Every day is leg day when you're running away from your problems!

Ice House 
Salem was doing stuff.

"Stuff" in this case implied sitting in a corner, with a beer, watching people dance. It was a nice way to spend the night, all things considered. There were people all around, and the music kept him awake, and he could spend a few hours there nursing his drink until it was time to go. It was chilly outside, after all. There more he could avoid it, the better.

He didn't even like beer, though.

But, the devil you know. Closed drink, cheap. And Salem liked clubs! He'd probably like them more, if he was any better at socializing, but he tried his best. And he hadn't been to this club before- and although he did have knowledge enough to not anticipate it to be much different from all the others, there was still this small sliver of hope that perhaps it'd be easier to blend in here.

He did, at least, have a phone, and it was sorta a relief to take it out and just pass some time every now and then. The music was doing a good job at keeping him conscious, but it didn't help his body feel any rested.

Well, he could rest later. For now, Salem was like a little lizard, absorbing the interior warmth. Pressing back into the wall further, he huddled in on himself, beer in one hand and phone close enough to his face to blind him in the other.

Look, he was supposed to be here to have a good time. He wasn't even on duty. And he was technically a traffic cop. But... he could probably still play bar cop if no one else was going to do it.

See, Karim knew underage drinking when he saw it. Or at least, the kid looked grossly underage. No bueno, kiddo. He was on the scene to investigate.

Sighing, he put on his "cop in charge" face on and headed over to the wall flower toddler sipping at his beer, and he would offer a wave.

"Hey dude, this spot taken?" He asked, pointing to a section of the wall next to him. Mm... Yeah. "Cop in charge" alright. He was getting there, bite him.

Salem glanced up at the oncoming man before he was close enough, purely out of habit, a natural reaction to the movement his direction, but his eyes had quickly found the screen of his phone again. See, he wasn't actually expecting anyone to come near him. Which was why, when the stranger spoke, it took him a moment to register he was the one being talked to.

His eyes flew to the man, and Salem blinked once, twice, as if he didn't understand. Gee, how stupid must he have looked? He made a face at himself, and scooted a bit to the right, making even more space. "It's free.

If it was possible, the kid managed to look even younger than... sixteen... or whatever he was with that expression. Sorry, kid.

But eventually, great! It was free! Karim sauntered over to the spot, leaning casually. "So, like. You know you don't look like you're over twenty one, right?" Atta boy, Karim. Straight to the point.

"Not gonna rat you out or anything but you probably shouldn't be sipping that carbonated piss water."

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