Help. I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up.


Fuck the news, curfew were for children running a ruckus at the mall and not much else.

 A grown adult in the biological sense, she opted to disobey the ordinance, instead taking her time on a leisurely walk back to her apartment from the block of storage units that made up her business. Well - that was what she had been doing, now she was running with enough pep in her step to make her legs burn and her breath come in sharp gulps and puffs of white in the frigid winter air.

 She saw the flashing red and blue of the police car lights on the snow and ice from behind her - even as the chain link fence surrounding the back portion of a Chinese restaurant rattled as she jumped it. 'Hur hur, don't mind me officer - just taking a stroll on my way home from my storage unit of weapons' Not today, Satan - not today. Her eyes flashed amber - her body seized and she skittered and landed hard on her hip on a patch of black ice.

 The pain bloomed, and from that bloom - a shitty fuckin' coyote. "Fuck, fuck, fu-" Breathless and frantic, she kicked off her boots and shrugged out of her jacket. Whimpering as her spine started to crack and she swore she heard the car creeping by on the road. Text Ben, SOS. Ben lived in the fucking sticks - the cranky old bastard. She groaned again, this time a mix of pain and dread as she had to search all the way to the bottom of her messages even as her wrists popped and her knees all but imploded - enough pain to open her mouth in a silent scream.

Hn elp plgease
-location pin-

 Topless in the snow - she shivered at the cold permeating through the knees of her pants as she fumbled the button and then the zipper in turn. No point wasting a good outfit, that shit wasn't cheap. But holy shit it was cold.


 Kai actually had an excuse to be out past curfew - it was sort of a weak one, but it was an excuse. She had stayed late at work, after a day of working on other people's cars, she had put a little love into her own. Alex, for whatever shit she had gotten herself into, had sent her message with impeccable timing. Kai sat in the Camaro, listening to the engine purr as she sat in neutral gear, staring at her phone screen with her mouth pressed into a tight line. There was that weird, fucked up feeling inside her again that demanded she go save this bitch's ass.

 I don't wannaaaa.

 And yet, the pinned location was pulled up on her maps, and she was flooring it out of the Shift Happens parking lot. The drive from central Crestview to Cordova wasn't a terrible one, but still, she screamed down the interstate as if it were a two hundred mile drive, her police radar scanner turned on and ready to pick up anything within a three mile radius. The green beast weaved through traffic with a long, consistent roar, Kai's teeth grit together as she considered the potential shit show this could devolve into. Out past police curfew in vampire territory. What could possibly go wrong.

 She had to slow it down, rolling closer to the speed limit as she dove off the freeway and into city streets, closing in on the pinned location. The occasional flash of blue lights drew her attention from a distance, but for now - she was safe.

 For now.

 After a while, she found herself at the pinned location - some shitty little Chinese joint. She tried to call the bitch, but the phone rang emptily with no reply. Fuckity. Kai rolled down her window and began to creep around the building slowly, sticking her head out the window as she called. "Alex! Alex!" And then muttered to herself "I swear to god this fucking asshole..."


 She wasn't sure if the bitch would respond, but it was a last ditch effort as she bit into her arm to keep from screaming out and giving herself away. Everything burned from the cold - she focused on the pain and the brief bit of warmth it provided as skin gave way to fur. Her shift took time, felt longer in the tense circumstances surrounding her, the cold beneath her body. The coyote didn't mind it through, nosing at the pile of abandoned clothing and shaking some residual snow from it's fur.

 She tread lightly, some small passenger side urging from her human side as the coyote peered around the corner and stuck to the back alleys, navigating past screened over back doors and overflowing dumpsters. The smell was tempting, but something a little less ... old and cooked, sounded far more appealing. Her feet crunched under the snow, distracted as she nosed around a box - going tense at the sound of a familiar name that was not quiet hers.

 She peered round the corner, caught the scent of all too familiar peer and rushed through the snow and towards the Camaro. The coyote jumped, claws slapping at the window as it whined, seeming unaware or unconcerned with the general population surrounding.

 She could smell her, just barely, picking the scent out somewhere between death and garbage and two day old cooking grease. Her own beast wiggled with anticipation, so much so that Kai was increasingly aggravated with that part of herself. Keep the coyote boner in your pants, you fucking mutt.

