Trinity Bridge 
Cris couldn't sleep.

Someone in her apartment building had something she could tap into. She wasn't sure who, but it would wake her in the night, and she'd stagger out of her place like a starving zombie, trying to make something happen.

But it was always gone in a flash, and that fucking blew. So she was up early this morning, barely even 4am, and walking. People were still rolling back from bars while others were leaving for early shifts. She paid them little mind. Everyone seemed pretty chill about ignoring her three freaking hours before sunrise.

Setting her backpack down beside her, she found a nice spot to sit at the edge of the bridge where someone had kindly yanked some guardrails out. Probably to sit like this. Orrrr throw bodies off the edge. Cris let her legs dangle, kicking at the air, and then...

One of her shoes, which hadn't really exactly been her size anyway, went sailing off into the air and toward the water as she watched in seemingly slow motion.

"Dicks," she grumbled as it hit the water with a plunk. One toe poked from her newly revealed gray sock.



It had been weeks since Everly had done anything specifically for her own entertainment. Being put under the curfew's lock-down had felt like being grounded in high school. As if she,along with the rest of the city,had been punished for something someone else had done. Frustrating as it was,she understood why it had to be that way. For everyone's own good. Lately she'd grown to hate that term. Or any that mimicked it.

Everly let her mind wander back to her last conversation before the curfew was set in place. Wondering for moment if Robbie had found any useful information about the weres. Of course if she did, surely she'd receive a call or text. Right? Everly shook her head. Clearing the thought from her mind like an etch-a-sketch. She'd promised herself today wouldn't be about that. No were thoughts. And certainly no more staring at computer screen for hours on end mindlessly filling out job applications.

A hand raised at the reminder of how little sleep she'd been getting. Rubbing the tired from her eyes she continued down the sketchy path toward the trinity bridge.

In reality this place was about as safe as the train yard. Which is to say,not very. But it was abandoned. That paired with it's history made it the perfect place to snap a few pictures. Slapping a black and white filter over the shots made for a spooky urban gothic aesthetic. What's not to love about that? Everly smiled to herself before taking a few more pictures.

She had just snapped a photo of some nearby trees When the noise of something on the bridge caught her attention. Her eyes darted around before resting back on the bridge ahead. Her breath slowed as she cautiously approached. Ready to be attacked by something otherworldly. A stupid idea in hindsight,but as always,her curiosity got the best of her.

Rest in peace, shoe. Cris couldn't decide if it was better to walk back in her socks or while still wearing one shoe. It was cold and damp and her toes were absolutely going to freeze off. If she could bump into someone with the power to summon boots out of rivers, she'd really appreciate it.

She leaned against the guardrail next to her, sighing out a puff of air and glancing up to the still darkened sky, grayed by light pollution.

But she heard the sound of someone else, and having only one shoe on made her feel a lot more vulnerable.

Scooting back on her ass a bit to make sure she wouldn't fall off the freaking bridge, she got her feet beneath her and rose, taking a cursory look around to figure out who the hell else was out here. Her gaze fell on some other chick with a camera, and the item caught her eye immediately.


"You lost?" she asked, only marginally hostile.

Her face scrunched up in defense of the strangers question. I'm not. But then I could ask you the same thing. She answered. Although one of us definitely lost something. Her eyes wandered down. Drawing attention to the one shoe the girl in front of her seemed to be wearing.

Everly nodded her head. What happened to it?

The chick made a face like Cris had flung a lemon into her mouth, and a similar expression was offered in return.

Sure, Cris probably looked like a complete jackass wearing only one shoe, but she was taller and stronger and totally going to own it.

"Could've, but you didn't," she grunted, and then her gaze fell to the one cold sock-clad foot that had become the center of attention. "Fell in the water. I have shit luck."

Turning where she stood, she pointed toward the river, wondering if maybe the shoe might be washed further downstream toward somewhere she could actually get it. Except climbing down in one shoe would be a real bitch.

Everly's eyes followed in the direction the stranger was pointing. Unsure of what to say,she squinted her eyes in some attempt to find the missing boot. Although she was sure having a sopping wet,cold boot would be just as good as no boot at all. Still,at least she tried.

She turned back to face the girl. Once again eyeing her shoe and sock combo.

What are you? Like a seven or eight?

The question caught her by surprise, and some of her gruffness diminished. It wasn't the kind of question you asked for the sake of shitty smalltalk, nor as the lead-up for an insult. At least, typically.

"Seven and a half," she said, a little amused by the girl's reasonable guess. "Though these are eights, which is probably why it, uh. Fell off."

Cris could never fully shake her skepticism, but the question also left her vaguely shy, and she looked off to a random place in the distance. Sure was interesting over there. Yep.


I'm a photographer still holding her camera,she motioned it upward as she talked. I mean, mostly I take scenery pictures but sometimes I take pictures of people too. she paused. Sometimes. But I usually have extra props in my trunk.

