BELLE VISTA · 10,000 - 100,000 · CHEETAHS
One of the older cities in Mountainside, Belle Vista is where most of the old money sits. Generations of the area's oldest families are firmly rooted in spacious lots of land distinguished by the extravagant Victorian manors. The tall, narrow buildings with their cobblestone driveways and wrought iron fences are a throwback to Belle Vista's beginnings. A select few of the families have been here since the early 1900s, and look down on any new blood working itself into the fold. Despite any prejudices, there are a number of classy restaurants that do well for themselves here, along with a few of your high-end boutiques. Police are constantly patrolling here to keep the residents happy, making it one of the safest cities in the region.

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Carson's Hill
Once belonging to a prosperous family that died out years ago, Carson's Hill is a historic estate that has since fallen to ruin. Countless acres lie abandoned, vulnerable to nature's advance after a lifetime of neglect, yet the mansion of Carson's Hill and its accompanying architecture still stand tall. According to local legend, the history of Carson's Hill is as chilling as it is obscure—while no two stories concerning the estate's past are exactly the same, the area attracts thrill seekers and ghost hunters in numbers beyond counting.

Cherry Hill
True to its name, Cherry Hill is filled with beautiful cherry blossom trees that line long, winding trails that wrap around a natural lake. Rolling green hills make the park a prime choice for picnics or outdoor get-togethers and you'll often see exercise groups utilizing this well-maintained location. Community events such as "Movie Night in the Park" or "Paw Pals Pet Get-Togethers" are hosted regularly throughout the year. More notably, this park is famous for its annual Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring, where people from all over the country gather for a good time.

Mountainside Cemetery
An expansive historical cemetery with sprawling pathways that remains open to the public daily. With graves dating back over hundreds of years, there are plenty of stories to be told and more ghosts for the haunting. This cemetery has grown over the last decade and is still in use by the residents of Cordova. At the center of it all, several large, marble mausoleums stand as the resting place for some of Cordova’s prestigious families.

The Pinnacle
A large, impressive theater with a wide stage and both box and auditorium seating. The interior is filled with marble friezes, bronze busts and ornate light fittings — the most famous of which is a six-ton chandelier. People dress in their best clothes to attend the plays, musicals, dances, and other acts that are performed here. In 1896, one of the chandelier's counterweights crashed through the ceiling, killing an audience member.

Restaurant Row
Over the years, a number of restaurants have made their home on Jefferson Avenue, more commonly known as Restaurant Row. From wineries to fancy distilleries to niche brunch options, patrons have a number of places to choose from. White lights illuminate the trees along the road and the sounds of laughter and good times spill from the open doors and windows in each establishment. Always busy, Restaurant Row is a great place to meet with friends, make an impression on a first date, or treat yourself to a culinary delight.

Stoneridge Winery
Owner: Yana Novik
This beautiful vineyard is home to some of the region's award-winning wines. For those with a sensible palate, wine tastings and orchard/vineyard tours are available daily in the tasting rooms or can be sampled over lunch or dinner in the attached restaurant. Those who visit will also learn Stoneridge has acres upon acres of apple orchards. While not nearly as popular, those who aren't a fan of wine can enjoy their various ciders or beer offerings. This gorgeous location often plays host to live music, social gatherings, and private parties.

Work Release
Owner: Yana Novik
Located just north of restaurant row in a the affluent shopping district of Belle Vista, Work Release is an interactive gallery space and the home base for the Malachite Vale Coalition in Mountainside. The two story business is owned solely by Yana Novik. The whole downstairs features artwork from a variety of painters, photographers, and sculptures of varying degree's of fame, most of which is for sale (for the right price) with allotted space for local talents to display their work to generate attention. The staircase at the back of the building leads to a second floor that provides a variety of art demonstrations and classes for would-be artists of all ages. First and foremost however, it exists as the home base for all coalition meetings and business during the evening hours or as needed. There is allocated space there, locked from the general population, in which members of the coalition may lay low in times of need.