 Still, she rolled along the street, no faster than three miles per hour, scanning her surroundings, when she picked up the sound of clawed feet skittering across the frozen pavement. She looked out the driver's side first, of course, and by the time her head had turned to look to the passenger side tHERE WAS ALEX HELLO.

 The mechanic slammed on her breaks, perhaps a little unnecessarily for how slow she was driving, crimson flashing through her eyes for a moment as she recovered from being startled. She grunted unhappily and shifted into neutral again, leaning across the passenger side to push the door open. "Hurry up. Get in the back. Sit." She commanded, her voice a growl. She just wanted to get this door shut and get the fuck out of here.

 The coyote jumped down almost immediately, losing it's already questionable balance against the side of the car when Kai put on the brakes. Sitting back as the mechanic leaned over, she wiggled a bit with excitement, testing the air and helping to nose the door open when she saw an entry point. It was then that she jumped in, tail waving in a mix of excited familiarity and gratitude. Both of which the weakened and decidedly human fragment of herself greated with a silent groan of horrified embarrassment.

 She leaned in at first, cold nose moving to bump and sniff against Kai's ear before she slipped between the seats and into the back. Once situated, she moved to lick the shell of the smaller woman's ear, some animalistic display. Focusing on her vocal cords, on trying to speak for the first time in ... well, ever - at least that she could recall. She tried for 'go', she ended up with a growl that didn't sound intimidating what so ever. Reaching out, she moved to slap her shoulder with her paw.

 The coyote had no concern for prying eyes or time constraints, obviously. She leapt onto the leather seat with a wagging tail, taking the time to greet Kai with a wet nose to the ear that made her shiver. Nothing like the loud in-and-out breathing of canine nostrils in your ear drum to make life complete.

 The mechanic growled and waved a hand quickly at the dog, giving her a some help into the back seat in the form of pushing her furry butt along with her elbow before she reached again to slam the passenger door shut, put the car back in drive, and take off as quickly as possible without burning rubber. If that was even possible in this god forsaken cold shit.

 "Eugh!" she exclaimed as Alex's tongue lapped her ear and, consequently, part of her face and hairline. Her own beast was still wiggling with ecstatic joy, and even Kai had to admit, the furry version of Alex was a hell of a lot more pleasant to be around. Even with her lack of functioning vocal chords, something about the anxious drop of her paw on the shoulder, and some other untold communication between the shifted and unshifted, she understood the request.

 "I'm going, god damn it," she muttered, though it lacked the animosity it would have had if human!Alex were being so demanding. She wanted to go home - but there was no way in hell she was going to try to sneak this beast into her tiny apartment, much less feed her. Having her in her car under these circumstances was stressful enough.

 "Boonies, here we come," she sighed, steering the car onto the Eastbound freeway and pushing the speedometer well over the limit once again.

 She shifted then, excited it seemed for the prospect of a car trip. The oversized coyote hunched in the back seat, resting her head to the side of Kai's headrest as they took off. She huffed, chest slamming into the side as the turned onto the freeway. Beast and woman could agree on the boonies, a clean escape from public scandal.

 It was then woman had her fun at her sires expense, throwing her head back and letting out a sharp screech of a howl. Almost smug by animal standards as amber eyes focused on the slice of Kai's face she could make out in the rear view mirror.

 Of course the cutesy bullshit would only last for so long. Kai's focus was intent on the road ahead, tearing away only occasionally to glance at the fuzz buster before refocusing again. Until a screech split through the small cab of the muscle car, Alex's yappy cry starling the mechanic enough for her to jerk the wheel into the next lane over, nearly colliding with a car she was passing.

 "You bitch!" she yelled at the rear view mirror. "Next time I'll leave your trash ass to your own devices. Shit." Kai lifted a hand to rub her ear tenderly, squinting at the road ahead. Alex was lucky Kai couldn't punch backwards and drive at the same time. "Are we even now? Huh? You gonna let me fuckin' take you somewhere to eat, or do you prefer the fiery crash death route?"

 She huffed at the cursing and fussing from her current savior. Leaning in at the mention of food, she lapped at her cheek and knocked her head against the still human Were. It was a small form of gratitude, but it was the best that she could hope to offer her in current circumstances.

