There's Nothing For You Out Here

Cedar Creek 
@Katya Orlovsky

Outfit without the hat and apron.

Robbie had forgotten to text Kat once she left work, as well as her jacket. The circumstances of her leaving were to blame.

One thing was certain—Robbie didn't want to go home. She couldn't. The blue-haired punk knew herself too well to risk any opportunity to drown in gin and blaze until she was completely out of it.

So, Kat's place it was.

Somewhere along the way from Crestview to Cedar Creek, Robbie had pulled over to check her phone yet again for any hint that Aiden was still alive. She was unwilling to accept the utter lack of a response to her texts and decided to call him instead. Repeatedly. Each failed attempt to reach him left her feeling more anxious; while they might not have been friends, they were cut from the same cloth. Why wouldn't he just answer?

With a sixth call gone unanswered, the blue-haired punk gave up and continued on her way, all but breaking speed limits and running red lights to escape the dread following her.

Robbie was quite frankly exhausted by the time she reached Kat's apartment complex, even though it wasn't even close to noon. She entered the building and trudged up the stairs, numb and shivering from the cold.

Soon standing outside Kat's door, Robbie simply pounded her fist on the door, too drained to care about etiquette.

Please be home, Kat.

Outfit no watch pls

The pounding on the door was maybe dyadya or his friend who liked abducting people! Kroc! After unpacking and drowning herself in cereal - because whooo had motivation to make proper food - she’d remembered to text Levka. He told her to remember to follow curfew and yadda ya and mostly she’d just said yeah so he didn’t suffer a cardiac arrest if she said ‘eh I’ll see about that.’ He was alsooo meant to come say hi, so it was probably him at the door, unless he fancied sending Kroc to take her somewhere again and Katya being really, really, fucking pissed this time around.

Her now mostly empty suitcase was still in the middle of the flat, completely open, and she hopped over it as she made for the door.

The door which when she opened, was greeted by a face not actually expected??? Because Katya had thought Robbie would text her and stuff.

”Robbie?” she asked, holding the door wide open, shock pretty clear in the question.

Wasn’t everything okay??? Was everything not okay??? Maybe this was a surprise? Not that Kat had really earned one, but?

She looked up and down at her uniform, deciding she’d probably come from work because when did Robbie dress like this.

Surprise was clearly written on Kat's face once she answered the door.

"Hey," Robbie said, her voice uncharacteristically small, "May I c-come in?"

With little more than the long sleeves of her shirt to protect her from the elements, Robbie for a time thought she might freeze to death before she made it here. Hell could have frozen over, however, and Robbie still wouldn't have gone back to So Little Thyme for her jacket. She didn't want to see Abraham's face; she was apparently willing to risk hypothermia to avoid it.

Long story short. Everything was not okay. Everything was terrible and Robbie had just given up.

What the hell was going on???

”Um. Of course,” Kat replied - as if the answer would ever be no, Robbie. Confused as she was, Katya extended a hand to hold Robbie’s arm with and guide her inside. Away from the cold and not always pleasant smelling, stairs.

It was warm inside, because for once the heating was kind of working. And she’d plugged a portable heater in near the living area.

Robbie followed Kat inside, sighing in relief at how warm Kat's flat was.

Catching the confusion in the blonde's voice, Robbie was quick to explain. "My boss let me go early." Fuck you, Abraham. You weren't her boss. But for the purposes of telling Kat, some higher power at the workplace had given her the rest of the day off.

"Sorry I forgot t-to text you." Fucking stutter. Go away. It wasn't even cold in Kat's place.

Wrapping her arms around herself, the blue-haired punk just sort of stood there for a moment, her gaze far off and away, dark with intent.

Robbie’s arm was cold and Kat had to wonder why she literally had no jacket given the season. And she had to wonder if she was upset because of the Vampire thing and had just played it off when they’d texted?

And then the boss who Robbie thought would fire her had let her go early today (which made sense, hello???), and was also good news because she hadn’t fired her??? Then?

Kat had wondered why on earth her boss would do that.

”That’s fine,” she replied, releasing Robbie once she was inside and going to lock the door. The door she’d had to fix after Hulk’s wife broke in for literally no reason and damaged it.

”What’s going on, Robbie? Is it the news?” Kat asked when that was done, moving to her side and nodding to the couch. ”Come,” she added, but didn’t go to hold her or tug her or anything, and instead just walked over to one side of the sofa and looked, to see if Robbie would join.

At the time of her texting with Kat, the news was still fresh on Robbie's brain. Now that it had saturated her thoughts, she was effectively shaken.

