It's Only Trespassing If You're Caught

Carson's Hill 

By some miracle, Red had landed a well-paying bit of work. Some local magazine or another was printing an article on the history of the region, and whoever was behind its publication wanted up-to-date shots of none other than Carson's Hill. While Red was hardly familiar with the locales of Mountainside beyond the Cackle's territory, she had heard and read about the near-mythical estate in Belle Vista. She knew about the ghost stories about the family that once lived there, but she was too skeptical to be put off by superstition.

Whether or not it was legal for her to explore the deserted grounds was another question entirely.

Having arrived earlier in the morning, she was unaware of the hours sailing by as she explored the ruined acres with her camera in hand. The dreary overcast made for quite the atmosphere, which with a little photo editing should look rather beautiful, embracing the "haunted estate" vibe that Carson's Hill was known for.

The place admittedly reminded her of home; Red was all too familiar with the Victorian architecture that Carson's Hill embodied. As a result of being neglected for years, though, decay had set in and turned the once prestigious estate into what struck Red as the setting for a horror story.

outfit + leather jacket

 Was it illegal to explore Carson's Hill? Isolde didn't know - she wasn't sure she particularly cared, having steadily immersed herself deeper into Were law as the years went by. Much of human society had no bearing on furry consequences. Either way, it was part of cheetah land, and she had driven past it enough times that her curiosity was finally peaked, and here she was.

 Except, she wasn't alone; she wasn't the first one here. She could smell it - her, actually. Hyena. Hmm. Isolde walked slower, hands in her pockets, her movements thoughtful. She knew that the Coalition and Cackle were on good terms, as far as leadership went; there was no need for hostility, right? They were allowed to hang out as long as they behaved. She reminded herself of that, putting her territorial beast in check, framing her attitude for a friendly encounter.

 Ah, there she was. Isolde's dark eyes settled on the young woman as she came into her field of vision. She removed her hands from her pockets, letting them hang at her sides as she called out in greeting. "Hey!"

Red was frankly too absorbed in her work to realize that she was, in fact, not alone. Downwind of the other predator lurking about these ruins, she remained blissfully unaware of her surroundings as she took shot after shot of the place. When an unfamiliar voice broke the silence to call out in greeting, Red nearly jumped out of her skin.

Whirling around to face the stranger, the young woman was grateful for her camera's neck trap, lest she accidentally drop her most valuable possession. "Jesus. Um, hi." Red brushed a strand of hair from her eye and steadied her breath.

Calm down. Everything was fine.

She didn't know how much excitement it took to wake her beast, and she didn't care to find out.

"I wasn't expecting to run into anyone else out here." Recalling lessons learned from the last time she encountered a Were who wasn't of the Cackle, Red managed something of a friendly smile.

Be civil, Red.

 The girl jumped, and even with several yards between them, she could faintly hear the spike in her heartbeat, betraying her startlement. Oops! There was something amusing and a little satisfying in spooking someone, but Isolde did well not to smile about it, lest her company get the wrong idea. The girl stammered out a greeting, and the cheetah lifted a hand, fingers fluttering lightly in greeting.

 Isolde took a few steps closer, gait easy, letting her hands return to her pockets as she studied the hyena. Pretty, and rather baby-faced, toting the appearance of a college student between her outfit and the camera secured around her neck.

 "Expect the unexpected," Isolde said simply. An important lesson in life - particularly for Weres. "What are you doing out here?"

To be fair, Red wouldn't have been as jumpy if she was... at home, maybe? If that even counted. The young woman was still adjusting to leaving her apartment more than a few times a month, and the gloomy atmosphere of Carson's Hill didn't help much with surprises.

Mirroring the woman's steps, Red moved a touch closer and waved in kind. At this distance, she could vaguely make out the woman's feline nature—one of Belle Vista's cheetahs, perhaps?

Also, the woman standing a few yards away was strikingly beautiful. As in, model beautiful.

Did Weres go out of their way to turn the exceptionally good-looking, or did their affliction just magically make people prettier? Red would have to ask Avery about it at some point.

For now, however, there was conversation to be had!

"Right," Red replied, not sure how she could go about arguing against such backwards logic. At the woman's next question, a genuine smile spread across Red's face as she gestured to her camera.

"Photography work for some magazine. Publishers said they wanted shots of this place, so here I am?"