Everly's eyes gleamed. Crinkling slightly at the corners as she started to smirk. but i mean...only if your interested.

Holy shit.

The prospect of not walking home with one freaking shoe was enough to get Cris on her... better behavior. She wasn't sure she had a best.

"I'm broke as shit but I'd owe you one," she said, feeling a little shame for it, but.

Beggars couldn't be choosers, and she was a fucking beggar here.

A small chuckle rolled out of Everly's mouth with ease. Appearing before she could stop it. Her eyes crinkled slightly at the corners,giving a strange sort of warmth to her laugh. Her head shaking slightly before tilting half an inch to the side. Although it may not have been enough to notice if you weren't paying close attention.

You don't owe me anything. She beamed. Seriously. Don't worry about it.

Everly took a step forward before waving her hand. She may not have known the girl standing in front of her but,based on their brief conversation,she seemed relatively harmless. The way she figured,the worst case scenario...whatever it may be...did not involve what was currently happening.

I'm Everly by the way. You don't have to tell me your name if you don't feel comfortable. I mean,given the circumstances. Everly turned her head in a subtle gesture to their surroundings.

Anyway,I'm not too far from here if you wanna... She trailed off. Glancing down at the lonely shoe before meeting the strangers eyes again. You know,grab those shoes. Her shoulders moved up in a slight shrug. Or I could go grab them. It's up to you.

The chick seemed to warm up a whole lot, and Cris barely knew what to do with that kind of shift.

She pondered the offer not to give her name and decided she could branch out and be a not-bitch for once.

"I’m Cris. I can, uh, follow you."

Her gait would be a slightly odd one given her missing shoe, one nearly bare foot quieter on the cold-ass pavement.

But she would follow diligently if Everly led the way.

"People pay you for photos and stuff?"

It was some attempt at small talk, anyway.

Here and there. I mostly try to sell my pictures to different newspapers and websites She paused to take in a breath as the two made their way back down the trail. but now that everyone has such easy access to cameras,it makes it a bit difficult.

Her shoulders moved up in a nonchalant shrug.

Iv'e been trying to find a real job in the mean time,but photography is what i love. Especially dog photography. It's a good excuse to go on adventures. Everly turned,casting a smile over her shoulder before she continued. What about you? What do you like to do? What's your passion?

Everly was chatty. A camera like hers had to cost a bit of money, so she had to be making alright enough cash to afford it.

"Sounds fun," she said, doing her best to be pleasant.

You’re in it for the shoes, Cris.

The question of her passion was not something she could answer here. Oh, yeah, I’m obsessed with stalking people for their powers.

Instead she shrugged.

"Still figuring things out. I just do waitressing stuff right now to keep from being entirely broke."

Everly nodded. Well it's always good to start somewhere right? A small silence passed as the two made their way towards the end of the path. Just long enough for Everly to think of another question. Or at least a way to keep their small conversation flowing.

So are you from around here then? Her voice peaked with curiosity.

Cris was pretty sure she'd eventually end there, too. Some miserable mid-forties waitress eventually killed by a werewolf or vampire or... a car.

But she kept the pessimism to herself, shrugging some to the question that followed.

"I live in Cedar Creek. But I'm kind of from everywhere. Move a lot. You?"

She knew it wasn't a particularly great answer, but it was the truth.

Everly nodded. Moving around a lot was definitely something she understood. I moved around a lot too. Until I was 17 and we finally settled here. But,I've been living on my own in crestview for about 3 years or so.

Everly offered a small smile as they approached her car. Well,here we are. Please excuse the mess. I haven't put everything away yet. She motioned to the various pairs of shoes,dresses and accessories strewn around the trunk.

I should have something in here. She spoke mostly to herself as she dug through the mess. Eyes looking for something similar to what Chris was already wearing. Okay,so,I have these if you're cool with knee highs. Everly eyed Chris questioningly as she presented the boots. They were simple.Black. Similar Chris's boots in style but obviously longer in length.

I have some converse in here too if you'd prefer. Either way they're both your size.

That was chill. This was chill. She kept her inner porcupine spines not all stabbing out because Everly was being the nicest person possible. What had Cris done to deserve this?

Either way, not complaining.

Holy fuck.

Sign her up for knee highs.

"Those would be so awesome," she said, gesturing to the boots. "I can uh. pay you back sometime. If you want to exchange numbers."

A smile spread across Everly's face. "No need to pay me back.BUT..."She cut herself off as she reached for her phone in her back pocket.

"If you want to exchange numbers anyway?" One shoulder came up in a shrug. "Although,my feeling wouldn't be hurt if the answer is no."

Cris would never, ever argue to pay someone back when they turned her down. She was content to be the result of charity.

"That, uh. Sounds good," she said.

Maybe they could do a thing together sometime when she wasn’t a one-shoed fuck up.

Just the regular kind.

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