 It had been too long. Jo's touch, both the soft flesh of her fingers and the harsher press of nails, solicited trails of goosebumps across her skin. They left her skin only to move down to her pants, pushing her own hands away to take over the process of stripping. Kai would allow it, keeping her hands out of the way, eyes still smoldering on the other woman. The fingers on the button, then the drag of her zipper, were slow and torturous.

 One hand moved up, curling into the short strands on the back of Jo's head, a low rumble of desire bleeding out of her throat, tugging her closer with perhaps a little more force than necessary. The other hand moved to inch up beneath the hem of Jo's shirt, blunt nails drawing lines against her lower abdomen. She wanted her to be as naked as herself.

Jo tugged Kai's jeans down past her hips and meant to work them down the rest of the way, only to be distracted by fingers winding into her hair, forceful and hard. She liked that, and the nails dragging sharp lines down her stomach, maybe more than she should. Though she obstinately suppressed a shiver, her blown pupils betrayed her.


She worked the buttons of her shirt, fumbling a little from her haste and the buzz of alcohol and the bite of Kai's nails against her stomach. She let the flannel hang open before redirecting her attention back to the other coyote.

Jo curled an arm around Kai's waist to rest a hand lightly at the small of her back. She touched the end of one silver barbell appraisingly with her other and gave it a small flick, searching Kai's face for a reaction. She'd never handled nipple piercings before, wasn't sure how rough she could be with them. Would it hurt? And if it did, was that the point?

 Figuring out what a lover enjoyed was half the fun of getting laid. She was pleased that Jo didn't seem to mind getting a little rough - at least, the look in her eyes said that she didn't dislike it altogether. Her gaze traveled down to Jo's hands as hey abandoned the dark jeans at the middle of the mechanic's thighs, watching the shirt come open button by button to reveal more skin. Yes please.

 Her venturing hand began to play up that stomach, pausing as Jo settled in closer; the hand on her back was practically a distant memory as the other hand delivered a jarring flick. The silver piercings were an almost constant burn - often, her brain simply stopped registering the sensation after so many years of acclimation. Now, the nerves there sent shockwaves to her head, deriving pleasure from the pain in a way that showed on her face. Her eyes fell closed for just a moment, her lips parting just enough to give a glimpse of gritted teeth, through which a groan escaped.

 That was one way to get her wet.

 Clearly excited and struggling to contain that mounting feeling, Kai grabbed the offending hand to bring it back to her breast. Almost at the same time, she moved to latch her teeth against the other coyote's collarbone, biting mostly gently as her own hands took over getting Jo naked. Unless she was pushed away, the shorter woman would leave a trail of bites and suckling kisses across her chest as she tugged at her shirt and pants in turn.

Well, Jo had her answer: yes and yes. And that groan. Kai's reaction and the way she pulled Jo's hand insistently back to her breast sent an instant rush of heat through her. Fuck that was hot.

She obliged Kai's wordless demand, gingerly cupping her breast and tweaking her nipple with a thumb, just a little harder than before. The silver of the barbell tingled strangely against her own skin.

The woman's hands pushed Jo's shirt off her shoulders, and she reluctantly pulled back a breadth to free her arms, flannel and bra joining the graveyard of clothes on the floor. She tangled a hand in Kai's hair as the woman undid her jeans with lips and teeth working their way across Jo's chest. Pleasure spiked through her with the ghost of teeth, and she quivered each time, almost imperceptibly.

Focus. She dragged her nails up Kai's stomach to her chest, teasing her way up to her breast and then back down, only brushing that sensitive spot with the palm of her hand.

 Every twinge of that barbell sent another shock through her, provoking quiet growls somewhere between teeth and skin. The hand in her hair was nice - any thoughts of preference on how it was played with would be saved for later. The other hand, scraping between her hip and nipple, was taking up more space in her brain.

 Eventually, she would thirst for more than this. She broke free from Jo's body and tugged her own pants off, jerking her feet out of the legs before going for the other woman's. The mechanic knelt down to the floor to pull them off completely. She moved slowly; rather than standing straight up and going back to business, she inched her way up, her hot breath blossoming across the skin of Jo's inner thigh, her hip, her lower stomach.