 Pulling back soon after, she tried to settle the restless energy that had her pacing the back seat. All but pawing at the door as she circled a bit before collapsing, sprawled across the back seat with a deep groan.

 The licking was better than the yapping, but not by much. The mechanic made another sound of disgust, pulling her head to the side after Alex had bumped it with her own and wiping at her cheek with the sleeve of her shirt. She would be glad when the coyote finally laid the fuck down in the back seat, even if she probably took most of it up. Damn it, there was going to be dog hair everywhere.

 The drive to the Outskirts was relatively short, again thanks to Kai's demonic speeding. She couldn't get out of city limits fast enough.

 Eventually, the mechanic would pull the Camaro down a narrow mountain path and park in a relatively flat patch of grass off to the side. She grabbed her jacket from the passenger floorboard and pulled it on before she made room for Alex to get out. "Go on, then. Go hunt." She waved at the air for the coyote to go on, and as much as her own beast yearned to join in such an act, Kai was in no mood to bend to its will tonight.

 While she would be hard pressed to say it in so many words, there was no denying that in the very least - she owed Kai a round next time they both had thumbs. While the woman slid into her jacket, Alex lifted her head so that just her eyes broke level with the window, peering out as her tail slapped against the backseat. In record time she was scrambling back up onto all fours, leaping out and from the back in rapid succession. The coyote stepped to stretch then, arching it's back and groaning as it reared backwards and shook once it puled itself back up.

 Beast of not, she was reluctant to put it past her driver to leave her naked and up shit creek in the sticks. She froze then, the temptation to stretch her legs and test the air strong, to track and hunt and devour and - she bumped the top of her head against the mechanic's legs. Huffed, brushed against her side and took a couple cautious steps forward, glancing back and staring expectantly as she stood still as a statue.

 It was quickly apparent that Alex had no desire to go out on her own. Kai, for as much as she denied her own creature, understood. She sighed, fingers running along the coyote's back until she stepped away, moving to lock her doors when Alex cast her that beckoning stare. "Fine," she said simply, pocketing her keys.

 The mechanic stepped towards the canine readily, and would follow the beast's movement off the dirt road and into the thick wilderness beyond. Human pride was still intact, and perhaps still somewhat begrudging over the most recent events between the two of them, so she had no desire to move faster than a walk - though the beast disagreed intently. It would gladly push its human to a run - they could keep up. And, honestly, should Alex sprint out of view, Kai would probably pick up the pace out of some unacknowledged need to stay close.

 While it would be a theory that she was nowhere near keen to test - the fragmented yet active bits of human-Alex were absolutely convinced she wouldn't have anywhere close to this degree of success where Kai was concerned were she not an over sized coyote at present. Inching forward when the mechanic didn't settle into the dust and dirt or so much as shrug her jacket off, she sneezed when she realized the other woman's intentions. Beast itself was up in arms at the thought of the dark cloud of a woman tagging along, but even the most sociable part of her knew that there just was no point in pushing for some battles.

 Instead she took off, not in an outright run but quicker than perhaps necessary as if to make some sort of wordless point. Fresh on a scent - tunnel vision in the dim of the evening as she pressed on in search of the distinct trail of hare through the underbrush. By then Kai's presence was a softening blur, a comfort but one that was set aside at the promise of a fresh kill.

 At first, Kai burst into something of a jog - just feet behind the shifted coyote, content to not think about the way she was moving. And then, Alex was hot on a trail - even the mechanic's still-human nose to could pick up the scent of the rabbit, but as the canine went after it at full speed, Kai slowed to a walk. While it might have been more acceptable if she herself was shifted, she refrained from following Alex too closely in her bipedal form, so as not to be taken as a threat to her kill.

 The woman moved through the forest at a leisurely pace, hands stuffed in the pockets of her jacket as she considered the bizarre scenario she had found herself in. Why had Alex called her in a time of need? That was... a hell of a gamble on her part, even Kai knew that - even if it weren't for her less than savory personality, their relationship was rocky at best. What did that say about Alex? Was she just desperate? Did she actually trust Kai to show up when called?