Upon being asked if it was the news that had rattled her so, the blue-haired punk gave a small nod. Although, the news hadn't upset her in the way that Kat probably thought. Oh no. The existence of vampires was something Robbie had come to accept, albeit begrudgingly.

Nodding again, Robbie followed Kat to her couch, all but collapsing into the cushions before running her hands through her hair. When Robbie's fingertips discovered the chamomile flowers stuck behind her ear, the taller woman frowned and quickly pulled them out. They were a reminder of a conversation with someone she, once again, wanted nothing to do with.

"I..." Robbie had no idea how to word what she wanted to say. "I think I know the guy on the news."

Katya watched as Robbie picked a chamomile flower from behind her ear. She knew what it was by sight because art things. And... tea packaging. And was that part of the uniform?

For all her usual physical clinginess, Katya refrained from jumping at Robbie or trying to help her like that. Instead, she wanted words, and so she waited for them, palms flat on her knees and she looked at her blue-haired Robbie.

Oh. Oh okay. Oh fuck.

Katya could tryyy to force herself to be all into conversations about the supernatural. This wasn’t even the supernatural this was about the normal guy in the video. What’d even happened to him in the end??? Had he been stolen like the person in the last one of these videos?

Kat hadn’t really... thought much on it. Just seen the video, and okay, that was that. Curfew was a thing.

Her gaze couldn’t help but travel away from Robbie and at the old candle on the table Julie had given her. It was mostly used, but still there for decoration.

What was she meant to say.

”Shit, Robbie.”

So she hadn’t been okay when she’d texted her.

A trembling nod was given in response to Kat's few words. "Yeah." What else was there to say on the matter?

"I've tried texting and calling him since the news started this morning, but..."

Nothing. There had been nothing except for silence on Aiden's part.

Aiden was dead. He was dead, and Robbie was one friend away from being alone again. A lone freak in a city full of monsters.

Unsure of what to do or say, the blue-haired punk simply cast her gaze across the floor. Aiden had saved her life when one of those things attacked her, and she hadn't been there to save him. Would she have even made a difference?

Unlike living the life of having no friends - which seemed to be working out really well for Kat so far - Robbie always seemed to be texting and calling others and somehow it was always shitty. It always ended up shitty.

Luckily, he could be sleeping, still. Maybe?

Katya really didn’t want to believe the guy on the news being fucking attacked was someone Robbie knew.

Her gaze went back to her after a brief silence. ”How sure are you it’s him?” Kat asked, reaching a hand gently into Robbie’s hair if she let her.

Oddly enough, Robbie hadn't figured out the serenity of having no friends. Maybe she would wise up someday.

Until that day, here she was, caught in a seemingly perpetual cycle of shitstorms.

Robbie gave a quiet hum when Kat ran her fingers through Robbie's hair, but the taller woman was silent beyond that. How sure was she? Sure enough. She found herself unable to communicate that, however. Finding the words to express what she was uncomfortably sure her friend had been killed by a vampire on public television was too much to ask at the moment.

"He won't answer."

She moved her fingers through Robbie’s hair, hand umoving as she did so.

All she got was that he wasn’t answering. But did it look like him??? Katya didn’t want to give Robbie an opinion on something she knew fuck all about because clearly it was proven to be a bad idea.

What was she meant to do.

How was she meant to be there for her.

It was not that Katya was horse shit at these things she just literally did not know what to do when it was something this fucking serious. If she had it her way she’d ask in a million different ways to confirm the guy in the video was in fact the guy Robbie knew. And she wasn’t sure Robbie needed that.

They shouldn’t show this fucking shit on television before contacting friends and family. Had they even done that? Found out who it was? Imagine the parents, seeing someone who looked like their kid on TV.

She felt sick.

”I...” Katya began, but had no idea what to say.

Maybe give it a night. Or two. Or three. He’d get back to you.

Maybe he’s been stolen.

Maybe he died.

Maybe maybe maybe maybe.

Kat didn't seem to know what to say either. Robbie honestly didn't know what she was hoping to achieve by coming here. All she knew for absolute certain was that she didn't want to be alone. She couldn't handle waiting for a response from Aiden by herself.

Scooting a touch closer to Kat, Robbie appreciated her company. It helped more than any high.

"Could I... hang out here for a little while?" Robbie really didn't want to go home. That was a bad idea.

Still, she didn't want to be a burden to her friend by being a clingy fucking wreck.

Robbie edged closer, and Katya nodded at her request. ”However long.”

The edging closer was enough that the shorter of the two tried to bring Robbie down into a hug at her chest with her hand, while sinking into one corner of the couch sort of... lying down.