 Her eyes rolled up the length of Jo's lean body, her lips lingering over forbidden fruit, the tiniest hint of a smirk haunting her mouth. Instead of continuing, she planted a sharp nip there, where the soft curve of her stomach met her hip, and then stood up. She reached back and locked the door, before grabbing Jo's arm to tug her back to the bedroom, where she would try to toss the taller woman onto her bed.

Jo tangled a hand in the coyote's hair, grip tightening as molten breath and lips made slow progress up the length of her body, and tried to hide the twitch of her hips by shifting her weight. Jo's stomach knotted with tension and heat in anticipation, only for Kai to smirk (fuck) and bite the junction of her hip. That short, sharp pain drew a small and unbidden noise from her, and a pent breath shuddered out of Jo. "Fucking minx," she accused with a hazy grin.

Kai pulled her toward the bedroom and all but shoved her onto the bed. Jo went without protest—only a small laugh under her breath—and propped herself up on one elbow to regard the woman with hooded eyes. "Bossy," she teased, hooking her legs around Kai to draw her closer. Pot calling the kettle black? Maybe.

 Kai grinned down at the woman, with every intention of bringing more of those sultry noises out of her. She didn't mind the name calling at all; that was a good sign, right? "Oh, dirty talk," she chuckled, grabbing at Jo's thighs with more of the same roughness as she curled her legs around her. She stepped her knees up onto the bed, bending slightly at the hips so that her long hair cascaded around her face. She captured Jo's wrists in each hand, meaning to pull them out from beneath the woman to flatten her against the bed so that she could pin those hands above her skull.

 Her lips brushed the shell of the other woman's ear as she bent lower. "I like being the boss," she breathed. So what if Jo was stronger? So what if the odds were in her favor, if it came down to it? Kai pushed her beast away as best she could, though it seemed intent on being present for this escapade. She had no problem fighting for the upper hand. Clearly, she liked it rough.

 She would try to keep both of Jo's wrists in one hand as the other trailed down, brushing her cheek, her lips, down her throat. Pausing to caress one of her breasts, returning the treatment of a sensitive nipple, before continuing down her stomach with a feather light touch. Eventually, she would let that hand wander to her thighs, still spread around her own body, continuing that teasing brush of fingertips long the insides of her legs.

Jo hadn't been topped in a long while and wouldn't normally be into it—there was just something silly about submitting like that to a human when she knew she could break them in half with practically no effort—but Kai was neither human nor so breakable, and Jo was very into it. (Not that she'd admit it.)

Kai grabbed Jo's wrists and dragged them up above her head, forcing her down flat. Jo strained against her grip, but the woman quite literally had the upper hand. She could still roll, turn the tables on Kai, or maybe off balance her with the legs hooked around her, but that wasn't the point. Her beast whined and paced, distressed by this turn of events, and she shoved it down. We want this.

Jo nipped at the fingers with an impudent grin as they lingered at her lips, but then they were at her breast, tweaking a nipple, and she rolled her head to halfway bury her face into the bed. Fuck. She felt vulnerable. She was vulnerable, and that thought only sent another spike of heat between her legs. She swallowed a groan.

Her muscles clenched beneath Kai's touch as she continued southward, skipping over the junction of her thighs to graze along her legs. Jo tightened her legs around Kai in an attempt to pull her even closer, to make her touch her where she needed.

 Kai would get a little taste of the strength in those legs as they squeezed tighter around her. It made the mechanic smirk, though the expression was hidden as she lowered her mouth to Jo's other breast, taking teeth to it this time. Lucky for the taller woman, she tired of teasing quickly, and the offending hand would soon get to work.

 Still pinning Jo's wrists, the coyote succumbed to the unspoken plea. She shifted her weight, propping the other woman's hips onto her thighs as her fingers grazed her vulva, humming a soft note of approval at the slippery warmth beneath her touch. Her touch would remain gentle, for now, dipping the pads of her fingers between Jo's inner folds in methodical strokes. Occasionally she teased upwards, finding her clit, watching closely to discover what she most liked.