 Maybe there was more to be said about Kai actually showing up. The mechanic grunted uncomfortably to herself at the idea of maybe becoming soft? Nah. It was just the fucking dog. The dog was the softie. Kai sighed, coming to a stop in the woods, tilting her head back to look up into the canopy of the trees, exhaling a cloud of steam.

 Should've killed her.

 What had started out as a spiteful challenge had been abandoned for a genuine focus on the hunt in front of her. She stayed low to the ground, moved cautiously and ate without reservation once her teeth caught hold on the back leg of the hare not long after. Human-Alex thought to bring it back, to slap the limp and bloodied corpse down in front of Kai's feet. Dingo dame didn't have the patience to be quiet that petty it seemed.

 By the time she returned she had left little behind but bones and fur, gristle and bits of less than desirable organs. It was hardly a filling meal but it satisfied the urge to hunt, make enough of a difference to take the edge off of her impromptu shift. The fur on her front paws and along her chest was speckled with drying blood, muzzle stained as she came back at a leisurely stroll and settled in front of the hero of the hour with a yawn.

 Sleep was eminent, the worst of the storm over - she nosed in the direction of the Camaro and brushed along the side of her legs on the trek back.

 Kai had eventually resumed her walking, after she got tired of deep thinking. She followed the warm scent of her progeny, but without any great hurry. After a while, and before she could find the coyote herself, Alex came trotting out of the undergrowth, speckled with blood, the scent of fresh dead rabbit clinging to her form. The mechanic apprehended the beast with raised eyebrows and crossed arms. "Pleased with yourself?" she asked in a mutter, mostly for her own amusement.

 Again, Alex brushed against the woman's legs, and again, her fingers fell to stroke along her fur in passing. It was a move made without much thought, almost on instinct, before she turned to walk with her companion back to the car. The trek was short, and at the end of it, Kai would unlock her doors and strip out of her jacket, laying it over the leather upholstery of the back seat before looking at the coyote. "Try to keep the blood on the coat, will ya?" she requested as she moved out of the way. Hell, Alex would probably be an unconscious human before they could even make it back to city limits.

 'Pleased with yourself?' No, not really - but Kai didn't need to know that about her, didn't need that sort of ammunition to throw back into her face. She wasn't pleased to feel a wave of panic and full on shift in the middle of public. She wasn't happy that silver could lead to her untimely demise or that she lived in a goddamn Vampire cesspool - but yeah, the rabbit had been good. Thanks.

 Her usual tendency towards sass and spite was diluted by the steady encroach of exhaustion, enough so that the amber of her eyes seemed dimmer, the stance of her body lax. She slipped into the back without any pomp or fuss this time, curled into herself on the jacket and tried to cooperate for the time being. It was difficult to keep herself entirely on the goddamn thing - but she managed to oblige for the most part.

 She didn't even wait for the car to start, laying her head down between her front paws and shutting her eyes. The coyote nose at the jacket, breathed in the scent of kin that was a comfort - home in a way. Or at least, somewhere or something familiar and relatively safe - at least in the sense that she doubted Kai would kill her at this point ... unless she really fucked up. But that was a train of thought for another time. For now she felt the tension ease the rest of the way from her limbs, her breathing slow as she focused on the jostling of the car and gave in to the demand for rest.

 All of Alex's earlier spry sass from earlier in the evening had dissipated - the canine instead slithered into her spot on the jacket and did a relatively good job of keeping her mess on it. Kai grunted to herself in approval, dropping into her seat and starting the car, the engine coming to life with a familiar roar.

 The drive back to Crestview was calmer - the hour was ungodly late, which would mean fewer cops on the prowl, fewer offenders out after hours. That didn't mean they wouldn't be out, though, so she still drove with the same speedy caution as she had used earlier. Not long after taking off, Alex's breathing and pulse slowed to a calm rhythm, and the sound of her reverting shift filled the cab of the car. No cries of pain, not harsh sound of resistance from the conscious mind - just the hissing and snapping of a body reforming.

 Kai sighed to herself as she rolled into her parking spot, killing the engine and turning in her seat to peer at the naked woman sprawled in the back seat. For the first time since picking the bitch up for the night, she sort of felt at peace - especially seeing someone she often felt so much pure hatred for, and not feeling that at all. Alex was just another person floating through a fucked up life, trying to make her way, by whatever means necessary. Not like Kai had made it any easier. They had just crossed paths under... extremely unfortunate circumstances.