Robbie offered a grateful nod, her shoulders sagging in visible relief.

She was quick to accept the hug, leaning into Kat's embrace before the two found themselves kind of lying down on the couch together. With the blonde's chest nestled beneath her head, Robbie felt a soft blush blossom across her cheeks. Nevertheless, the sound of Kat's heartbeat helped soothe Robbie's nerves.

"I missed you," she said quietly.

This was comfy.

Katya gave Robbie more of the room to the back of the couch, while she lingered nearer the edge. Her words were enough for Kat to go to plant a kiss in her hair.

Which, when she did, she sniffed, and the smokey stench kind of... hit her. Not tobacco stench, buuuut the faint weed stench that really liked lingering in hair.

She would ignore it. Because what Robbie did was what she did, and she was so not here to try to get her to live the way she did. As long as there was no... showing up high, and stuff, and as long as she didn’t rely on dumb things like drugs and alcohol, it was her thing. This was Colorado, and Kat had been the one to make the choice to come here.

So, yeah. She ignored it, trying to peer at Robbie as she stroked her hair, rolling her head on the armrest.

”Missed you too,” Kat returned, less quiet, but highly affectionate in tone.

It was very comfy.

Feeling Kat plant a kiss on the top of her head, Robbie smiled softly. A gentle hum escaped her once the blonde began to stroke her hair, too. How Kat managed to make everything seem a little less like shit without even saying anything was beyond Robbie. When she finally said something, the blue-haired punk shivered at her affectionate tone.

"How is your family?" Robbie had been forced to go without because of them, but they were important to Kat. Thus, they were sort of important to Robbie in.

She couldn't imagine having a little brother in times like these. It was probably something like constant worry.

”Good,” Kat replied immediately. And she was glad she’d went - not that she’d say that and rub it in Robbie’s face some. But, strip club talk and all, Katya hadn’t realised they were uh, at the level where it was more... serious?

Was kind of clear now though that coming out of the blue with information like that was a no go.

She might have also said, I mentioned you and they’re really excited, but she hadn’t. Because. Because because Katya didn’t really know how they’d react. They were grandparents. Likeee. They could be really chill about the whole girl thing like Levka, or not at all.

”Wanting to get me out of Cordova with the whole crazy news of the tiger and stuff,” Kat added with a small smile, because yeah, no. And then her eyes trailed to the coffee table in front of them, where a small gift bag was. One of those souvenir-y ones.

”I got you something, by the way. Just like. I dunno,” Kat tried to justify. She held Robbie’s head to her chest as she just extended a little off the couch to grab it.

Good. They were good. That was good. It was all good.

Robbie almost rolled her yes at her own internal snark.

Also, she had no idea how serious they were at the moment. The blue-haired punk didn't really think about their relationship with a quantitative mentality; all she cared about was Kat, what was important to Kat, and being there for Kat. If that meant they were serious, then Robbie supposed that was that.

"Hm. Yeah." It was no big surprise that Kat's family wanted her out of Mountainside. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Robbie hadn't heard a word from her folks since the supernatural shitshow started forever ago.

Then Kat directed Robbie's gaze to the souvenir bag on the coffee table.

The blue-haired punk widened her eyes in surprise. "For me?" You shouldn't have, except you totally should have.

She was totallyyy surprised. Hehe. Good.

”Yeah. Just a little something something. Nothing major.” So don’t expect like, fucking diamonds or something, Robbie.

Bag in hand - successfully retrieved - Katya rested her head back on the armrest. ”Here you goooo,” she smiled, dangling it above Robbie so she could take it.

Inside she’d just find a little something something, like promised. A keychain but if you asked her they were Robbie’s colours and would definitely match her motorcycle. :3

Couldn’t say she hadn’t been thinking of her.

Robbie wasn't expecting diamonds per se, but they would have been a pleasant surprise.

Taking the proffered gift bag, Robbie settled back down alongside and sort of on top of Kat before reaching inside. While what she found inside sure wasn't a diamond, the keychain was just as heartwarming. It certainly matched the aesthetic of her current ride, and the blue-haired punk was a sucker for travel gifts like this. Keychains, snowglobes, the works.

So Kat's family lived in Oregon, not Washington. Oops.

"Thank youuu," Robbie said, shuffling around until she was able to plant a kiss on Kat's collarbone. "It's perfect."

She was rewarded with a better view of Robbie’s face and a kiss, both of which she was not complaining about.

”Welcome,” Kat smiled, tucking a strand of Robbie’s hair back behind her ear to properly look at her.

