Can You See the Dark? [NSFW]

Cedar Creek 

 The drive home was mostly quiet, save for the playlist that played through the Mustang's speakers. Alina didn't mind this, nor did she find the silence awkward, even with the way Jane fidgeted and shifted in the passenger seat. Driving was one of her favorite past times and she'd almost been tempted to actually drive Jane to her home out in Red Rock because of how much farther away it was.

 But no. They weren't headed to Jane's house. The younger female didn't come around the Pack's territory too often and Alina intended to catch up with her. So, she was driving her to her own home out in the mountains that bordered the Creek. The younger wolf didn't say anything in protest but honestly, Alina didn't really expect her to, either. Besides, in the end, what wolf would say no to a home cooked steak?

 Pulling the car into the long driveway of her home, Alina eased the vehicle to a stop in the open garage and shut it off before climbing out and retrieving their bags. The absence of Sullivan's car meant that he wasn't currently home, so when Alina led her inside, they were met with blissful silence.

 "Make yourself at home," She said, setting the bags down in the living room as she went to set her keys on the kitchen counter.

The car ride about killed Jane. She didn't like them in general—the smell of gasoline and the close space triggered painful memories, and though she and her beast rarely agreed on anything, they both shared the same nervous anxiety over that. She just kept reminding herself she was fine, Alina wouldn't hurt her, and that she needed to get her shit together.

Jane couldn't figure out how she'd wound up in this situation in the first place, but all logical thought processes had been chucked into the garbage when Alina appeared half-naked at the lingerie store. And now somehow she was following the wolf into her home, and Alina had their shopping bags in hand. Their shopping bags. Including Jane's new lacy underwear.

Nope, let's not think about that.

"Thanks," she said meekly, managing a small smile as she followed Alina's instruction and claimed a seat on the couch. Her neck pricked at the empty space behind her, but the house was empty except for them. She was fine. "You, uh—have a beautiful home."

She heard Jane settle on the couch pretty soon after that. Maybe she'd gotten used to having other wolves in the house (Sullivan and Liza) but having Jane here felt... good. It certainly pleased her inner beast, though the female wanted to go right back to her. Not yet though. Alina wanted to get settled in, first.

"Want anything to drink?" She asked, unlacing her boots and toeing them off. Nudging them against the island, Alina poured herself a glass of whiskey, waiting to hear Jane's answer before heading into the living room.

She heard the clinking of glass as Alina poured herself a drink. She hated that question, never knew how to answer other than "no" or "water please?" but that always made her feel like a stick in the mud. "Just, uh. Whatever you're having?"

She shifted uneasily and crossed an ankle over her leg. Then decided that would look too comfortable and crossed her legs instead. Then decided that would look too formal and uncrossed them. Then didn't know what to do with herself so she slid off her shoes and tucked one foot underneath her, even though that would look even more comfortable than just crossing her legs.

Everything was fine.

Whiskey it was. Alina poured a second glass of Midleton and carried both of them into the living room where Jane was sitting. And fidgeting. The Wolf King could smell the nervousness on her, curious to find that it wasn't quite as acrid or sharp as the smell of fear was. It didn't activate that predatory drive in her any more than normal, either, so Alina stood there and watched her, amused.

When Jane was done, Alina moved closer, setting the drink on the end table beside her. "Finally comfortable?" She asked, taking a sip out of her own glass before she sat next to Jane, one leg folded under her while the other one hung freely against the front of the couch, toes brushing the floor.

Jane smiled sheepishly. "Getting there." Then added a small, "Thanks," as she gingerly lifted her glass. Whiskey? She took an investigatory sip and then a second non-investigatory one, pleased. Her beast strained toward her king's, displeased by the gap that prevented it from brushing flanks with the other wolf.

"So, um." She spoke before she knew where she was going with that obligatory small talk, and she frantically wracked her brain for a safe topic that wasn't about lingerie except oh no she was saying it anyway. "Did you--i mean, did you end up getting what you were trying on?" Nope! Safer waters, Jane! "It looked good on you," she added over the rim of her glass as she took another swallow to hide her mortification.