 What did she begrudge Alex for so much anyway? For tricking Kai and her girlfriend into a torturous trap under the command of someone else? The mechanic rubbed her face. Of all the people involved in that fucked up situation, Alex and Kai were the only ones here. Everyone else was dead. What was the point in holding the fucking grudge.

 Eventually, the exhausted mechanic pulled herself from her seat and moved to wrap Alex in the mildly soiled jacket. Not like there was anyone awake and about to see them anyway. She cradled the dead-weight woman in her arms like an overgrown baby, shutting the car door with her foot before heading towards the concrete stairs that would take her home.

 Three flights of stairs with the woman bundled against her was a definite workout, and Kai was glad when she was finally able to finagle her keys from her pocket and unlock the door to let herself inside. Within a matter of moments, she had the unconscious Alex laid out on the couch, jacket wedged beneath her body, had a blanket tossed over her, and a shot of tequila poured for herself. It wasn't like she needed it - by the time she stripped out of her clothes and laid in bed, Kai was practically already asleep.

 She had woken up in strange places a handful of times throughout the course of her life. Sometimes it was booze, other times it was Were bullshit. From what hazy and fleeting snapshots she could recall of the night prior, this was definitely some Were bullshit. Naked and on a couch, she tugged the blanket tighter around herself and sat up - eyes amber as she focused on the distinct scent of ... Kai. The horror showed on her face, brows knitting together and jaw dropping as she looked about the space and slowly pulled herself up and onto her feet.

 Now was one of those times where she wished she had some genuine sense of what the hell went on when coyote-Alex took the wheel. Police, run, Chinese restaurant, text ... naked on Kai's couch. Despite the embarrassment, she laughed as she wondered into the kitchen and her stomach grumbled. Her thoughts traveled to Alex of a year ago, trying to imagine the reaction this scene would merit. Probably screaming, a lot of cursing.

 Now it just sort of went with the general direction of her life - a spectacularly dramatic nose dive that showed zero sign of long-term survival. Kai seemed to think she was a colossal, blundering fuck-up. And while she would never say it in so many words to her regretful sire, there was probably some truth in it, that much was becoming harder and harder to deny.

 Wondering to the kitchen, she rummaged through the fridge and then drawers and cabinets in turn. Intentionally quiet at first, she wrapped the blanket around herself and into a makeshift dress, holding it up by keeping her arms tight at her sides. A part of her wondered if she like - ... no, she was on the couch. So she just shifted. This wasn't weird, not at all.

 Uncomfortable with being alone with her thoughts and in desperate need of a nine am beer or a bowl of cereal, she considered going down the hall and knocking on doors until the little ball of piss and vinegar answered. It felt desperate, so she settled on grabbing the knob of a cabinet and opening and closing it in rapid succession to hopefully make enough fuss to stir the woman of the hour.

 Kai slept soundly through the night. Right through her alarm. Oops. She might have slept all day, if not for the obnoxious slamming in her kitchen that bled first into her dreams before pulling her into reality. For a moment, the coyote only laid there, squinting against the unusual brightness coming through her window, soured by the fact that she was awake. Then, she realized, in spite of the commotion just on the other side of the sheet rock, that the bright sun meant she was late for work. Fantastic.

 The mechanic sat bolt upright, snatching her phone from the cluttered bedside table to send Adam a text - an apology, with reason, and a promise to be in soon. It did nothing to soothe her irritation, however, and as she tossed the phone aside and whipped the cover from her body, she felt as though she could shove Alex in whatever drawer she was slamming.

 Bleary-eyed, wild-haired, and stark naked except for a pair of underwear, the mechanic stormed into the kitchen. The sleep hadn't even left her face yet, her expression one of blatant annoyance as she stared at Alex. "The fuck is your problem?"

 She had expected a handful of different responses to her less than mature or forthcoming assault. She expected something to come flying through the air at her head, yelling, cursing, one pissed off little lady stomping her way. What she had not adequately prepared for, however, was a mostly naked sire turned frenemy asking her about her damage.

