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Abraham snuck out a little early and maybe she would get mad at him sorry???

But. He couldn't face this. These gifts. He couldn't do it. He'd let the lady at the store wrap everything because wrapping it himself felt weird and it turned out it was much weirder to let her wrap it and put it in pink boxes. That's what they remained in now, wrapped in three separate light pink boxes, tied with a red ribbon. He put them on the bed where she would probably see them when she woke up he hoped?!

An envelope with a card inside sat on top, "ASHA" scrawled on the outside.

Do you know how fucking hard it was to find a Valentine's Day card that wasn't about love but also wasn't really cringily overtly sexual?

Really difficult.

Anyway, he'd written in the card because we wasn't a Neanderthal:

"Too nervous to give these to you in person. I hope you like them. I like you!


P.S. Don't bring up the last one unless I'm drunk or I might die.

The last one was definitely the package on the bottom. She'd figure out what he was referring to pretty quick, probably.

It was after he left the house that he'd realized he'd neglected to mention dinner plans so it was probably best to figure that fucking one out, dipshit.

dinner at 7:30pm in Larkspur, nothing fancy sorrryyyyyy


Asha had expected dinner, because, like. He'd told her about it. She'd gone to sleep assuming they were gonna go to some crazy Belle Vista restaurant and probably have a similar experience following after the masquerade except now they were both monsters and the sex was thirty million times better for it. And she was good with that! It was good!

It was upon the buzzing of her phone that she'd woken up, and she woke with a series of stretching noises that ended in her turning and seeing... Boxes.

Pink. Boxes. With ribbon.

Her noises ended in a confused upturn, and her eyes opened really wide. She sat up slowly like it was some kind of trap, but really she was surprised!

Asha grasped the card first, pulling it out of its envelope and, "oh my God," she laughed a little, seeing the front of it and biting her lip through a smile. Anything hearts from Abraham sent her own non-committal heart fluttering because... It was just nice??? Try not to overanalyze, Asha.

Opening it to read the note, she stared at the words, and then the boxes, and then the last sentence at the first part again, and then the bottom box and his post script and eyed it with purpose.

Setting the card down carefully in view to keep herself conscious of it, she would open the boxes in order, saving whatever lethal weapon was in the last one for, well, last.

"Oh my God," Asha exclaimed as she pulled the first one out. Lingerie. Lingerie from Abraham to Asha. Suddenly the card very felt really topical. But besides that.

It was so pretty. Or. Sexy. But pretty. She didn't even realize she had a hand to her mouth in shock, but she did and also she realized she'd stopped breathing. Oh my God.

Did she also mention Abraham got her lingerie?!?!?!?!?

She wanted to try it on immediately, but also she wanted to open the rest, and life was super hard but! Okay open the rest. She set the first one laid out on the bed so she could try it on, and then picked up the second box.

And she squeaked! Two?!?! Two and it was so... princessy! "Oh my goddddd," she said again for the third time, holding it high and just fluttering it. The first felt like a more aggressive kind of sexy and this one felt more relaxed and she couldn't decide which she liked more. Or get over there shock that he'd gotten these for her.

Two pieces of lingerie. What the heck was in the last one? A dominatrix outfit?!

She set the second piece down and bit her lip again, reaching almost reverently for the third one. Okay. Okay. Here. We go.

It was...

"Oh no," she gasped as she opened it. That turned into just fucking laughter. Holy. Fuck. And was that his tie???

Asha was fucking delighted, and all but leapt out of bed to try it on. And about ten minutes later, complete with her hair done in pigtails, Abraham would receive a picture of her in the schoolgirl outfit as a response.

And also.

should i come to dinner in my uniform, professor barlit ♡


Abraham was legitimately afraid to check his phone. He heard it buzz while driving and didn't even check it until he stopped the car just in case he somehow shifted out of embarrassment. So instead his heart raced the entire way, and honestly he was sweating a little. More than a little.

Valentine's Day was the literal worst.

Pulling into the parking lot outside work, he stared at the text notification. (He'd turned off text previews a long time ago.)

Just. Open it. If she was yelling at you, she'd send thirty texts.

Breathe. Breathe. His hands were sweating onto the phone. Just look at it, Abraham. Look. At. It. See what you've wrought.

And then.

He looked at it and then turned the screen off immediately. This was a mistake. He was going to die. His face was so red. His feelings were extremely mixed between wanting to drive his car over his own body, or.


Some complex things he blamed on Asha for calling him "professor" that one time.

i'm going to die you're going to kill me
with that
Dbsjsbakssvwhdjs wsvhdnabdbsvvsgd


oh you dont like it :(
okay, ill wear one of the other two to dinner then ♡

She didn't want him to die but HOW COULD SHE NOT TEASE HIM.

She did eye the other two again with a hum. Probably...

Right. Her outfit came together in her head, too. She had to go to work first, after all.

She wondered where in Larkspur they were going.


mercy for barlit please no frowns you know I likeit
dinner is really low key i just wanted it to be fun
can you even wear that stuff under other stuff I don't know how it works
if I have a heart attack take care of shush for me


Poor baby barlit. She cackled evilly as she wandered into the closet to pull out her outfit.

i can definitely wear one of these stuffs under other stuff
promise not to do a striptease at dinner or anything
though i know youre into that

Wink wink allusions ha. She readied for a shower and the knowledge that she was running a tad late. Worth itttt.

She did feel bad that she had forgotten a card though. Maybe she could find one on her lunch break.

Wearing weird lingerie under other clothing sounded really uncomfortable, but so did wearing lingerie in general.

The restaurant he planned to go to definitely was not a strip tease style place.



strip teases are for later see you tonightttt


meet you... at iron?
figure i can just get some extra work done today and then can go in late tomorrow morning

Yes? Good plan? Asha got into the shower and started washing her hair one handed while she waited for his answer.

Oh. Iron.

Yeaaahhhh. About that. Abraham was never going in there ever again, thanks.

that works, I can swing by to pick you up before dinner around 7

From outside. Outdoors.


It would be around 7:05pm that he would text her to say that he was outside, car pulled up near the entrance so she wouldn't have to walk as far.

i'm here!

He'd gone the extra mile with an exclamation point!


outfit, red lingerie underneath


At around 7:05, Asha was ready. She had in her hand a large gift bag, which... wasn't Valentine's day themed at all but it was hilarious to her and she was excited to see his facial expression for it, and it was themed with what it carried anyway. All eight boxes.

Also, she managed to find a card that was a little closer to the mark, the inside of which read:

"I like you too.

Wanted to get you more decorations for Sushi, but I got a little too into it. Petco date for a new tank for him soon?


These she carried with her as she walked out, walking cattily on her heels towards the car with a smile. She'd get in, and plop the bag down on her side as if it wasn't for him at all. But she would plant a kiss on his cheek!

"Hiii. Where we going where we going where we going," she launched, wiggling in her seat excitedly because she was HUNGRY.

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