Whatever nervousness Jane was experiencing didn't seem to come into play when it came out to alcohol. Where Jane remained still and resisted her beast's needs and wants, Alina fulfilled them for her own, shifting a little closer so that her knee touched Jane's leg. Where she didn't always like being touched, there were times she was okay with it, and she knew she could not deny her wolf's needs constantly. In fact, the longer she stayed in Cordova, the more she noticed how much closer to animal than human she was becoming.

"I did, yeah. A couple other things too." Her eyes flickered over to there the bags sat and a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." One hand dropped from her glass to tug teasingly at the sleeve of Jane's shirt, curious to see what sort of reaction she'd get from the younger wolf.

Alina's response was so unexpected that Jane didn't have time to reign in a short, exhalation of a laugh. "You first," she retorted reflexively, eyes flicking over to the wolf. Then belatedly wondered if, wait, Alina was totally 100% joking, right?

Right. Definitely. Right.

She felt her cheeks warm with points of color, and she looked back to her drink. Well, at least her beast was content for once, with Alina's knee up against her and even that short, teasing tug at her sleeve.

Alina laugh echoed Jane's own as she lifted her glass to her lips before getting to her feet. She set the glass down on the side table and went to the recliner where she had set the bags down in the first place. Pulling one close, she pulled out all the contents, which turned out to be everything that the other female had bought. That was fine. The wolf set it all to the side before emptying the other bag.

That done, Alina didn't even hesitate in taking off her shirt and jeans, dropping them to the floor and then her bra and underwear on top of them. Picking up the first few things in reach, she didn't move to put them on just yes, instead glancing at Jane and posing an important question. "Garters too?"

Oh god Alina had been serious. Oh god she was actually doing it and Jane was going to die and she could feel her face warm and her stomach pricked with a potent mix of anxiety-anticipation-embarrassment. This was a bluff, right? Except she suspected Alina wasn't prone to bluffing.

Oh god that was Jane's bag. Her purchases spread out in the open, but she barely even had time to stress over that because then Alina was naked, and Jane was way too attracted to her for this to be appropriate ribbing between women, and she didn't know if it'd be more rude to look away or to stare so she just. Watched. And tried not to be weird about it.

Alright, just chill Jane. This was totally normal. Weres were notoriously pro-nudity, considering their full moon trysts.

Garters? That was a decision that Jane 100% did not want to weigh in on. "Sure." Her voice pitched an octave too high and a touch too quiet. She swallowed around the lump in her throat and repeated, this time in a moderately more appropriate pitch and volume, "Sure."

If Alina had noticed Jane’s embarrassment at all, she didn’t show it. She could, of course, hear her faster heartbeat as she went through the bags and emptied them but didn’t really think anything of it. Well, she did a little, glancing at her with a quirked eyebrow when one word was repeated in a much more even toned voice.

Blood in the water.

Alina’s expression shifted into a smirk, watching the girl for a moment before responding. "Alright." At the same time, she lifted something with straps and buckled out of the bag and set it aside as she went fishing for the thigh high hose that she’d grabbed as well. Turning to sit, the wolf reached down to slip the thigh highs over one leg and then the other before standing again to put on one of the sets she’d purchased.

"Help me out? Or in. Helping out comes after, I suppose." Holding the top half to her chest, Alina turned and looked at Jane over her shoulder, waiting.

That! Was not the outfit she had seen Alina try on!! This one had straps!!!

Jane was sure this had to be divine punishment for some wrongdoing. Or maybe just Alina personally tormenting her; it was hard to say one way or the other.

She hesitated when Alina requested her assistance, but who was she kidding. Jane stood with a wordless sound of acknowledgment, not trusting her voice to avoid embarrassing her even more, and approached the very much mostly naked woman. She tentatively took the straps at the middle of the wolf's to fasten them, distractedly looking at one of Alina's tattoos before focusing on the task at hand.

"Anything else?" She managed a mostly normal voice this time, even as her heart threatened to drill its way right out of her chest. How was she supposed to interpret any of this? Was this something straight women just did? Flaunt around in lingerie for each other? Okay no that sounded pretty damn gay. Or maybe Jane was just too gay?