 "Well ..." She cleared her throat and twisted round to focus on the cabinet, pushing aside boxes and cans in the search for anything that looked even marginally appealing. "Right now I'm hungry and I'm naked. And considering you're less than clothed I'm going to assume you didn't have the forethought to grab my shit when you Uber'd me to salvation." She shuffled over, flinching at the cold of the tile against her bare feet as she left the first cabinet door and started to assess the second one. "Besides that ... I dunno, guess I'm just an asshole."

 "No wonder you're so fuckin' short, you're stunted - what the fuck do you eat?" She looked to her over her shoulder, trying to steer them away from shit like companionship and gratitude. Crap like weakness and need, the sort of shit that she felt confident that neither of them were comfortable discussing.

 Alex would find little of substance in Kai's kitchen. Crackers, instant mashed potatoes, a variety of canned vegetables and soups - some of which had probably been there for the better part of a year. Her fridge would house eggs, a half gallon of milk of questionable quality, beer, and condiments. Her freezer? Ice and tequila. Who fucking knew what else was floating around amongst that assortment gathering dust.

 The mechanic sighed, rolling her eyes before rubbing them and gathering her mess of hair into a haphazard bun. "Nope," came her muttered interjection, confirming that she had not, in fact, hunted down coyote-Alex's belongings. Her eyes settled on the woman in her makeshift dress, expression blank - she wasn't awake enough to find humor in the conversation, and yet, there was no true anger.

 "I don't cook," Kai said simply. "But I'm late for work. So uh..." she gestured at Alex almost reluctantly. "Why don't you go find something to wear so you can leave my house without getting arrested for public indecency and making all my hard work last night for nothing."

 The small dash of her person that saw this whole morning as a godsend where Kai Coymyr was concerned still frowned at the idea of her abandoned things. Her clothes by now soaked through in the slush of the snow (if they were still there), forty bucks in the back pocket of her jeans, a crumpled Taco Bell receipt, her fucking phone. She scrubbed all her work related messages as soon as she got them, but there was no telling if anything might have come in since last nights transition. She cringed the more she thought about it and decided to stop, shifting her hold on the blanket toga and slamming the second cabin with a measure of dramatic flourish.

 "And here I was, convinced you were a modern homemaker." She eyed her cautiously, less abashed by nudity in the days since her infection. A lot of things had changed since then, mostly for the worst - but not all. "Is anything off limits? Are all your pants going to be up to my calves?" Regardless she twisted her hips to side step around the other coyote, to avoid contact as she started to wonder down the hall and the direction from which she had come.

 It was easier to be grateful with her back to her hero, comfortable to show some gratitude when she didn't have to look her in the eye and admitted she had needed it. There was a mandatory distance required for weakness. "Thanks, by the way - looks like I officially owe you one."

 Kai might have apologized for not looking for Alex's things, if the thought had occurred to her - then again, probably not. They weren't exactly on bad terms anymore, but the mechanic had done enough just coming to rescue her furry ass. To leave a wild animal in her car, her singular nice possession, while she tried to tip-toe through after-curfew Vampire land to find... what? A phone and a wallet? Keys? Not worth her ass, buddy, sorry not sorry.

 Fortunately perhaps for both of them and the uncertain state of their relationship, Alex didn't push on the subject, instead resorting to her watered down sarcasm that Kai was growing accustomed to without wanting to snap her neck. The mental image, though, of the taller woman squeezing into pants that were a few inches too short, made the tattooed woman chuckle - a genuine sound, a sign that she was waking more and more with each passing breath. "Probably." Then, as an added thought, "Don't touch the leather jacket." It was maybe her only other decently nice possession besides the Camaro, and Kai would have to hunt Alex and scalp her if she took it.

 Amber eyes lingered on the kitchen for a moment as Alex brushed past her. Should she shower? No, she was about to be lodged anywhere between the dirty garage floor and a car hood all day long. Coffee? Uh... yeah. Good idea. Alex's words reached her ears as she was filling the battered machine with tap water, her eyes flicking up to stare at the wall in consideration. After a moment, she called back, "Yeah, you do." She grinned at herself while dumping some cheap Folger's grounds into a paper filter, pressing a button to begin the brew.

