One of the more diverse areas in Mountainside, Crestview those looking for something affordable yet not quite bottom of the barrel. The housing in Crestview is a little older, but remains structurally sound which is perfect for the new, younger families trying to start off on the right foot. Cafes and small businesses break up the monotony of the residential zones, offering quiet and homey establishments to spend time in. While the crime rate isn't terrible, it's ill-advised to leave your doors unlocked at night. Overall, this is a great place to live.

Fire Department
Police Station
City Buses
Community College

Charlie's Pub
A seedy little place that's seen better days, Charlie's is the go-to dive bar if you're jonesing for a beer and greasy food. Pool tables and dart boards line the edges of the room. Keep your head down and it's possible to avoid the bar fights when a hustle goes awry. If not, don't expect the bartenders to help you out. Coming home from Charlie's with a black eye is pretty normal, all things considered.

The Food Rally
This run-down park recently underwent a community rejuvenation project led by a few locals who decided enough was enough. The playground received a new set of paint. The basketball courts got new chains for their hoops. The lines were redrawn on the fields. In an effort to further bring life back to the park, food trucks were invited and used to lure in people from the surrounding neighborhoods. They've since become a permanent fixture that rotate in and out on a weekly basis. Sometimes it's tacos and grilled cheese. Sometimes it's Korean, Thai, Creole, or whatever else. Either way, there's always two or three trucks and the park's recently been renamed to reflect its culinary appeal.

Shift Happens
An automotive repair shop for all your vehicular needs, Shift Happens is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter the make, model, or year, it’s a guarantee that the mechanics available know how to repair or modify your vehicle. Since the owner is an ex-cop, it’s safe to say that any and all illegal transactions that happen here stay off the radar, ensuring the safety of their “customers”.

St. Margarets Church
A long-standing Roman Catholic church with a devout and loyal congregation, St. Margaret’s interior is lavish and ornate, making the church a popular spot for tourists of all ages. Seen as a sanctum for those who feel as though they have lost their way, the church serves as a safe place for parishioners and outsiders alike. Attached to the church is a fellowship hall that hosts a variety of events, such as wedding receptions, weekly bingo, and charities and fundraisers held by the volunteer theater group. The church also opens its doors to most local support groups should they need a place to house their meetings.

Train Yard
During the day, the yard is busy with trains coming and going as workers tirelessly move shipments between boxcars. At night this place is a different story. The abandoned yard offers plenty of opportunities to get hurt or get into trouble. From the tracks and cars that you can explore to the drug dealers that prowl around in the dark, the area is not well lit or staffed after hours, so it's strongly advised that even the adventurous souls take caution here.