In the center of it all sits the city the region is named for; Cordova has aged well over the years and is where you'll find some of the most modern amenities. A few skyscrapers ascend to the skies above its people who are likely wandering about in the various shops that line the streets in the large outdoor mall. The mall is a convenient one, nestled right beside the train station, which isn't very far from the international airport. Those that like living among the bustling streets can find small, cozy apartments and townhomes for affordable prices or they can move towards the farther reaches of the city where the single-family homes sit nestled close together.

Fire Department
Police Station
Light Rail
City Buses
Community College
Public University

Echo Echo
A mostly underground music venue and kitchen, this hole in the wall is known to locals as the place to discover new and upcoming artists. With excellent acoustics, this industrial looking lounge is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat or to take advantage of their full-service bar.

Hamilton Center
Cordova's largest shopping center, this mall is home to any and every store around. This multi-level complex features a wide blend of well-known affordable shopping options as well as upscale varieties that cater to those with deeper pockets. Restaurants and boutiques line the outer edges of this building, but there are plenty of options to be found inside for those who don't wish to brave the elements during the winter. From food courts to movie theaters, Hamilton Center has a little bit of everything.

Kensington Quarter
One of Cordova’s most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods, Kensington is home to a mix of artsy stores selling things like crystals, incense and boho-chic clothing, tattoo parlors, and other colorful ventures. In October 2011, Kensington Quarter was designated a National Historic Site of Colorado and often hosts fun events during the holidays.

Union Square
Located in the heart of downtown Cordova, Union Square is a public plaza with a stage, a cafe, and four grand corner plazas bordered by the park's signature aspens. Surrounded by some of the biggest names in retail and dining, this park is a great location to grab lunch or take a break from the hustle and bustle. On the weekends, various public events from competitive sports to local artists or street fairs fill the plaza. For holidays, this place is always decked out. Needless to say, there's always something here worth being a part of.

Vein Drain
The USA’s first Vampire-only bar, Vein Drain is an easy place for vampires to grab a bite to eat without having to worry about hunting their meal down. Humans and Psychics alike (all “volunteers” in some form or fashion) are on display, allowing Vampires to pick their preference for the evening. There are back rooms for more intimate feedings but there is no sex permitted in the bar. Please don’t murder the volunteers.