 Isolde was quiet, neutral as she apprehended the young woman, watching the smile blossom across her features as a precursor to her response. The cheetah's expression shifted ever so slightly in response to her explanation, eyebrows rising as if to say "ah ha." It was an acceptable reason, and it seemed to check out - the girl appeared harmless enough, apparently armed only with her camera. "Neat," she said simply, nodding as she glanced over at the dilapidated old property. "Been doing this sort of thing for a while?"

"Yeah," Red agreed with a touch more enthusiasm than one might have expected. Photography work was definitely neat and then some.

Upon being asked if she was familiar with this sort of work, the young woman nodded as she followed the feline's gaze across the ruined property. "I've been doing this for about a year now." She hadn't been at this thing for very long, but Red put her heart into her work—something few people got to say.

"What about you?" Returning her attention to the other woman, Red wore an inquisitive look. "What are you doing out here?"

 Isolde simply nodded her head in acknowledgment to Red's claim to experience. She herself had never been much of an artist - she could appreciate artistic forms, like fashion and tattoos; it wasn't until she became a more involved part of Work Release that she found a greater taste in visual forms of expression. Perhaps she could truly appreciate some of this girl's work.

 "Mm. Just exploring. I've lived in Belle Vista for a while now and still have a lot to see," she admitted with a light shrug of her shoulders. "That, and my Queen discovered a vampire here recently, so... partially patrolling." A small smile, perhaps not all sweet though. "Speaking of which... if you're ever looking for a venue to display your more... personal pieces, you might try to get some space at the art gallery a little further in town. Work Release."

 Without seeing the girl's photographs, she couldn't know if she was actually any good, or if her year of snapping photos had made her little more than a practiced amateur. Still, she let the offer stand, figuring that if nothing else, it would do good to strengthen interspecies relations. Assuming this gal was a part of the cackle, of course.

There was something about photography that captivated Red more so than other mediums—not that she couldn't appreciate other artistic disciplines. Maybe it was something cliche about viewing the world through a lens, but the young woman thoroughly enjoyed it.

"It looks like a nice neighborhood." All the same, Belle Vista was still leaps and bounds out of Red's reach in regards to the cost of living.

Then the other woman mentioned her Queen, vampires, and patrolling, and a none too sweet smile spread across her lips. Red couldn't help but feel a little put off by the remainder that they weren't two normal people who happened to cross paths; however, the young woman tried her best to take it in stride. "Work Release? I'll have to look into it, then."

Red felt like she had heard that name before, but she couldn't quite place where from. Regardless, she took the offer with a smile and a nod.

"I'm Red." Returning the friendly gesture in some form seemed appropriate, even though Red didn't have anything to offer besides her name.

 Isolde nodded her head in confirmation as the girl repeated the name of the art gallery. Their exhibits were constantly changing, on a set schedule of rotation to keep things fresh and keep the crowds returning. She wouldn't be surprised to eventually see this gal's work hanging on their walls.

 "Isolde. Nice to meet you, Red," she said cordially. She paused, before asking, "How long have you been... lunarly challenged?"

It never hurt to have goals, right? Maybe Red's work would someday hang on the walls of Work Release or some other posh gallery in town. The odds of that happening weren't impossible, after all.

"Likewise, Isolde." Isolde was a pretty name.

Although, Isolde's next question brought a slight frown to Red's face. "Since this past August... You?"

 August. Isolde made a face, nodding her head slowly in understanding. Six months in was not an easy time period. "Ah. You're still a baby." The cheetah smiled a little, perhaps for the first time since she's stumbled across the girl. "Me?" She paused, glancing up as she thought about it. "About... six years." She nodded her head to confirm her own thoughts. "How are you handling it? You're in a group, right?"

Red's gut wanted her to argue that she wasn't a baby, but then she realized that was exactly what a baby would do in this sort of situation.

Mirroring Isolde's smile with something of an embarrassed look, the young woman couldn't help but raise her brows at just how long Isolde had been a cheetah. Six years seemed like an eternity to Red.

Then the more experienced woman asked how Red had taken to being a hyena.

"Okay, I guess." Which was to say, not at all. "I am—the Cackle in Crestview. They take good care of me."

That Red needed to be taken care of was both parts frustrating and humiliating, but what choice did she have? Being a Were hadn't gotten any easier.