Jo hissed out a breath as teeth found her nipple, and then a choked sound somewhere between a moan and a whine as she tried to keep her composure.

Then those nimble fingers were between her legs, pressing into wet heat, and Jo was all but about to unravel. She exhaled sharply in frustration as Kai ghosted up to her clit and then back down, and at that next teasing pass, she rolled her hips to direct the coyote's touch to the spot she liked best, just above it.

One of her hands jerked in Kai's grip, ready to take the woman's hand to keep her there at her clit, to press that touch more firmly against her, but her muscles had turned to jelly and it wasn't a particularly determined effort anyway. "More," she requested (demanded might be more accurate) in a low, rough voice.

 There was a lot to focus on. The sensation of Jo's hips bucking lightly against her hand gave her the information she silently sought, belied the right button to press. Kai bit her lip, eyes shimmering with the faintest glow of her beast's carmine hues, tightening her grip on the wrist that threatened to break free. More.

 For as selfish as she was, the mechanic groaned quietly, the sound a soft hint at her own enjoyment. She decided she could comply. Deft fingers lingered a little longer, coaxing that wetness further up so that when she settled her thumb against that sweet spot once more, there was some lubrication in the action. The mechanic shifted her weight forward, bearing down on Jo's hands as she rubbed her clit, alternating speeds though her touch was firm. She rotated her wrist just enough to slip a finger inside of her without losing her rhythm, a moan ghosting against the short-haired woman's lips.

Jo shivered once, hard, when Kai finally obliged her and laved attention on her clit. Between a cold heat pooling at her legs, and the hard pressure of Kai baring down on her, and the finger pressing its way inside of her even as she worked her thumb against her clit -- fuck, she was losing it.

Kai made a small sound of pleasure, breath warm against her, and Jo didn't think she'd ever heard anything more enticing. "Fuck," she groaned despite herself, voice cracking around the oath that had been rattling around her head since Kai undressed. She turned her face away from the woman, screwing shut tellingly silvered eyes, and she tugged at one trapped hand to... she wasn't sure. To make Kai stop? To make her keep going? To cover her face and muffle the high-pitched ahh she couldn't restrain? Her legs quivered where they were wrapped around the coyote, and her cheeks flushed with heat.

"Let me touch you," she said abruptly, a demand rather weakened by her shaky voice. She opened her eyes to regard Kai and hold her gaze, maybe a little impetuous and challenging. She wanted to touch her, to unravel the coyote in the same way she was being unraveled. And maybe a little to level the playing field, so to speak.

 Kai might have purred if she were a cat, jaw clenching with some unidentified tension as she worked and Jo responded with trembling limbs and an exciting squeal. When the woman suddenly spoke up, the mechanic gave pause; as their eyes met, her own would shift completely from amber to red, her beast rushing against the surface at the sight of silver irises. Kai swallowed it down, conceding without argument, perhaps mostly in an attempt to give herself a moment to breathe and battle down the beast. She didn't want to lose this.

 She released her vice grip on the other woman's hands, letting it wander down a trail of skin until it settled on her hip. She lingered with her other hand still pressed between Jo's thighs, finger moving only slightly inside of her, prepared to back down and accommodate whatever her companion had in mind.

Shit. Jo hadn't realized her beast was so close until red flooded Kai's irises in response. She shoved her coyote back down, closing her eyes for a beat to compose herself, and when she looked at Kai again, it was with green eyes. "Sorry," she mumbled, more than a little embarrassed.

The fingers between her legs had slowed, but she swallowed a groan of frustration so it was only a small, rough sound as Kai released her wrists. (Jo willfully ignored her own disappointment at that.) She lowered her arms and propped herself up on one elbow. The pads of her fingers ghosted their way down Kai's chest and lingered over one of her breasts, contritely gentle as she teased the tip of a nipple with one finger; and then continued on, lightly scraping her nails down the length of her stomach to pause just over her mons.

 It was much easier to reel in the coyote once Jo had chased the silver from her eyes. Kai's control was not as sharp - she held the beast with a firm metaphysical hand, but red still tinged her own eyes as Jo apologized. She only shook her head, moving along.