Her fingers were warm and her wolf crooned happily at the contact, stretching her neck to touch noses with the more timid beast. She wondered how long Jane had been a wolf, and wondered more if she’d been told and had simply forgotten. It was entirely possible but the thought was gone from her mind as Alina turned to look at her packmate, catching her hand before it dropped back to her side.

They were almost eye level with one another, something that Alina found rather rare; everyone else seemed to be a fucking giant even though, supposedly, Alina was of average female height. It was nice, sometimes, to have someone that didn’t tower over her.

A gentle tug on Jane’s hand was made to pull her closer, her other hand lifting to play with the hem of her top. "Not going to try something on for me?" Her head tilted just slightly with the question, fingers skating lightly across the skin of her waist, a fleeting touch but yet still filled with intent.

Well that escalated quickly.

One moment Jane was helping a woman into lingerie (which okay, in hindsight that was very gay) and now they were way too close to each other and Alina's fingers were ghosting along that little strip of skin between the waistband of her jeans and the hem of her shirt in a pretty universal sign of "hi I want to undress you".

That "for me" at the end of Alina's question felt significant.

"It's just underwear," Jane said, and she wasn't sure if that was an explanation or what except that Alina definitely didn't need to be playing with her shirt like that because she'd seen Jane's purchases and none of them involved removing her top. "I mean, I c--" she swallowed around the word "can", exhaled slowly through her nose for half a beat to keep from catching on it, even though she barely had any breath to exhale -- "I will? If you want."

It was strange to be this close to Alina and realize they were nearly the same height, give or take a couple (significant) inches. The woman had an imposing presence.

Her eyes flicked down the length of Alina's body, then up to meet her eyes because oh no she was hot and there was nowhere safe to look. Yeah, those two inches felt pretty significant right now.

Just underwear. Alina laughed softly, keeping up the light but consistent contact. This close, she could watch every movement of Jane’s eyes, see the color rise in her cheeks and the way her throat moved when her breath caught. She could also smell the faint tingle of arousal, which only spurned her further.

"You could just take everything off, then. If it’s “just underwear”, I mean." If Jane turned her down, Alina would back off, but so far there had been no red flags, nothing akin to the word “no” to make her want to stop.

Okay that made absolutely no sense. Jane failed to follow the logical progression from just underwear to removing all of her clothes, and her scrunched eyebrows indicated as much.

It's a come on, you dipshit, she told herself. And she knew that, logically. She just couldn't figure out where it had come from and why but Alina this close was making it very hard to think.

She'd undone the top button of her shirt before she finished processing, and by then. Well. She'd committed. It wasn't until the third button that she remembered why she didn't do this. Her scars. Her crippling anxiety and fear of being trapped. The fact that last time she did this (where "this" is an ambigous event of sexual nature) she wound up mauled and mangled by a werewolf in the middle of her 3am walk of shame.

It's fine. It's fine.

Jane slid her shirt off, dropped it to join Alina's discarded clothes. One long scar curved from just under her right breast to her belly button. She wondered if it was possible to die from embarrassment, but at least she was wearing a plain, dark blue bra and not one of her cheap nude-color ones. Then her jeans, unbuttoned and peeled down her legs.

Her brain restarted by the time she was left in nothing but a bra and gray, boy-cut underwear. Yes, it was definitely possible to die from embarrassment because she was currently in her death throes. "C-can you pass me..." She gestured behind Alina, where her purchases had been laid out. She rubbed nervously at her neck.

Scars had never really been points of interest to the Wolf King. She’d had many as a teen, particularly one that had split her eyebrow after a heavy blow to the face but honestly, they'd been forgotten weeks after she’d been turned; out of sight out of mind, right? Jane’s scars though...

Blue eyes watched as the girl undressed and then dropped to look at the scars the caught her attention, fingertips reaching to ghost over the roughened skin as they traced the damage left by (presumably) Jane’s attack. She let her fingers follow the path down, teasing at the curve of her chest and then down her stomach before making her way back up.