 "Okay, I guess" did not come across as a very confident answer - likely with reason. Isolde knew that feeling - she had struggled for a small eternity when she was first infected, and even now, years later, the days near the full moon were almost too much to bear. She nodded her head, moving to take a few steps closer to the house, hands moving to clasp behind her back. "Don't worry. It gets better," she promised in a low voice, glancing at the other over her shoulder. "Have you gone inside?" She gestured towards the old mansion with her head, an eyebrow cocked in question.

"It gets better."

If Red had a dollar for every time someone told her that, she wouldn't have to worry about this month's rent. Still, the young woman managed a slight smile; she appreciated the sentiment, regardless.

"I haven't, yet," Red admitted, following Isolde's gaze to the mansion itself. "Mostly just exterior shots so far. Do you think it's, you know, safe to go in there?"

The last thing Red wanted to do was try her luck by exploring a dilapidated old house. It'd be her luck the damn thing would collapse with her in it.

 Isolde was just as happy to let the conversation move away from... Were-ness. She was embracing her own lunarly challenged existence better with each passing day, but it was nice to have a conversation now and then that had nothing to do with that.

 The cheetah shrugged her shoulders slightly, gaze still on the house. "Hmmm." The NO TRESPASSING signs that littered the fence around the property certainly made it seem unwelcoming, but... her eyes scanned the door. It wasn't closed. Someone had been here recently. "Wanna find out?" She glanced at the girl again, eyebrows up, curious without challenge.

Did Red really want to find out if it was safe? Well, yeah.

What if it wasn't, though?

Gathering her courage, the young woman nodded, camera in hand. "Just imagine some shots from those upper windows," she mused aloud, already thinking of the possibilities. "Yeah, let's do it."

Still, she allowed the bolder feline to take the lead.

 Isolde had expected the girl, who had been so easily startled by her approach moments ago, to be less than eager about stepping foot inside the ramshackle old house. Needless to say, the cheetah was in for a surprise when Red decided she was up for a little risky business. It didn't take her long to figure out that she would be the one heading this expedition, and so she moved accordingly, stepping through the tendrils of dead grass to make her way up onto the porch and in through the door.

 The old wooden floor squeaked underfoot with each step; even the door whined as it was pushed open. Isolde blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted to the dim light, glancing around at the walls, covered in aged stains and cobwebs. Somewhere, a rat scuttled in the darkness, its tiny clawed feet making just enough noise to pique her ears.

 Her eyes fell on the dilapidated staircase, recalling Red's recent admission of the desire to get some shots from those second story windows. "You're not gonna shift if you fall through a step, are you?" she asked, tone serious as she arched a brow at the young hyena.

Red was enthused that she wouldn't have to brave the crumbling mansion by herself; she probably wouldn't have gone inside without Isolde's company.

Following closely behind the cheetah, Red's smile widened once they were inside. The interior was every bit as atmospheric and moody as she had hoped, and the young woman didn't waste any time as she snapped countless pictures. The foyer and living room beyond were easily worth a dozen or more shots, and Red felt her grin widen with each click of her camera. Nary a thought was given to her employers; the photographer was in her element and cared about nothing else.

Only Isolde's serious tone could dampen her otherwise radiant enthusiasm. Red's grin diminished as she looked from her companion to the stairs, realizing that it would be quite the fall if she fell through any of the higher steps.

"You don't think they're that rotten, do you?" As conflicted as she was about ascending that staircase, the young woman really wanted those pictures from the second floor.

 It was interesting to see someone so in their element, in an artistic way. Isolde's attention was taken from the house around them only momentarily as she spared the girl a curious glance; she seemed enveloped in her work. Of course, the cheetah would have to rain on her parade with the stairs comment, and she shrugged her shoulders. She glanced down at the floor around them, testing her weight on the spot where she stood. The floorboards whined, but didn't seem prone to giving. "I dunno. I guess they can't be any worse than the rest of this wood." She looked to Red again, curious, wondering if she would continue her brave streak.

Watching Isolde as she tested the floorboards at her feet, Red peered back up the staircase and wondered if this was a good idea. It probably wasn't, but weren't kids Red's age all about bad ideas? She guessed they were right up until one of those bad ideas came back to bite them in the ass.

"Okay." Possessed by an unfamiliar boldness, the young woman went ahead of her companion and carefully navigated the stairs. Some steps creaked worse than others, but for the most part everything seemed fine.