 Her finger curled gently, apprehensive, her breath slow and easy as she managed to retain her humanity. She shuddered unabashedly as that hand teased down her skin, suddenly impatient for the other to go through with her offer. A growl rumbled in her jaw, a second finger sliding in to join the first inside of Jo, flexing in a come-hither gesture to stroke against her upper walls. Her other hand moved to cover the one that hovered over her own sex, pulling it closer, tilting up her chin in a pleading gesture. "Don't be scared," she whispered tauntingly, eyes smoldering on the coyote.

Jo tried to focus beyond the two fingers crooking inside of her, even as they gently stroked just the right spot. Her hips jerked once, sharply, and she swallowed a breath. There. One trembling leg dropped from where it wrapped around Kai, baring herself even more than she already was, and she held her hips still, undemanding (for once in her life).

Kai impatiently drew Jo's hand between her legs. "Maybe you shouldn't taunt the woman about to fuck you," she retorted with a raised eyebrow and an impish grin. She pressed her index finger into Kai's wet heat, teasing around her entrance before dragging slowly upward. She circled the woman's clit, unhurried, and then favored the spot with minute, momentary pressure before sliding back down her length. (She didn't pause to consider the wisdom of teasing the woman currently fucking her.)

 The reaction to hitting just the right spot would not go unnoticed. Kai's lips threatened to break into a smirk, fingers taking the fallen leg as an invitation and wedging a little deeper. She lowered her head slightly, peering at Jo from partially beneath her brow in a silent retort to her words. She was far too proud to beg, but she had no qualms with making her own demands.

 The finger that did finally stroke her sent an electric tingle up her spine. Jo would definitely be greeted by a wet vulva, and Kai made a sound that was a little more breath than moan. Her eyes fluttered closed, her focus splitting roughly between who's fingers were where. Perhaps belying her excitement too easily, the tattooed coyote let her knees travel outward in a way that forced her to sit up a little straighter, and rocked her hips against that traitorous finger, a silent bid for more. Her own working hand continued to tick pleasurably, picking up speed, while her free hand traveled to her partner's slender neck, fingers pressing below her jaw. She didn't want to ask - maybe she could find another way of goading Jo into action.

Kai spreading her legs wasn't exactly subtle, and Jo smiled slyly at the movement. She wanted to hear Kai ask for more, to tease her until she unraveled, and so she moved with the woman's bucking hips to keep her touch just barely against her clit. A hand ran up Jo's neck, and her nose wrinkled a little consternation as she tried to ignore the instinctive reflex to protect her throat. Instead, she lifted her chin slightly, baring her neck against her beast's better judgment. Then slender fingers pressed lightly into her, and Jo gasped, short and breathless, at that minute pressure. Oh.

Jo dipped her finger down to drag some lubrication to the coyote's clit and then pressed the pad of her index finger firmly against it. She rubbed in tortuously slow circles, experimentally alternating her pressure as she watched Kai's expression hazily, the majority of her brain torn between that hand at her throat and the one between her legs. She braced a foot against the bed, toes curling into the sheets as Kai worked her fingers deeper and faster inside her, crooking relentlessly against that spot and stoking a building tension in the pit of her stomach.

 Tease. It seemed two could play that game. The finger Kai sought kept away just enough to physically torment her, bringing her to a dripping mess, core muscles constricting around nothing in frustration. She whined, the softest sound of a plea, as her fingers closed against Jo's throat.

 Her head rolled back with a hiss as Jo finally committed some pressure to her clit, her own fingers faltering for a moment under the new wave of pleasure. Her hips bore down a little harder, the hand on Jo's throat tightening in a display of frustration.

 "Oh, come on," the mechanic whimpered, though the demand held en edge of a growl. She picked up her own pace again then, stroking her insides with renewed fervor, her thumb bearing down on that pink pearl mercilessly. A display of her own aggressive desire, perhaps. They were two stubborn women tangled in bed - Jo was hellbent on making her beg for it, apparently, and Kai would dig in her heels in spite of how badly she just wanted to be fucked.