She really had missed her. Like. Weird. It’d only been a handful of days, but she sincerely missed her dumb face.

A thumb sought to rub over Robbie’s cheek, thinking if she couldn’t comfort her verbally then at least she could show she was here for her. Things would be fine, Robbie. And Katya would’ve promised as much if er, she’d thought it was a good idea.

Robbie's face was pretty amazing.

A pleasant little hum came from Robbie when Kat tucked a strand of blue hair behind her ear, and the taller woman reciprocated Kat's smile.

While Robbie seldom spent time away from the blonde without thinking about her, she had come to really miss Kat over the past several days. As strange or obsessive as it was, Robbie hadn't really questioned it. You missed people you care about when they weren't around. It was as simple as that, she thought.

Then Kat began to stroke her thumb across Robbie's cheek, and the blue-haired punk turned to putty in her hands. Closing her eyes, Robbie allowed herself to relax and unwind, the Oregon keychain still in her hand.

So. Remember the cat thing. The pet thing. Which she had been thinking about for sooooo long. Literally. So. Long. As Robbie closed her eyes, and she rubbed her cheek, Katya really wasn’t sure she needed a cat. Just saying. Look. Like, equal affection. Same behaviour.

This cat could even talk.

She kept her thumb at Robbie’s cheek, rubbing gently as she watched her.

”Thought of you a lot,” Kat murmured. Especially on New Year’s. Definitely on New Year’s. She would have to tell her grandmother this year’s visit would have to be around a different time of year.

”Like. A lot.”

She might’ve asked how her New Year was with her friends, but uh, she wasn’t gonna if it might be a bad topic. Because she’d ditched her. And stuff.

Moving on.

Robbie would make a great cat. She was independent, groomed herself, and only really showed affection towards Kat. Just no collars, please.

"Hm. Same." As in, Robbie thought a lot about Kat too. Not that Robbie had thought of herself.

No more than usual, anyway.

In a truly feline fashion, Robbie wanted to snuggle on top of Kat. But like. She knew she wasn't a cat. Instead, she reached up and placed her hand over Kat's, but by no means stopping the cheek rubbing.

What had Robbie done on New Year's? Good thing Kat didn't ask, because Robbie had all but forgotten her lie about spending it at a party that never happened with friends she didn't have. The only things of note that she could recall was terrorizing some elephants at the zoo, meeting Azzy, and playing at a gun shop. Kat probably wouln't appreciate any of those things.

Ugh. Stop it Robbie.

Maybe she could just fall asleep like this so she wasn’t going to do something potentially inappropriate given the nature - the reason - for Robbie coming here. Kat was just here to... calm her. So uh. Yep.

The hand on her own was taken well, as Kat’s smile returned with great warmth. Until she decided to take said hand with her free one, intertwine her own fingers with it, and bring the back of Robbie’s hand up to her lips.

Just calming.

Honestly. Falling asleep like this didn't seem like that bad of an idea. Kat was warm and made a wonderful pillow, and there wasn't anywhere else Robbie would rather be.

Robbie mirrored Kat's smile before the blonde intertwined their fingers and brought the back of Robbie's hand to her lips. While that wasn't really on Robbie's mind at the moment, the tender feeling of Kat's lips on her skin was enough to make Robbie blush. The powers Kat had over her never ceased to surprise the witch.

As tempted as she was to say something flirtacious, Robbie figured that would have ruined the moment.

Instead, she simply turned her head and gave Kat another kiss on her collarbone.

Oh my God???

Katya had really never thought of Robbie as properly cute. Or adorable. It likely had a lot to do with the fact that she came across as such a badass.

But then she liked goats and rabbits and-

”Are you blushinggg,” Katya giggled, noticing the red in her cheeks. She slid down from the armrest after Robbie kissed her collarbone again, breaking contact on her end just so she could- umf. Readjust onto her hip towards Robbie down here. And look at her.

Look. She was being good and getting comfortable to snuggle, she supposed.

Robbie seldom thought of herself as cute either, being too preoccupied with just how badass she was, but Kat brought out the cuteness in her in such a way that confused, irked, and enamored Robbie all at once.

"I am not," Robbie lied desperately, although the truth was quite literally as obvious as the redness in her cheeks.

Moving to accommodate Kat's movement, the blue-haired punk tried and failed to put up a decent poker face, her expression somewhere between affectionate and embarrassed because Robbie just didn't blush unless she was totally hammered. With Kat looking at her still, the situation quickly became a downward spiral of Robbie being unable to conceal her blushing, thus making it worse until her face was burning red.

Flustered beyond words, Robbie tossed an arm over her eyes to hide.

