Steal Flamingos And Gnomes From The Dark Side Of The Lawn

Cordova's Wonderland 

Walking had been the best possible solution. Sure, she could drive, but what was the point in driving when she could just run there and get there faster. The car was nice, but ultimately just for appearances. And you know. Stolen. If someone called in those plates, she'd be found out and she wasn't exactly feeling the hungriest right now.

Especially since she had a bottle of blood in her bag and she'd just drained the security guard that had tried to stop her from cutting the camera feeds and turning on power to the park.

As power hummed in the air and Eden hummed to herself and began to search through maintenance lockers to find a set of keys, yanking on screeching metal to reveal the contents and hopefully a set of master keys. She came to one of the final lockers, tore the door off its hinges and dropped it to the ground at her feet, twirling her hair around her finger with one hand while the other picked up a set that was clearly exactly what she was looking for. What luck.

With the keys in hand, she skipped back through the park to the turnstiles and hopped up onto one, sitting cross-legged atop the freezing metal with intentions of occupying herself with her phone until her friend showed up.

Outfit except ditch the hat.

What the fuck did "be square" mean?

How was a vampire more well-versed in text speech than Ben?

Why was he meeting a vampire at an amusement park in the middle of the night?

The man pondered these questions and many others as he made the drive to Cordova's Wonderland. While Benjamin avoided the main roads where he knew county sheriffs liked to lie in wait for DUI drivers and midnight speedsters, he made it to his destination in record time—courtesy of his total disregard for speed limits, of course. Regardless of this evening's company, he wasn't one to be tardy to these sorts of things.

Much to his surprise, the place was lit up like it was at the height of business when he pulled into the park's sprawling lot. Spotting the familiar woman waiting near the entrance, Benjamin managed a smirk before parking his Jeep. He hopped out a moment later, six pack in hand, and wandered over, already anticipating a strange night ahead of him.

"Looks like you've been busy," he said in greeting, nodding towards the lights over the front gate.

Eden had learned a long time ago never to have expectations about things. Because expectations meant being let down, and being let down meant temper tantrums, and temper tantrums meant stress eating, and stress eating meant bloating and that just wasn't a good look on her. Whether or not Vampires could actually bloat on too much blood was obviously not even a blip on her radar.

He spoke up and nodded upwards toward the gate. She followed his gaze and then looked back down at him with a brighter grin. "What's the point of coming to an amusement park if nothing is open?!" She unlaced her legs from beneath herself and hopped down from the metal turnstile with a hop in her step. She approached, unafraid and unabashed, and shoved her hand out at him. If he'd let her, she'd take his hand and drag him into the park intent on starting this new adventure.

Benjamin was quickly learning a similar lesson concerning expectations himself. Eden never ceased to surprise him every step of the way; it amused and intrigued him to no end, even if her rotten scent put him off.

Her enthusiastic response merited a smile and chuckle. "Fair point," he said, approaching as the lady vampire hopped off the turnstile and closed the distance between them. When she held a hand out to him with an expectant look on her face, the man arched a brow and took it.

And they were moving, Eden quite literally dragging Ben behind her.

Doing his best to keep up without losing his beer, Ben realized that he had no idea what to expect next.

She's a very touchy Vampire, lemme know if I need to change anything about this post cause of the power play :D

He let her drag him around through the front area, and away from the turnstiles so that they could head toward the rides. Only one they reached the actual par art of the part and not the shop's area did she slow down and settle in beside him, looping her arm through his and falling into step with him. "So! Tell me, Benji,"

"Were you nervous coming here tonight?"

She looked up at him, eyes wide and full of curiosity about him. He was just the most intriguing person that shed met so far and she couldn't shake the feeling like he would become important to her later if he hadn't already. In the distance, music played from various rides and for a moment it was almost as though the park were open... just without all the people.

"And do you get sick on roller coasters?"

Benjamin didn't have too much trouble with keeping up, but Eden certainly had a gleeful excitement to her step that he struggled to match. Once they were far into into the park that gift shops and restaurants gave way to the actual rides, their pace slowed down considerably which he didn't mind.

Then she looped her arm with his and called him Benji. he man rolled his eyes with something of a smirk on his face.

"Nervous? Never," he countered. "Although I was a little surprised."

It wasn't every day that he was invited to go to an amusement park with a vampire, after all. Then came her question concerning whether he was the sort to get kick on roller coasters. "I don't mind them, but the beast doesn't take too kindly to the idea."

Indeed not, but the beast hardly approved of walking arm-in-arm with an undead thing either.

He wasn't nervous about any of this. He let her come close to him and practically rub up against him like a cat and he didn't want to push her away. She liked it. Which was dangerous for him and somewhere internally there was the tiniest voice telling her that she was the meanest for doing this to a good person. Or rather, a good person so far. It was also telling him to be prepared to be surprised most days because she was unpredictable as fuck, but it didn't make it out of her mouth because he was talking about.... the... dog?

Was that what he was talking about?

"The beast?" She asked curiously as she steered them towards something a little less thrill-seeking then a coaster. She had come here to have fun(!) and while seeing him shift was something that intrigued her to the maximum, at the same time she wanted to understand his human side far more than his "beast" side as he was calling it. Maybe if she didn't say anything else he would elaborate.

Benjamin considered himself cautiously optimistic about this entire encounter. What exactly he was optimistic for, he had yet to determine. Maybe he was looking to glean some precious information on the undead, or maybe he was just looking for some company. He was pretty sure they would figure it out by the end of tonight.

Naturally, the vernacular of Weres left his vampiric companion confused and curious in equal measure.

"Yeah," he began, wondering ho he could describe the concept as simply as possible. "The beast has a mind of its own. Runs on instinct, typically doesn't trust anything it doesn't know."

That didn't seem too much like incriminating information to Benjamin. At the very least, it helped explain his lacking enthusiasm for the more terrifying park rides.

Despite their height difference, Eden kept in stride with Benji as they walked. So it was kind of like their Bloodlust forms. Made sense. Maybe Vampires and Weres weren't so different. "Huh!" She said excitedly.

"So you'd say that you like to keep your feet on the ground then." She prodded. "Or else.... is that what makes you shift?" her voice was excited as she moved around to stand in front of him and stop him in his tracks. She reached down to his six pack of beer and pulled out one of the bottles pulling off the cap and tossing it away before handing it to him.

"I think we're going to be very good friends."

"That'd probably be for the best," he answered to her prodding, "Hate to be a buzzkill, but being strapped into a roller coaster with a coyote next to you probably wouldn't make for the best time." Regardless, Eden came around in front of Benjamin and soon opened a beer for him. With a smirk, he took it with a gracious nod.

"Things might be shaping up that way." Ben, coy as ever, struck a charming smile before he took a sip of his beer.

What an interesting turn of events this would turn out to be.

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