Jo flopped back on the bed, arm suddenly shaking too much to support herself. She grinned at Kai's hiss of pleasure, but then the hand around her throat tightened and her whole body jerked reflexively. Shit. She shouldn't have been so into that (and her beast certainly wasn't, clawing its way up, but she held it there, just under her skin). She twisted under Kai's grip, turning her face away as her eyes fluttered shut for a moment.

She moved her free hand to Kai's waist to drag her hips further forward and over her, a little rougher than she intended, and finally relented, satisfied by Kai's groaned demand (and more than a little convinced by the pressure at her throat). She adjusted her wrist to press her middle finger slowly inside the coyote and work a thumb against her clit, gradually increasing her pace and pressure until she matched the hand between her own legs.

Her hips bucked, first into Kai's touch and then down, trying to escape her relentless attentions. Jo's hand faltered once as a wave of pleasure seized her, and when her arm stopped trembling quite so much, she redoubled her efforts, crooking her fingers to press against her inner walls. She obstinately clung to her composure, shoving down the tension that knotted in her belly and threatened to peak, and tried to exhale a shaky, pent breath.

 At first, Jo's reclined position made things a little awkward, but with some encouragement from that hand, the mechanic would work her way higher up the other woman's body until she was straddling her. If it made it easier for Jo to give her what she wanted, then she had no problem complying. Finally, her companion gave in. Kai shuddered, relieved by the finger inside of her, but of course craving more.

 Her body was held firmly in place, abdonimals and thigh muscles flexing against her tattooed skin to keep herself from worming away. Jo bucked and writhed enough for the both of them, and Kai would display something like a grin as her jaw alternated between gritting in concentration and falling slack in pleasure. A chuckle would escape her when the other woman had to give herself a break to roll with the next great wave, but was all too grateful when she picked back up.

 Kai moaned intermittently, muscles squeezing on and off around Jo's fingers, eventually letting her hips rock into a hungry sway, grinding against that hand. The hand around Jo's throat would release, nails dragging a little harsher down her chest and stomach this time, before rubbing back up to take one of her breasts in her palm. She wasn't quite flexible enough to bend down and take it into her mouth, so she resorted to pinching and twisting the nipple between her fingers.

 She inhaled sharply, letting the breath back out in a low moan before she rolled her gaze back down to the woman beneath her. She curled her fingers a little deeper again, as deep as they would go, stroking against that sweet spot. It wasn't too hard to concentrate just yet - she figured she wasn't as close to orgasm as her friend here was. Kai wanted to see that come to fruition, almost as much as she wanted it for herself. "Don't work too hard," she teased in a soft, moaning voice. "I want you to come for me."

The release of Jo's throat was met with an instant gasp, of both air and pleasure, that led into a high-pitched ahh as nails scratched down the length of her. She dug her heels into the bed, trying to squirm away from Kai's touch that had very suddenly become too much. (Since when had she been a squirmer?)

Kai's moaned taunt almost put her over the edge entirely, but that would have been just too embarrassing, coming practically on command—

The knot of tension inside her broke suddenly and without preamble, like the snapped string of an instrument. Jo tilted her head back as a high, breathless sound escaped her and her eyes fluttered shut. Her fingers faltered, though still clumsily stroking Kai, and her hips bucked in an effort to elude the thumb at her clit, and she clenched convulsively around the fingers working inside her. Cold pleasure crashed through her; and when it subsided, she flattened the shaking hand she hadn't realized had been curled against Kai's hip, the crescent moons of blunt nails left imprinted there.

She didn't remember the last time she had come before her partner. Fuck. She had a lot of introspection to do later.

Her body still thrummed with pleasure and heat as she returned her focus to Kai. She slipped a second finger inside her and crossed one over the other, gently rotating her wrist to twist her fingers back and forth while her thumb pressed against her clit. Her other hand ran up the coyote's side until she reached a breast; the silver of the barbells tingled strangely where she pinched either end between her thumb and forefinger and carefully tugged, her eyes flicking up to Kai's face to gauge her reaction.

