The surrounding area of mostly undeveloped wilderness that has yet to be recognized as a new city within mountainside. Winding highways, golden plains, grassy fields, and rolling rivers provide contrast to neighboring and distant mountains known to all of Colorado. Here and there, you might find a family diner, gas station, or other signs of life, but mostly it's just you, nature, and the open road.

Park Rangers

Cordova's Wonderland
A massive theme park filled with roller coasters, carnival games, alcohol, and rides for all ages, Cordova’s Wonderland boasts the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the Northwest. Separate but connected to the amusement park is a water park that provides a variety of different pools and slides for guests to enjoy in the heat of summer. The parks close at 9 pm each night, but that’s never stopped anyone before.

Emerald Falls
Starting from a small river that runs through the mountain forest, a natural waterfall cascades over a cliff, falling into a freshwater lake below. Over 8ft deep and at least 20ft wide, this lake is large enough to swim in. Small fish and other harmless wildlife populate the waters, and will even sometimes nibble on toes and fingers. In Winter, the waterfall and lake will both freeze over, leaving the ice thick enough to safely stand on.

Last Stop
Coming or going, this gas station has the best prices on gas around. A lot of that is due to the fact that this place has seen far better days. With only two gas pumps and a store that closes at 7 pm sharp, this place might be the last stop to grab gas on your way out of town but is anything but convenient. Word of advice? Don’t stop to use the bathroom. They’re nasty.

The Spire
The tip-top of the Cordova's tallest (but most dangerous) mountain where snow is present year round. A precarious location where if you step wrong, it could spell your death, but a beautiful spot all the same. With a view stretching out for miles, this is the perfect place to challenge yourself with a climb to the top, to stop and study the weather, or to put your inner turmoil to rest with some peace and quiet.

Two Moons National Park
Named after the famous Northern Cheyenne chief. At one time the beginnings of a sprawling but ultimately failed national park project, these half-paved, half-dirt trails spider aimlessly through a thickly forested area off the highway. Occasional neglected rotting picnic tables and benches line fading paths, and graffiti'd trash cans are often the home to small, mischievous wildlife. Some roughly paved roads are drivable for a distance, but quickly taper off into forest-claimed sections too vegetated to pass.

Ursa Caves
Located a few miles from Cordova’s city limits, the Ursa cave system is a little-known gem nestled in the mountainous landscape. Consisting of two main caverns, appropriately called Minor and Major, these caves hide a very special secret; at night, the walls light up in a beautiful but eerie blue and green light, which comes from the glowworms that live inside the cave. The glowworms’ light reflects off the surface of a calm, underground river that cuts through the mountains to eventually run through Cedar Creek.