Shift Happens 
Wanna know why Asha was texting people at 8pm on a Sunday?

Because she was at work. At Shift Happens. Daytime working at Iron had given her more confidence, and as long as she had catnip nearby she was relatively calm! And work was great when stuff was happening but! It didn't look like stuff was happening much tonight.

She tapped away at her phone, and then like. Stared at the items lining the wall some more. She was a master organizer, and everything was pretty well stocked, and inventory had happened too, and all that... she just, you know, had to fulfill her hours.

Overall she liked Adam. Working here was nice. She didn't really know the other girl much...? She watched her work sometimes, when she could see it. Other than that, uh.

The jaguar was curious always, of course, in like the... "Am I bigger" way.

Anyway. Asha was certainly existing right now.

@Kai Cormyr >:)

 It was a weekend of work for Kai. Which was not necessarily a bad thing - work kept her out of trouble, out of bars, and as much as she wasn't sure she liked it, away from the other coyotes. Cars were familiar to her, a salve to the wound that was real life. Cars weren't that complicated compared to people and feelings and politics.

 Still, by the time 8 PM rolled around, she was tired of being on her back under this old piece of shit Ford truck. Her muscles ached dully as she rolled the Creeper out, a little stiff from the same repeated movements. She sighed as she stood, gathering her tools and wiping them down one by one before putting them back in the box. It was time to call it a night.

 She scrubbed her hands with cherry pummus soap, grinding off licks of oil and using a nail brush to get the tougher parts - nail beds and knuckle creases - before rinsing it all off with hot water. Her coyote had been distinctly aware of the jaguar's presence all day, but settled quietly and knowingly as Kai appeared before the dark-haired woman.

 "Working hard, huh?" the mechanic teased, wiping the last bits of water from her hands.

The brakes were clicking. The brakes were clicking and it was probably nothing, but on the off chance it wasn't nothing Reina really wasn't in the mood for accidentally blowing a red light, rear ending the car in front of her and flying across three lanes of traffic before landing hard as a gigantic, murderous rampage beast.

No, that would not be ideal. So she'd take her damn bike to this damn car shop and pay more damn money to see it fixed -- money that she would rather have put towards paying the rent on the apartment she could no longer occupy because apparently her vampires weren't cat people.

So she wheeled her clicky-braked ass into the chop shop, ambivalent towards any indications of shadiness emanating from the locale. Worst case scenario if someone gave her trouble she'd just.

Eat them. Well, it was a marginally better option than immolating them. Always nice to get with the times.

Of course, it didn't take good old El Tigre (La Tigra? Gendered languages were complicated) very long to figure out that there was something rather unusual about the occupants of this particular establishment. Reina's eyes snapped from left to right as she searched for the source of the immediate, unmistakable signal.

Sorry, what, Asha was in the middle of dying between a two-pronged cuteness attack. Thanks Chloe and Abraham, you adorable jerks.

"What?!" she stammered and slammed her phone down as if Kai was looking over her shoulder instead of like. Not there even a little bit. It wasn't even like she'd get in trouble or something. She'd done her part.

It was just. Like. Hearts just happened, okay. A heart attack. Regain your composure, Asha.

"You ever just text people and then they text you back and your brain flips inside out?"

But then there was approach, and a distinctively familiar breed of scent, and her face twitched as she glanced from what she could see of outside to Kai.

So like, was the person gonna come into the shop-shop, or... was Kai supposed to just materialize out there or something...?

 Asha reacted as if she had been watching porn. Which, maybe she was - but the movement of her thumbs would have suggested otherwise. Still, after recovering from her own small moment of shock, Kai chuckled, clearly amused by the startled response. Her eyebrows rose slightly at the jaguar's question. "Yeah. All the time," she grunted, though her idea of inside-out brain was more out of bewilderment than adoration.

 The coyote followed the other woman's gaze out into the garage, nose tickled with the musk of tiger. She leaned over the desk and picked up the old school office phone from its jack, pressing a few buttons. When she spoke into the phone, it would come out over the loudspeaker in the shop. "Come inside, please," she said, before hanging up. She glanced at the clock on the wall. She hoped this lady wasn't expecting to get her bike in and out at this hour.

Oh, that was a good sign. Reina winced, the grating sound of the old, grainy intercom proving all the more annoying to feline-enhanced ears. With a decently graceful heave, the dark-haired woman swung her leg over the rear of her bike and alighted upon the concrete to the left of the maintenance station. A quick stretch to relieve her limbs of residual achiness aggravated by the decently long ride, and she set off towards the business end of the establishment.

Now, having worked in police and then in private investigating for most of her adult life, Reina had developed a requisite set of skills that went along with the fields that she chose. One of the most important skills, as it happened, had manifested in the ability to remember names and faces. In short, Reina really didn't need to meet someone more than once to remember precisely who they were. The situation was made all the more straightforward, of course, when the person that you were encountering happened to smell like Jaguar.

"...Hey, Asha," Reina said quietly, lips pulled into a taut line that almost seemed to convey an unspoken apology. They hadn't really talked, let alone seen each other; not since the fiasco with Wallace. "...And hey, Asha's friend," she added. "I'm Reina. I was... Hoping I could get my brakes looked at."

See, she wasn't used to having to do that because Kai was usually already out there and able to handle people who just rolled in out there, but since it was kinda late??

"Thanks," she said anyway, willing to admit she was hella outta her element here.

Wallace being the only tiger she'd interacted with, it took her a moment to place the similar scent signature, along with the familiar face, but hey! Reina was here.

What the fuck. Did she not live in like. The bumfuck Glenn or something with the rest of the tiger orgy? What the fuck was she doing down in Crestview and at her job.

Creep cop. Asha's entire countenance shifted to one of stony silence, unwilling to fake a happy face for this bitch.

She had every reason to suspect there was nothing wrong with her breaks.

 At Asha's thanks, Kai gave her a finger gun and a clicking noise from her mouth, an unspoken "gotchu gurl." She leaned against the counter in waiting, and as the door opened she was hit with a face full of feline. God, this city was crawling with furry fuckers. Her beast was uncomfortable, being in the same room as two large predators, but laid low, far more passive than its human shell. Kai, herself, was unbothered, though the grave shift in Asha's demeanor was palpable.

 She didn't bother introducing herself or even pointing to her name patch on the breast of her coveralls. Instead, she cut to the point, all business on the clock. "Sure. I can give you a diagnosis and a quote, but I won't be able to get them taken care of tonight." She held out her hand, waiting for the tiger to hand over her keys.

"Yeah, that's fine." Inwardly, Reina grimaced; she really didn't want to have to uber home, but she also didn't want to risk her brakes failing. Sure, she'd probably survive, but then there would be a tiger staking out the wreckage where the police would inevitably come. That would be a disaster, so better safe than sorry.

The dark-haired woman held the keys out towards Kai. They were simple and unadorned, with a spartan-looking stainless steel keyring affixed only with the key itself and a leather tag left over from the dealership. "Sorry for coming in so late," she said. "Been a bit of a day."

In truth, she had slept for most of the day -- having been up all night with Dax.

She had nothing to say. Not even snark, really. Asha wasn't into this innocent creeper act at all.

She decided to busy herself doing inventory again.

feel free to post around her!


 Normally, Kai was not very good at being in tune with other people's emotions; shit, she hardly paid any mind to her own. But Asha's weird behavior was a stark contrast to her typically chill attitude, at least as far as Kai knew. She would have to come back to it.

 "So, what's it doing exactly? Hard to stop? Sharp noises?" the coyote asked Reina as she took her simple key ring from her. Once she had an answer, Kai would make her way out into the garage without any further instruction.

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