 "Too late, that fuckin' jacket already smells like me and it's covered in dingo dander, you might as well toss it my way." She hesitated just inside Kai's room, unsure what to do about the door. Obviously impulse was to shut it, but clearly she wasn't in her own home and this wasn't exactly a friendly naked visit. She settled on closing it over but leaving about a foot gap, keeping herself hidden from view as she dropped the blanket and got to work haphazardly rummaging through her sire's things.

 While she wouldn't draw attention to the fact, she pulled from the bottom of the drawers and the back of the closet, things she assumed that the other woman didn't readily wear. But it wasn't like she cared or whatever, she just didn't want to have to go home smelling like emotionally constipated mechanic. "Did I interrupt anything important when I texted you last night?" She ducked her head around the door, smiled to herself at the smell of coffee (even if it was the cheap shit). "Obviously not as important as me, but ..."

 She folded the blanket in an effort to smooth over the amount of help she had needed the night prior - hesitating a moment she left it on the edge of the other's bed and came back down the hall. The pants were, indeed, a few inches too short - the shirt a strange fit at her shoulders, not the sort of thing that she would readily pick for herself. But there were worse things, so she rolled with it. "Well - you got my number. When shit hits the fan ... I got your back." Drumming her fingers against the kitchen counter, she cleared her throat. "Fair's fair - I'm not sayin' we're going to braid one another's hair or whatever,"

 Kai would only roll her eyes at Alex's reasoning for giving up her jacket. She might not be able to scrub the blonde out of her life, but she could scrub her shit out of the jacket. With the coffee brewing, she lingered in the kitchen. She needed to get dressed herself, but in an uncharacteristic move of consideration for another, she would wait. Her naked form leaned against the kitchen counter, arms crossed as she stared at the floor, listening to the sounds of Alex rummaging through her clothes.

 "Yeah, the potential for a full night's sleep," she called back, shifting her gaze impatiently to the coffee pot.

 When Alex reemerged from the end of the hall, Kai stared at the woman in her clothes - it wasn't like she had much of a choice from among her slew of jeans and t-shirts. Still, the mechanic couldn't help the burst of laughter at the sight of the blonde. She looked like a teenager that was still trying to wear clothes from years prior to her latest growth spurt.

 She moved to the coffee pot, as it was full enough for her to pull and pour a cup for herself. It was her turn to face away from the other in a moment of softness. Well. Borderline softness. Perhaps as close as the two of them could get to it without one of them being a furry asshole.

 "Thanks," she said simply, lifting the hot cup of black coffee to her lips. She liked to think that she was a little smarter than Alex - that she wouldn't go shifting in the worst possible place imaginable, but... that was the life of a Were. She couldn't make herself any promises. If the fire under the furry community's ass got any hotter, her chances of keeping it cool were... dwindling. It was legitimately comforting to have Alex's support, she realized.

 She moved to brush past Alex now, to her bedroom, coffee in hand. "Help yourself to a cup," she offered, her tone relatively monotonous.

 She grimaced and bared the outburst of laughter at her expense, a relatively cheap price for all she had gotten out of Kai in the past twelve or so hours. "Yuck it up, maybe if you didn't shop in the juniors department of whatever edge lord hell hole ... " The insult felt weak and sloppy, no real heat behind it as she took a blind jab.

 Once the green light was given she poured herself a half a cup a d blew gently on the rim. There wasn't too much outside of species that she had in common with Kai, but she had spared the pot of coffee from a disgusting amount of creamer or sugar and Alex suppose that was something at least. She burnt the tip of her tongue on the first sip and thanked whatever powers their might be for the whole sped up healing ordeal. A sensitive and numb tongue was nothing compared to uncomfortable silence so she took her caffeine like a shot and rinsed out her mug before setting it to the side.

 "I'll bring these back to ya' once I wash them ... " Calling back down the hall and wondering towards the door where she stood with her hand on the handle once she turned the lock. "Thanks again, Wily. "

 Kai set her coffee down on the bedside table among the clutter of aluminum cans and empty glasses before she turned to her simple wardrobe. Bra. Black t-shirt that had seen better days. Leggings. Clean set of gray coveralls she wore to work. She was wiggling the second boot onto her foot when she heard Alex call out. She sighed and stood up, stretching with a groan and picking up her coffee cup. She smirked a little to herself at the thanks.

 "You know where to find me," she called back.

 Now get out of my apartment so I can go back to my life without feelings.

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