The pack's home base is the Red River Brewery. The ownership passes down to the hands of the current King or Queen and serves as a location where any pack member can come to mingle with their own and check in with the leaders. It's also a good place to call if you're in trouble. Maybe there's a wolf in another bar close to shifting and they need someone to come help them get somewhere safe to shift. They can call the Brewery and one of the Mentors or capable pack members will be sent to assist. The Brewery is Red River's safe haven and where any member can come when they need some down time with the pack.

Red River has a history of different types of leadership. While Clay reigned, he enforced strict, traditional rules of the Old Ways. As a result, the pack became stagnant; its size didn't fluctuate and males dominated the population of the pack. Those who weren't keen on the pack's methodology of discipline and torture didn't stick around long.

Alina's rule created a lot of new changes for the pack. Not the traditional sort, she immediately did away with all forms of torture, to include locking offenders away in silver cages. Every wolf starts fresh when they become a member of Red River. Their former history becomes irrelevant and each wolf will have the opportunity to forge their own path and create for themselves a new future with the support of an instinctual, more primitive, but generally friendly group.

The rules in Red River territory are fairly simple:
  • Don't break Were code
  • Don't endanger the Pack
  • Use common sense
  • Need help? Call someone
  • Don't call Alina "Queen"
The Pack and its King are the authority in Cedar Creek. If something arises that needs immediate attention, Alina will not hesitate to act in favor of keeping the Were secret and in the best interest of the Pack.


The Pack maintains ownership of the following businesses in Cedar Creek. Other Were's are welcome to visit, but they must adhere to the rules of the Pack.

Red River Brewery
The Cage
The Gym

Colbalt Ridge Sleuth
Eventide District Clutch
Malachite Vale Coalition






Former Leadership

Clay Michaels · King ('11 - '16)
Duke Edwards · Second ('12 - '16)