She still held onto the railing regardless.

Red was nearly at the top when the woodwork gave a particularly loud whine underfoot. With a startled yelp, she raced up the last remaining steps and looked down at Isolde below, half-expecting the entire staircase to collapse.

Nope. She had made it up here unscathed, and the hyena grinned. "Aha!"

 Isolde followed the girl to the foot of the stairs, but hesitated. She lingered there at the bottom, one hand on the old handrail as she watched the hyena pick her way up. Every step left her anticipating a hyena plummeting through splintered wood to the floor below, but it never happened - just a shriek of uncertainty as the girl leapt up the last step. Isolde actually smirked a little, amused.

 "Good job," she praised, though there was some dry humor in her voice. Slowly, she made her way up the stairs, eyeing each one as if silently warning it to stay in one piece. When she got to the top, she said nothing, drawing a quiet breath as she looked around. "Do you usually trespass for good shots?"

Red beamed at the compliment, no matter how it was delivered. Watching as her companion carefully ascended the staircase as well, the young woman wondered how magnificent this place must have been back in its day. She could imagine ballroom music playing from a gramophone, soft light dancing off a crystal chandelier.

Isolde's next question pulled Red from her daydreaming, and the hyena simply shrugged. "Whatever it takes for the best shot." But no, Red didn't often trespass.

Snapping a few pictures of the yawning hallways, Red took the lead once more, as inquisitive as ever.

"What about you?" Reflecting the question back on its owner was a knee-jerk response, one that Red was quick to revise, "I mean, is it really trespassing if this is your turf?"

Maybe it was a stupid question, but Red was curious.

 Isolde arched a brow at the hyena. It was a vague answer, but she got the impression that maybe Red, for her apparent timidness, was a bit of a rebel. At least that kept things interesting, right? She wondered...

 But the question was being volleyed back to her. The cheetah chuckled. "Mm. Human laws aren't concerned with animal territory," she murmured, taking a few languid steps to run her fingers along a window sill. "So, yes." Not that a cop would be a problem - she was confident that she could take care of it. Her dark eyes settled on the baby-faced girl again, a small grin on her lips. "Is that how you got turned? Sticking your nose in questionable places?"

"Right." So it was every bit as trespassing for the cheetah as it was for Red. That sentiment helped ease her worries; at least they were in this together.

While the grin on Isolde's lips excited the young hyena, the question that came with it did not. Red fidgeted with her camera, shaking her head as she thought back to what was really her first big memory since moving to Colorado. "I got hit by a car on the way home, and my sire found me before, you know..."

It wasn't the happiest memory, to put it lightly.

 Oh. Well. She was way off. Isolde's well-groomed brows rose in mild surprise. "Oh." There was a pause before she spoke again. "Well. I don't think I know a single Were with a happy turning tale." Her voice was devoid of warmth or compassion, instead quite matter-of-fact. It was the truth. What person in their right mind WANTED to share their body with a wild animal that bent to the moon? She crossed her arms across her torso, looking out the window. Isolde had accepted what she was by now - she was no master, but it was what it was. But if she could change it? Go back to human? Well...

 "I was turned by my unfaithful lover's side bitch," she offered. "Or... I guess I was the side bitch. She didn't like that very much." A shrug of the shoulders.

"Me neither." Shitty circumstances of infection seemed like a given to Red. As grateful as she was for Avery saving her life, Red couldn't imagine ever being in a situation where she would choose to carry this burden.

Sure enough, Isolde's story was just as terrible in its own way. "Wow," the young woman said, brows raised in equal surprise. "That's awful." Awful on so many levels.

Shaking her head, Red returned her focus to the camera, taking a few shots of open doorways and peeling wallpaper.

"What do you call your people?" Red asked a little later in an attempt to spark more pleasant conversation. "We're a cackle—the hyenas."

Group nouns were funny.

 It was awful. Isolde easily pressed the unhappy memory away, not intent on letting emotions push her into some sappy conversation. Being turned suck. The end. "It is what it is," she said simply, hoping to nip the conversation in the bud. The hyena did well to move on to something else.

 Cackle. What an amusing thing to name a group. Isolde looked away from the dirty old window, eyes falling on the things Red's camera pointed at. "We're a Coalition." A rather fitting name for their particular bunch of spotted cats, in her opinion. "I believe our Queens are allies, speaking of which." A good thing. Weres needed to stick together these days.