The words barely reached her, her beast pushing and stretching within the confines of her human body. They were being so slow and the wolf didn’t understand why. So it took a moment for her to comprehend, pulling away briefly to snag a pair, not really paying attention to which, and offering them to Jane.

The slow color melt of her irises from blue to purple to their final red wasnt even noticed by the female at the moment, the desires of both human and wolf perfectly aligned at the moment.

Jane's wolf wrestled its way to the surface at the sight of Alina's eyes. A demanding, impatient thing as it pressed toward the other beast, rolled onto its back to bare its throat, ears pricked up and huffing a content breath. Her skin pricked with the phantom feeling of it -- and also actual feeling as Alina's touch raised goosebumps on her arms. Amber flecked her own eyes, slowly overtaking their normal gray.

She clamped down on the beast, shoving it away with a kind of metaphysical panic because please dear god don't let her shift now. Not half-naked in front of her hot werewolf boss.

The muscles at her stomach tensed under the woman's touch, then loosened again as her fingertips ghosted back up.

Jane accepted the pair from Alina, only marginally less distracted, but didn't move to strip off her underwear. "You--you don't seem particularly interested in my lingerie," she remarked with a smile that she intended to be coy but might have just come out sheepish.

The words made her grin, shrugging slightly as if to admit to the soft accusation. "And if I’m not?" It was a rhetorical question though, and Alina turned, hands on Jane’s body making her turn with her so that she could guide her back to the couch and down onto it, lingerie forgotten somewhere along the way.

Where her fingers ghosted over skin before, her lips followed, teasing the sensitive spots she found with gentle nips and bites as she kneeled in front of the couch.

Alina pressed her toward the couch until Jane sunk down onto it, letting the lingerie fall from her fingers, and then the wolf king lowered herself to her knees and dragged lips along the length of her stomach. Her muscles tensed at that first suggestion of teeth, instant panic flooding her, but the tension oozed back out of her (a little) when they resolved into only nips and soft bites. That was fine. She could jive with that, and her wolf certainly was, the traitorous coward practically wiggling in anticipation and contentment.

Except this was happening so fast?? And so suddenly? They hadn't even talked about this! But Jane's stupid, weird crush on her wolf boss and the feel of lips against her skin beat out her distress (albeit only barely).

Jane watched Alina with ambered eyes, settling a little without now the wolf king scrutinizing her. A pent breath shuddered out of her. She lifted a hand halfway, then dropped it, then lifted it again to thread fingers through the woman's hair because she was totally allowed to touch her, right? Obviously. That wasn't weird. Her grip tightened the slightest bit when Alina landed on a particularly sensitive spot.

Sex wassssss not really a thing that Alina got nervous about. At all. She'd been a rowdy and promiscuous teenager, and becoming a Were hadn't really improved that. Made it worse, probably, but in the end, she was pretty sure she'd turned out okay.

Jane was nervous. She could smell the perspiration on her skin, taste it when her tongue flashed out across her hip, teeth nipping again afterwards. Her eyes flickered upwards, red meeting amber for a moment before she moved closer, careful to not dislodge the hand in her hair as she lowered her mouth to Jane's breast to suck at her nipple, a distraction from the way her hand traced up the inside of her thigh.

The first touch was light, tracing her opening with a fingertip in a way that hopefully wouldn't surprise her. She glanced up at the girl again as she switched her mouth to her other nipple, giving the same attention to that one while she watched to gauge her reaction.

Jane was no trembling virgin—she'd had game in college before her entire life transformed into an unmitigated disaster—but this was her hot wolf boss whom she had a totally unnoticable crush on, and she hadn't had sex since that unmitigated disaster began, and she hated the silvery, puckered scars that marred her skin.

Still. She wasn't about to look a gift wolf in the mouth and blow her one chance, as baffling and farfetched as it seemingly was.

Their eyes met momentarily, the red of Alina's sending something of a metaphysical shudder through her, but her wolf mostly behaved itself, although it insisted on being uncomfortably present with its senses bleeding into her own.