How Kat did these things to her was a mystery.

Whatever she had done to make Robbie so adorably embarrassed, she wanted no accountability for.

Jokes. She wanted all the accountability. This was a skill she hadn’t realised she possessed.

When Robbie threw her arm over half her face it was just hnfnhfh so cute. ”Oh my God,” Katya giggled right across from her, not in a mocking fashion, just so sweetly... warmed by this. Maybe a tiny bit amused, but shh. ”Robbie’s red in the faaace,” she declared lightly, moving a hand behind her back to trail her fingers up and down against it lightly.

Totally part of the make Robbie bury her face in the couch from embarrassment plan.

The reaction given in response to Robbie's mortification didn't help matters much, but the sweetness in Kat's tone didn't go unnoticed either. Robbie would have rolled her eyes had she not concealed them from view. Once Kat trailed her fingers up and down her back, however, Robbie's resolve faltered before she played into Kat's plan, burying her face in the couch and giving an exasperated sigh.

She couldn't deny that she was enjoying herself, being the focus of Kat's affection. It helped forget all the other shit that had happened today.

"Am not," Robbie said through the cushions, still refusing any such allegations that she was red in the face.

Um. ”Are too.” Kat could argue about this. Not that she would. Because arguing when you were face to face wasn’t enjoyable even as a joke. Bursted eardrums? No thank you.

But she had managed to get Robbie to submit to position I am so embarrassed I must stuff my face in the couch.

”But, you know,” Katya sighed dramatically, removing her hand from Robbie’s back and rolling to stare at the ceiling. She was only playing hard to get. ”If Robbie says she’s not.”

Then okay.

... Damnit.

Robbie wasn't good at this game. She didn't know how to win.

Picking her head up, Robbie looked at Kat with playfully narrowed eyes. Just. Ugh. This was ridiculous in the best possible way.

It was common knowledge that Robbie wasn't the most mature individual, but Kat somehow brought it out in her. "We're terrible." Terrible in the best possible way, of course.

Settling back down beside Kat, the blue-haired punk heaved a sigh as the warmth in her cheeks faded away.

”Speak for yourself,” Kat replied in a voice which cracked as she chuckled lightly at the end.

She glanced once to Robbie with a smile when her face decided to reappear. Ohhh hello. In a swift motion Katya went to kiss her forehead before trying to settle her arm under Robbie’s neck for support.

Well. They had a view of the bed and the window blinds. The blinds which you could just see the other side of the road through. That being a brick wall because joke’s on you hahah fourth floor life.

Great view. Yep. Totally.

A playful scoff escaped Robbie at Kat's response. Upon receiving a kiss, however, her playfulness melted into a warm sweetness.

The couch admittedly didn't have much of a view. There was the window, which didn't have a view of much, and the bed. Spying the latter, Robbie's thoughts went elsewhere momentarily, but she reminded herself that now probably wasn't the best time for that sort of thing.

"Used your portfolio anyway?"

”Immmmaaaa frame some of the pieces,” Kat decided in her best attempt at an adorable voice, looking to Robbie. ”You cool with that?”

Kat wanted to frame some of the pieces Robbie had made for her. With an almost bashful smile, the blue-haired punk offered a nod in response. "Yeah. I'm cool with that."

That Kat was willing to decorate her home with Robbie's artwork made the taller woman feel warm inside.

Either she could drown in these warm feelings, or make something of them.

"When people visit and see such awesome art hanging on the wall, you can tell them Robbie Callaghan made it for you." All arrogance, Robbie's shy smile broadened into a grin before she placed a kiss on Kat's cheek.

Like she honestly had anyone visiting. Her current life consisted of work, Robbie, and dyadya. The circle was small.

Julie could have moved countries and Katya wouldn’t know. She’d lost touch with Chloe. Liza... definitely not on her mind, least of all when Robbie was right here with her. It wasn’t a personal thing, but, yeah. Robbie only reaffirmed the nerdy mystery girl, however sweet, definitely wasn’t her type in the long run.

Kat smiled warmly as her cheek was kissed, giving a soft nod before going to rest the top of her head against Robbie’s own. A nap like this actually didn’t sound like a bad idea.

Slowly, Katya went to pull the blanket that rested on the back of the couch down over them.

Admittedly, Robbie didn't think that far ahead with half the things that came out of her mouth.

Being one with few friends to speak of, however, she could relate.

Then Kat nestled in and pulled a blanket over them. While Robbie was still in her work clothes, it wasn't like they were particularly dirty. With a soft hum, the blue-haired punk snuggled in beside Kat and welcomed the possibility of a nap.

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