It is what it is.

The finality of that old saying never quite settled comfortably with Red, especially given her new lot in life.

"Coalition sounds badass." It carried a certain weight that cackle did not. Then Isolde went on to discuss their Queens; it was still strange thinking of Avery as her sire and Queen. "Yeah? I don't usually get involved in the politics of it." With a shrug, Red returned her focus to photography for a few moments.

"Are there any other groups out there? I've heard about wolves in Cedar Creek, but that's it."

 Isolde cracked a little smile at the girl. Coalition was a badass term, she agreed. She was unsurprised that the girl wasn't into "the politics of it." She was still quite young, both by human and beast terms. It seemed right that her plate should be too full for things like that.

 "Mm. Bears in North Glenn," she murmured after a moment of thought. She had learned that tidbit from Yana. "That's all I'm aware of." Her eyes followed the hyena, watching her point the camera and click the button, listening to the shutter click. "I would like to see your work sometime. You got a portfolio together?"

"Bears?" Red visibly shuddered and shook her head at the idea. Werewolves and hyenas and cheetahs were are scary enough, but bears? Even normal bears ate people with more regularity than Red preferred to think about, and the thought of a Were bear earned a solid "hell no" out of ten in her books.

Fortunately, their conversation moved on to much brighter topics, namely Red's work.

"I'd be happy to show you!" Red answered with a smile, nodding shortly afterward. "I do. I mostly keep hard copies of all my best work—not exactly a tech wizard who can make her own fancy website for an online portfolio."

Maybe one day when she wasn't living from paycheck to paycheck with ever increasing uncertainty, Red might commission someone to write the code or whatever was involved in making a half-decent portfolio site.

I FORGOT YOU POSTED HERE I am the worst sorry D:

 Isolde's brows rose slightly, the faintest smile pressing dimples into her cheeks. "That's cool. Hard copies are special in our era of technology." Everything was digital - every teenager on Instagram thought she was a professional photographer with he newest smartphone. People like Red - she considered them artists. They were committed to the craft. She didn't buy that "everyone is an artist!" bullshit. It was a slap in the face to people like Red.

Red grinned and nodded in enthusiastic agreement. It was uncommon nowadays for anyone to keep hard copies of anything. Of course, the young woman had to invest in a pretty hefty footlocker to store all of her precious things like her portfolio and equipment; the beast had a nasty habit of chewing on things.

"Of course, that means my biggest fear is something happening to my work," she added, fine-tuning her camera somewhat. "Not that I don't have digital copies saved too, but if something were to happen, it'd be terrible."

In short, Red was very fussy and fretful when it came to her photography. Nothing else mattered quite as much.

A moment later, she peeked her head into a room that could have been a pretty swanky bedroom once upon a time. The space was devoid of furnishings, but that barely hindered her mind's eye. Oh, how she envied the prospect of having so much room to herself.

Regardless, the most important thing was the room's lofty windows. "Perfect," she mused aloud, venturing through the doorway to take a generous number of shots of the window and all that lay beyond.

Once she had taken a good number of pictures, the young woman hatched a mad idea and glanced back to her companion. Red rubbed the back of her neck, managing some semblance of a smile. "Would you like to, um, pose for a picture or two by the window? I won't use it anywhere without your say-so, it's just a great spot with the lighting and all."

Red quickly clammed up before she made an even bigger fool of herself.

 Isolde nodded her head slowly, sagely, in understanding. She imagined prints could get a little pricey - especially if one had several of them. Especially being a new Were. She said nothing, but would follow the young hyena to the next room, glancing around for a while before settling to watch Red snap more photos. Click, click, click.

 She was taken by surprise when the girl asked - offered? - to take her photo. Her eyebrows tilted up, blinking a few times as she considered her companion. "If you would like to take photos of me," she offered, moving slowly towards the window, though her eyes didn't leave the girl. She didn't spend much time around cameras in general - much less before the lens. It was a bit flattering, to be honest, but she brushed the thought away. "Candid shot? Or?"

Would Red like to take pictures of Isolde?

The hyena had half the mind to snap a smartass response, but she kept a lid on it. Instead, Red nodded with as much enthusiasm as ever, grinning broadly all the while. "Very much, yes." Hesitation quickly fell away as the prospect of excellent photos captivated her attention.