A low hum escaped her as Alina's mouth settled at her breast, her brain split between the attention laved upon her nipple and the fingertips ghosting up her thigh, muscles tensing incrementally beneath her touch. Jane let her legs fall open just a little in tacit consent, still anxious but without reservation.

Jane found the sight of Alina there, lips wrapped around her nipple as she glanced up at her, distressingly erotic. She shuddered (not metaphysically this time) and tilted her head back against the couch, turning her face away as she her eyes fell shut. The finger teasing her drew a soft, needy sound from her, and her fingers tightened in the woman's hair before loosening contritely. Her other hand wedged between the couch cushions to grip the top edge of one.

Alina’s touch was met with no hesitation and was instead received with an adjustment of legs and a soft sound that made her wolf’s ears flicker in acknowledgement. The King’s own anticipation made her pull her mouth away from the nipple she’d been sucking on, resting her cheek on the soft pillow of flesh instead. With an expression mixed of lust and content, the pale wolf found pleasure in watching for Jane’s reaction as she eased a finger inside her.

She’d take it slow, at least at first, until she learned what Jane liked and didn’t like. Alina couldn’t stop herself from nipping her chest again though, a desire born from a possessive/territorial streak that wasn’t 100% her wolf.

Alina's teeth at her chest was distinctly possessive, like mapping out territory across her skin, and Jane responded with an unbidden sound muffled by the two knuckles she'd pressed against her lips. She shouldn't have liked that, but this was Alina so she did because her entire life was a series of possessive relationships and she'd been practically trained to want it, like Pavlov's dogs. At least she recognized that was kind of fucked up.

Jane exhaled a satisfied, almost relieved breath as Alina pressed into her. Her brain kept working in the meantime, anxious over how she sounded or looked with the wolf king's eyes latched on her, but her thoughts were just a background buzz to the heat stoked by Alina's attentions.

Her hips hitched when Alina hit a particularly sensitive spot. Jane was a woman who knew what she wanted (at least when it came to sex--everything else was a toss-up) and also abashedly responsive, but she was content to let the other woman set the pace.

Alina was pleased that Jane didn't lay there like a limp noodle. She'd been with others before who had and just. It wasn't a turn on. It wasn't anything that she wanted to participate in or be a part of because what fun was that? It wasn't any fun at all.

Working her finger inside the other female, she was soon to add another, leaning down to play her tongue over Jane's clit. Her hair was mostly held back by Jane's hand and most of it didn't get in the way, which she appreciated. Having to stop to pull back her hair was not something Alina was keen on, but she'd have done it if she needed to. Her other hand gripped at Jane's thigh before she suddenly moved both hands to her legs to lift them over her shoulders so that her hips tilted a little more while her tongue delved between her folds, listening for what she liked and didn't like.

The flush rising to Jane's cheeks was only from pleasure and breathlessness now, her anxieties forgotten somewhere between that second finger worked inside her and the first ghost of Alina's breath. The wolf king lifting her legs over her shoulders was unexpected but not unwanted, and she hooked her ankles together behind her.

The warm heat of Alina's tongue against her clit drew out a small, appreciative sound that tapered into a near whine, a little more wolf than she would've liked. Jane lifted her hips slightly, trying to shift the woman's attentions only a micrometer further up, the spot just above the bundle of nerves that she liked best, and then settled back, insomuch as she could settle when her entire body just kept winding increasingly tighter. Her breath hitched at one particular stroke of Alina's tongue that had her fingers tightening in the wolf's hair and her heels pressing into the middle of her back. "Fuck," she exhaled in a low, strained voice.

She paid as much attention as she could, adjusting to most of the cues Jane gave her. What attention her fingers didn’t give her, her mouth certainly did, shifting up again just a little to do what she was wordlessly asking her for.

The hand in her hair tightened and drew a low moan from the wolf king, the rhythm of her fingers quickening as Jane made her press closer. She could feel her own wetness easing down her thighs, her arousal spurned on by the sounds the girl under her was making, especially that whisper. She wanted to hear more and slid her free hand up Jane’s body to her chest, groping and rolling her nipple between her fingers in her quest to pleasure her.

