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It had admittedly been a while since they'd heard from each other. The holidays had a way of making the time slip off like the days were half as long. But that excuse was well behind all of them, and Levka knew that the Sleuth was nearly prepared to make its claim. First things first, though, he needed to get to know certain bears a little better. Esperanza and Lee he had not seen nor really talked to in any real capacity since the night at the diner when they had both agreed to his leadership.

He'd talked to Maxine too much. Cliff, just enough.

Honestly, the reason he reached out to Esperanza first was because she came up on his contact list before Lee's name did. So it was late morning, the day cloudy and cold... which only made him want to get out and into the Glenn.

The 'lessons' from Katya in mind, he took his time with at least the initial message, not wanting to be misunderstood by the one non-polar bear who had accepted him without any fuss at all. If he gave himself another roadblock and detour at this point he was going to be displeased.


He was confident in the spelling of her name only because she had been the one to put it into his contact list.

we should meet an talk, is there a place in teh glenn that you woul like to meet at and when

All in all, he felt like Katya would have been proud of him for that text.

 Meeting so many bears as of late had felt almost bizarre - but Espy was happy to think of it more as a Godsend. Since her infection, she had met maybe one other like herself, and the contact had been fleeting at best - now, what... five? Six? All within a few months of one another? The woman had tried not to question it too much, but instead, to try to appreciate it for what it was. A potential family.

 More recent meetings had made her increasingly eager to contact Levka, to see what was going on, if there was anything she could do to be of use. Inevitably, human life had taken precedence - but it made her no less excited when her phone screen lit up with an incoming message from him. Just her name? She blinked, uncertain for a moment, until the second message came through. Ah-ha!

 His texting was a little rough, but she wasn't about to judge him for it. He hadn't been born and bred into this land's language, and neither had she - what mattered was that his messages were legible, and hopefully, hers would be in turn.

Hello! Yes! I read about a place called the Jade Gardens, have you heard of that? I've been wanting to visit. I'm off work tomorrow, I am available any time between nine AM and three PM.


She got back to him rather rapidly, and he was glad for it. If her promptness was a herald of things to come, he knew she would be reliable. And perhaps it was points to her benefit that she was among those who had yet to message him with demands for a meeting on their time schedule instead of his own.

He also may have been misremembering how Cliff's texts had gone. But it was an easy memory to rewrite to be annoyed with the kodiak. Maxine had definitely been demanding, though. And she'd tried to him him. >(

THAT was neither here nor there, and he was just bitter. Esperanza in no way invoked these feelings herself. She was somehow cheery over text, too, kind of in a way that Katya was but less adorable.

hello ok
i have no heard of the jade garden but i will look it
up so do you want to meet t 11AN


Levka's following messages gave her pause. Was... was he drunk? She thought it best not to ask. Perhaps he was just technologically impaired?

11 AM it is :) Let me know if you would prefer somewhere else!


no that will befine i am no partclar i will see you then and there

Now he just had... to write that down somewhere. So that he would remember. Writing things down always helped. Oh and he needed to look up these gardens. Okay, okay. Not too much to worry about.

Maybe... she should call him in the morning to make sure he remembered this conversation. Espy chuckled to herself. No. He would remember, if he was serious about getting to know her. About having her in his Sleuth.

See you then, Levka!


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