 Oh! That was fast. Kai's chest practically swelled with some perverse sense of pride as she watched the woman beneath her come undone. Her own soft hum of approval rumbled somewhere below Jo's high cry of climax, releasing the nipple in her grasp to stroke down her taut stomach as her whole body tensed up. Nails bit into the skin over her hip and the mechanic drew in a hissing breath, soaking in the sharp, temporary pain. There was certainly pleasure in someone else's finish - not to mention the warm glow of a power trip it gave her. Who was the big dog here, really?

 Kai wouldn't hide her grin as Jo came back down to earth, though the expression was quickly wiped away as she felt the second finger move inside her and cross over the other. It was a unique, but no less pleasant, sensation, and the coyote drew a shaky breath. She withdrew her own fingers from Jo's sex, finding them unsurprisingly sticky with wetness, tilting her weight to drop that hand on the bed a small way from Jo's cranium.

 Now that she was able to focus simply on receiving such lavishing, Kai relaxed, hunched over the other. Her hair was a wild mess, a few tendrils of it sticking to her back and arms where a thin layer of sweat had begun to form. Letting her eyes flutter closed for a moment, she allowed herself a moan, hips rocking against that hand again.

 Then, that other devilish hand was at her breast, twisting and tugging the barbell struck through tender flesh in such a way that it sent a bolt of heat down her stomach. She inhaled sharply, the breath coming out in a ragged groan as pleasure and pain tangled together and washed any remaining thoughts out of her brain. "Yes," she growled a soft encouragement, straightening her back once more and leaning back slightly, offering herself completely. One hand brushed the one at her nipple, before trailing down to brush over the hand at her vulva, squeezing her wrist excitedly. "Fuck yes."

Well, Jo was apparently doing something right to warrant such a reaction. "What was that?" she teased, albeit a little breathlessly. She made a little hum of satisfaction as Kai squeezed her wrist. She felt in control again, like she'd regained the steering wheel in whatever disaster of a car this was.

She released the barbell to move her hand along Kai's back, goading her to scoot forward a little more and lean lower over her until Jo could take a nipple in her mouth. The silver did no favors to her mouth, but she worried at Kai's breast with lips and teeth while she dragged nails down her side and then up her back. Jo worked her fingers faster, crooking them slightly so the pad of her index finger pressed into her, searching for that sweet spot.

 Kai breathed a shaky sigh, merely casting Jo a look that was somewhere between sarcasm and ecstasy in response to her teasing. It seemed to say, "you know exactly what I said." But the other woman would not disappoint, continuing her attentions in such a way that slowly made the tension in Kai's body mount. She moved as she was guided, even if it meant her breast was left unattended, but that wouldn't last long. She leveled her weight forward, resting both hands on the bed, allowing herself to be otherwise useless for a moment.

 Her head craned up, moaning shamelessly at the combination of sensations. Jo was skilled with both her hands and that mouth. Unf. One hand clutched at the bed sheets, and the other moved to her companion's hair again, curling into dark strands to keep her head in place. Her hips bucked and rolled against her quickly moving fingers, gyrating against the thumb, whimpering her pleasure. With a shudder, she turned her head so that her lips brushed Jo's ear, arching her back into the other woman's scratching hand. "Harder," she commanded with a groan.

Jo's mouth curved into a smile as a hand found her hair, curling and tightening there to keep her in place. Good thing she hadn't been inclined to stop. Lips and breath ghosted against the shell of her ear, and she made a small sound of satisfaction, shivering at the touch.

Harder. She obliged, digging blunt nails in long, harsh lines down Kai's back, starting at the nape of her neck. She closed teeth around the nipple she laved, firmly but careful, and twirled her tongue around it to salve the sting; then turned her head slightly to suck kisses across the woman's chest to the opposite breast and repeat the treatment there. Her thumb worked faster against her, pressing in tight, slick circles.

After a moment, Jo pulled back slightly from Kai's chest, as much as the hand in her hair would allow. "What do you want?" she prompted, voice colored by her sly grin. She mostly just wanted to cajole Kai into another breathless, half-moaned demand.

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