Jane raked her free hand through her own hair, shoving it away from her face, and sucked in a breath that was zero help in maintaining her composure or staving off that hazy pleasure. Alina's moan was basically the hottest thing she'd ever heard, and she shuddered as her wolf pressed forward in response, her skin feverish with what was either an urge to shift or just pleasure. Hopefully just pleasure. Fingers rolling her nipple coaxed out another low whimper. She dropped her hand to first cover Alina's at her breast, not sure what she wanted other than more, before sliding down her arm and pressing the blunt crescents of her nails into skin.

It would take embarrassingly little to work Jane to a peak, swallowing and gasping sounds of her pleasure, but in her defense, she hadn't been laid in a year and Alina was an exquisite multitasker. Another whimpered "fuck" as her entire body tensed, back arching and hands shaking and breath hitching into a gasp. All of her was shaking, actually, and she forgot to breathe as that tension inside her gave way. She only barely remembered to keep hold on her wolf—please don't shift just as she climaxed.

Tension and heat (and a pent breath) ebbed out of her, and she melted back into the couch, loosening the hand in Alina's hair to fork both clumsily through her own hair, drawing it off of her neck.

Alina got exactly what she wanted, watching as Jane's back arched through her orgasm, unrelenting in the way she continued to push her fingers into her, fucking her through that climax. She slowed her actions gradually, letting her wolf surge forward and push Jane's down to eliminate the possibility of a shift right now.

Only when Jane relaxed completely did the tattooed women sit back on her knees, sucking the last taste of the girl off her grinning lips. Her wolf bid her closer, wanting to touch again, to be close to her packmate and Alina did not argue, climbing up onto the couch near in what was probably not the most graceful movement. It got the job done though, leaving Alina near enough to touch but not touching just yet, seeing how Jane would settle first or if she would just... slide off the couch, continuing her puddle-like state.

Jane caught a glimpse of Alina's grin before the woman clambered onto the couch. Smug, maybe, which she had plenty of reason to be. Either way, it sent her heart into a spasm, abashed and validated in equal measures.

Despite the flutter of her stomach, her wolf was still for once, sufficiently cowed by Alina's beast. Amber leeched out of her eyes until only gray remained.

She straightened up as Alina settled beside her, close enough to touch, even though she'd be more than happy to continue melting into the couch. She could smell the other woman's arousal, which was a startling but positive realization, and she bit the corner of her lip in quiet focus.

Jane turned toward the other woman, drew one of her legs up onto the couch to tuck a foot underneath her. One hand moved to rest on the inside of Alina's thigh, just above the knee, thumb brushing in a slow arch against her. She glanced up to gauge the wolf king's expression, flipflopping between total confidence and uncertainty.

Her eyes, having closed a few moments ago, opened at the movement adjacent to her. She would have been content to simply lay here but it seemed Jane had other, much more fun ideas, ones that Alina was more than happy to entertain.

A light shiver raced through her as a touch teased against her skin, red bleeding into her eyes at the silent suggestion that they continue. With a smile, Alina shifted and moved about until her head was back against the armrest, sprawling for the other wolf, legs open in an invitation for her.

Jane had never been accused of being a pillow princess, and she wasn't about to start now. She turned to face Alina fully as the woman lounged back, then shifted to kneel between her spread legs, amber seeping back into her eyes just as quickly as it had left.

Okay help there were so many straps to this dumb lingerie, she didn't know where to start. Jane fumbled at a buckle on the lower half, managed to draw the strappy piece off her hips and then down her legs, peeling garters away as she went, and dropped it unceremoniously on the floor. The top half wasn't happening without Alina's help, so she graciously left it in place for now.

She leaned forward to ghost her lips down the flat plane of Alina's stomach, pausing intermittently to suck kisses into her skin. One hand trailed nails slowly up the inside of her thigh, and the other settled at the wolf king's hip, rubbing slows circles into her, before sliding up her ribs to worm under the lingerie and capture a nipple, rolling it slowly between thumb and forefinger.

Fade to black.

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