It wasn't that often Red took shots with a model for leisure. Meeting Isolde's gaze as she moved toward the window, Red maintained her almost childlike smile.

And she knew photography lingo too!

"That'd be great," Red encouraged, raising her camera up, "Do what feels natural." In her experience, posing that felt unnatural or forced seldom made for the best shots.

 What felt natural? Not being photographed, that was for sure. Red made it easy, though, with her chipper demeanor and cool confidence with the camera in her hand. Isolde willed herself to relax, hardly one to be self conscious. She lifted her gaze around the room, then lowered it to the window. She looked out at the overgrown property below, ran her fingers along the aged wood of the windowsill as if inspecting the dust that had settled there. Eventually, she would turn away, pointing her body to face the window fully, and moments later cast a glance over her shoulder at the hyena, waiting for her prompt to finish.

Red ended up taking a fair few more than a couple of pictures. Watching Isolde through the lens, she didn't stop smiling until the young woman had snapped a good... dozen shots?

As much as she enjoyed herself, however, those few moments came to an end all too soon. The hyena met her companion's look, offering a soft nod alongside an odd, almost pouting smile. "That was awesome," she chimed, doting over her camera and the shots within it, "You're great at this. If you want, I can send you the pictures when I get home."

Having gotten the photos she had come for and then some, the young woman seemed quite proud of herself.

 Isolde didn't quite smile at the girl as she saddled her with the compliment, though her cool expression did soften some. She watched Red click through the photos, her head nodding slightly at the offer. "Alright," she conceded, perhaps thanks to some strain of vanity or curiosity that drove her want to see the finished products. The cheetah produced her phone from a pocket, opening up a contact in preparation to save the hyena's information. "Give me your number. I'll text you so that you have mine. Or we can exchange emails, if you prefer," she offered evenly, fixing her with a level gaze.

Red really wasn't thinking as far ahead as phone numbers or emails. Clicking through the exceptional collage of pictures on her camera, the young woman didn't look up until Isolde had offered her phone.

"Oh, right." With a nod, Red took the proffered device and wrote up a rather thorough contact entry—name, number, email, address, and "Photographer Hyena."

Well done.

"Email might be easier," Red admitted after returning Isolde's phone, "Sending good quality pictures over texts takes a while. Or, if you want, I can have them printed for you." If she was honest with herself, Red preferred the latter proposal; the opportunity to socialize with someone like her who wasn't part of the Cackle was too good to pass up.

"We can make it like a coffee thing, if you want."

Upon realizing that she was on the verge of rambling, Red shook her head and focused back on her companion.

 Isolde watched the young hyena fill out the open fields in her contact box, hands finding their way into her pockets as she waited. She took her phone back as it was given, glancing at the information before sending off a text and replacing it in her back pocket. A moment of silence would linger after Red's proposition, as Isolde considered the offer. She wasn't particularly interested in having printed portraits of herself. But Red's offer made it seem like the girl would appreciate the opportunity for contact.

 "Okay," she conceded finally. "I have a pretty flexible schedule, so. You just text me."

"Wonderful!" Red bounced once on her heels, possessed by an almost alien sensation of excitement.

Oh, she looked forward to it.

"I'll let you know when," she confirmed, nodding softly before sparring one last look around the room. "I should probably be heading home now. Get these photos processed." It was a long bus ride back to Crestview, and the young woman had no intention of staying out after dark.

Passing her gaze over Isolde once more, Red smiled. "It was nice meeting you."

 Such energy! Isolde couldn't help the tiny, one-sided smile that pulled at her mouth, eyes softening ever so slightly on the girl. To be so fresh and naive again. A part of her missed that fleeting part of her life - the rest of her knew that it was dangerous territory to live in. She wouldn't be so quick to judge, not just yet. Instead, she merely nodded her head at the hyena as her expression straightened out once more.

 "Yeah, you too," she returned with a slight upward tilt of her chin. "Be careful out there."

 The cheetah would linger just a little longer after the hyena left, poking briefly through the abandoned rooms before she decided she had had enough and it was time to leave.

Red beamed as they parted ways. "You too!" After carefully nagivating the staircase once more, the young woman would quickly depart from the ruined estate, propelled by an excitement to develop the pictures she had taken.


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